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5 Tricks to Make the Research Writing Process Easier

August 3, 2017

A good research paper writer knows the importance of sticking to the task and repeating stages of the writing process when necessary. Follow the below steps carefully, making sure you go back to do extra research or more editing whenever you think your work might benefit from it.

Include relevant research

By only looking into sources that are relevant, you will save yourself lots of time in the long run. Lots of students get carried away with a particular book or author that interests them, meaning that they go off-topic and spend too much time concentrating on the wrong area. Make sure that you stick to your topic while you are researching, and avoid including any information that doesn’t directly relate to the question.

Create a general outline early on

When researching for your paper, start making notes in the general order that you would like to include them in the final piece of work. This will make it much easier to find the information you need without having to search through lots of different pages of research. Keep track of your references, because this will mean you don’t have to look for them all over again when it comes to putting your bibliography together.

Keep the question in mind

Just as you have done in the research stage, keep referring back to the question or research area when you are writing the draft and final versions. Ensure that each section or paragraph is relevant to the area you are researching; doing this regularly will keep the aim of the paper at the forefront of your mind and make is easier for you to stick to the question.

Take regular breaks

Although some people prefer to complete a whole paper in one go, most of us need to take breaks if we are going to stay focused. Cut the paper down into manageable chunks, as this will help you concentrate on each individual part. Create a schedule that allows for short breaks every couple of hours, and make sure you factor in time for food and light exercise.

Separate the writing and editing sessions

It is always recommended that you edit as you go if you want to save yourself time at the end of the writing process. However, one thing we also suggest is that you take a break from the paper before any major editing sessions, because this will give you the chance to create some distance from your work and look at it in a more objective light.

Take a break from writing.

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