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Dissertation About Depression – Choosing Topic

April 10, 2019

With most people living life on the fast lane, the resultant pressure has led to increased depression cases. A dissertation about depression will, therefore, help inform and control the rise in such cases. Though students have widely researched on depression especially in the field of psychology, it is still a potent topic. So, here is how to write dissertation on depression. As a complex subject, depression presents various topics in need of solutions.

What To Write In Your Dissertation About Depression

You want to be careful with your research topic since it is the foundation of your thesis about depression. Therefore, narrow down on depression until you find a suitable subject. Settle on a topic whose answers are original, unique, and quite easy to locate. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time without any research findings. What topic interests you the most about depression? You may want to research on that specific one. The correct choice of a title will quicken the process of completing your thesis adding a touch of excellence. Are you stuck on the selection of a title for your dissertation on depression?

To find a title worth writing about, you must research. Quality research will provide you with a wide range of valuable titles from which you can pick. Start by reading scientific journals and blogs specializing in depression issues. When done with digging for information, take on the title that excites you since it will keep you motivated while doing your dissertation about depression. The motivation will shorten the required time for completion. Here are sample depression dissertation ideas.

  1. What can be done to help people overcome depression?
  2. What are the top reasons that people get depressed?
  3. How can we help people who have had depression for over a year?
  4. What can be done to spot the early signs of depression?
  5. Who is usually responsible when someone gets depressed?
  6. How can we as a society change so that people get less depressed?
  7. What type of medical help is out there for depressed people?
  8. Should depressed people be forced to go to work?
  9. Is depression an illness or something that is made up?
  10. What levels of depression are there?
  11. What is the best cure for depression?
  12. What training do doctors have to help cure depression?
  13. What methods should not be used to cure depression?
  14. How can families help a loved one who is depressed?
  15. What factors in modern societies enable people to get depressed?

Dissertation on Depression Can Be Done Easily

After selection of a title, proceed to conduct a literature review. A good literature review should comprise of an introduction to depression, essential concepts as well as a summary of all the reliable, high-quality literature which offer an in-depth explanation on the subject matter. Writing a literature review is the most challenging task you will do in preparing a dissertation about depression. Therefore, get prepared to tackle feelings of loss and fatigue. The emotions are propagated by multitasking which at times seems not to amount to anything of value. For example, you will have to dig about depression, develop your dissertation framework and establish areas on which to focus your research all at once.

Identify the Problem and Questions

Nonetheless, writing your literature review will boost your confidence. With a complete review, you want to identify a concrete reason for your study. What makes your research crucial? To avoid duplication of the thesis topic depression, ask yourself what potential elements of depression remain unattended. For honest questions and answers, write a summary of your literature review. The abstract should not exceed two paragraphs. Use the ouytline to identify issues which other dissertations about depression failed to resolve. Focus on issues which are relevant to your thesis.
Next, choose one issue from which you can formulate one to two research questions. The two questions should articulately link to your thesis topic depression.

Final Words

When done with research, use the findings to organize your work as per the format recommended by your advisor. Irrespective of the method you select, writing a dissertation on depression will prove a hard nut to crack. Instead of enduring the gruesome experience just to deliver substandard work, trust the experts to create unique, quality, and bonus-earning, dissertation to help you graduate from college on time.

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