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How to Write Your Dissertation: Step-by-Step Guide

July 26, 2017

Writing a dissertation can be a scary time for many students. Although most of us know that we will be required to write a dissertation at some point during our academic careers, we can still feel a little surprised at how much work seems to be involved in completing it. Get dissertation writing help by reading the following step-by-step guide:

Choose a valid topic

The topic you choose will determine the whole research and writing process, so don’t just pick the first thing that comes into your head. Avoid choosing something that lots of people have covered before, as this will bore your teacher and is unlikely to obtain the highest grades. However, it is also not recommended that you select something completely off-the-wall, as you may struggle to find sufficient external sources to look into.

Conduct your research thoroughly

If you complete all (or most) of your required research early on, it is unlikely that you will have to fill in many gaps during the writing stage of the dissertation. Divide your chosen topic into different areas or questions that need to be answered, then make sure that you cover all of the required details when looking into them.

Make a general outline

As you find relevant information, start putting it into a general order that will make the structure of your dissertation. Decide which parts follow on best from each other and follow any formatting rules that your tutor has given you. If you create the structure now, you will just need to pad it out later on.

Edit your work as you go

One big mistake that many students make is to wait until the dissertation is finished to edit it. Re-read each sentence and paragraph as you write, because this will make it much easier to spot small mistakes and any sections that are not completely relevant to the task at hand. Chop and change your work wherever necessary, as you will then spend less time making alterations when it comes to writing the final version.

Request feedback

Never submit your dissertation before requesting feedback. Most tutors will give you the opportunity to ask for feedback a few weeks prior to the submission date, so hand in your work early and give yourself plenty of time to make the suggested changes. If your tutor isn’t available to give you this support, ask a classmate or another teacher to read through your dissertation and tell you where you might be going wrong or need to clarify something.


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