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How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay?

April 25, 2019

Do you want to write an essay which is part of your assignment? Are you searching online for some tips for writing a good 5 paragraph essay which is well researched and structured, which will impress your friends and teacher? Do you want to know how to write a 5 paragraph essay fast and also get high grades? If you are a high school or a college student who is searching for all the above questions, then you are the right page. In the next lines, we will give you information, simple tips, ideas, and a few examples which will answer most of your burning questions and will help you to finish your homework achieve your goals, quickly and easily.

Finding The Right Topic And Conducting Thorough Research:

The first step in how to write a 5 paragraph essay is to identify the essay topic. This situation plays in two ways, and we will cover you for both. Either your teacher will assign you an essay topic, or you have to find a topic on your own. Your teacher assigning you an essay topic can be both easy and challenging depending on the topic. For instance, since the topic is just handed out to you, you can save time on trying to find one. On the other hand, if it is a topic you don’t like or can’t relate yourself with, then it becomes limited as you have no choice but on work on it even though you don’t like it.
Now, let us consider the second instance where you have to choose the topic. This is entirely based on your interest. You can choose a contemporary topic, or a sports topic, or a religious topic or perhaps on the automobile. You have the freedom to pick any topic which interests you. You can find such a topic online or at your high school or college library or perhaps from the newspaper. The steps which we will give in the next lines on how to write a 5 paragraph essay is adaptable to any essay topic you choose and wish to write.

Understanding The 5-Paragraph Essay Structure

You should follow the structure of the essay to answer the question of how to write a 5 paragraph essay. A typical essay consists of three parts. The introduction, the main body of the essay, and the conclusion. Knowing these will answer your question of how to write a 5 paragraph essay outline. Once, the outline is written, it is all about researching on the outline headings, finding and understanding the researched content, writing your thoughts under the respective heading.

The Introduction:

Introduction plays a crucial role in the essay. It is how you introduce the topic of your essay to your audience. It should be precise, concise, and should reveal your overall gist of what you would like to share in the next lines with your audience. So, Introduction becomes the first of your 5 paragraphs essay.

The Main body:

The main body as the name denotes is the main part of the essay. This part of the essay will consist of all your arguments, discussion, inferences, etc. You can write extensively in the main body. You have the freedom because the main body becomes the second, third, and fourth of your 5 paragraphs essay.

The Conclusion:

The conclusion is the last of the 5 paragraphs essay. It is here that you say your concluding remarks summarizing the entire essay and the takeaways from the essay to your audience.

Tips On How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay:

1. Research on the topic which you want to write. Or, if your teacher has assigned you a topic, research about it.
2. Create an outline. This should consist of points you want to write in the introduction, the headings, and points to be covered within them in the main body of the essay and the points you want to write in the conclusion.
3. Research again on all the points and headings you want to cover within all the parts of the essay.
4. Once you have all the researched content, create a logical flow of your thoughts and information you have studied, and then you should start writing.
5. Similarly, write for all the parts of the essay with the various headings and points to be covered.
6. Lastly, re-read your entire essay to see if you have covered everything written in your outline and have maintained a logical flow in the all the five paragraphs from the introduction, through the main body of the essay, to the conclusion.

By understanding the essay structure, the outlines, the tips we have suggested you follow, you should be able to write your 5 paragraph essay quickly, effectively convey your points and achieve good grades. We are sure that you will surprise your friends, classmates, and your teacher too.

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