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Life hacks to make the most of your time at college

February 19, 2018

Not everything you learn at college is going to happen in a lecture hall. The lessons you learn while you’re working toward your degree will benefit you throughout your life – and by establishing some good habits during your college years, you’ll set yourself up for continued success even after you graduate.

The things you learn in college will shape your entire career. To make the most of your time here, follow these awesome life hacks – and have a blast during the best four years of your life.

  1. Record your lectures. You can play them back at double speed and double check that your notes haven’t missed anything. And as a bonus, you can listen to them again later on while you’re studying for exams.
  1. Give yourself a bit of a cushion. Classes are sure to be easier at the beginning of the semester, so instead of slacking your way through, use this opportunity to build up your GPA. Later, when things get a bit tougher, you’ll be glad to have some easy As under your belt.
  1. Learn to budget. Start keeping track of your spending to see where your money is going, and figure out the best ways to cut down on things that aren’t necessary. Not only will this benefit you while you’re struggling to make ends meet as a college student, you’ll be glad to have some financial literacy once you’re on your own in the real world.
  1. Get along with the people in charge. As cool as it was to be rebellious in high school, college is an opportunity for you to learn how to get along with authority figures. Even in the face of misunderstandings or conflicts, stay cordial and polite and communicate through any issues. It’s an important skill to have – you’re always going to have co-workers, bosses, and in-laws that will push your buttons.
  1. Balance your work and social life. When you’re young, your friends are everything – nothing gets in the way of parties, road trips, and sleepovers. As you get older, though, you’ll need to figure out how to divide your attention. Your schoolwork is important, but so are your relationships. College gives you plenty of opportunities to meet new people and build connections, so take advantage of it – just not at the expense of your grades.
  1. Snag yourself an internship. Your professors and advisors no doubt have tons of connections to your specific field of study, and will be able to hook you up with a sweet work experience position – the trick is, though, you need to ask for it. You can also keep your eyes open for postings on bulletin boards and online to earn yourself some practical experience before heading into the job market.
  1. Take care of yourself. It’s easy to neglect yourself in college. With the stress and anxiety of classes and the fast-paced social commitments, it’s no wonder so many students wind up feeling overwhelmed and either get sick or start gaining weight. But staying on top of your health will actually make you better able to handle the growing demands of your academic career, so make this a top priority.

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