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10 Top Tips For Writing An Engaging Essay

July 10, 2017

The best way of getting top grades is to create a piece of writing that is engaging and makes you stand out. Teachers and examiners read thousands of essays every single year, so follow our simple top 10 tips to make sure you succeed at university:

Organize your ideas

It is vital that the person reading your essay can follow your ideas, as having to go backwards and forwards will only serve to confuse them. Make sure they are logical and that each idea flows smoothly onto the next one.

Spend time on your draft 

If you have a good draft, you will find it much easier and faster to write the final version. Don’t dismiss this part of the process, as it will probably be the most important one

Be clear and concise 

Say what you want to say without padding it out with unnecessary information. If there is a paragraph or sentence that doesn’t add anything to your ideas, eliminate it and replace it with something more substantial.

Write about what you know

Your essay should show off your knowledge, so avoid showing off and stick to writing about something you understand. If you have been given a topic that you don’t know much about, thoroughly research it before you start writing.

Support your ideas with examples

Examples back up your ideas much more quickly than explanations do. If you can provide evidence for what you are saying, the reader will immediately see that you have done your research and understand the point (which is especially true for the problem solution essays).

Edit as you write

If you constantly re-read your work as you are writing, you will remove most of the small mistakes before you even get to the editing stage. Checking your essay every paragraph will also ensure that your ideas are flowing nicely together.

Stick to the main idea throughout the essay

Avoid going off topic, as this will immediately decrease your chances of obtaining the best grades. If you sway from the main idea, the reader may think that you don’t understand the topic.

Keep referring back to the question

In order to stick to the main idea, many people find it helpful to refer back to the essay question throughout the entire research and writing process. Put it at the top of your screen as a reminder.

Stick to the word limit 

You will only be scored against the required number of words, so don’t be tempted to go over the word limit. It is also important not to go under!

Know which kinds of errors to look out for

Critique your own writing as you work by considering the issues you usually have with essays. If spelling is a weakness, use a good spell checker to support you.

Take a break from writing.

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