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What Is A Peer Reviewed Article: Evaluating Written Work

July 30, 2019

In the medical, hospitality, education or any other industry for that matter, it goes without saying that people who write articles must be qualified. They have to know about the topic they’re writing about. This is because discoveries- and indeed information can have far-reaching implications for everyone. In fact any scientific writings must be in the subject area of what the writing is about. Reading such an article, you’ll also want to find information on the author by looking at biographical reference sources.

What Is A Peer Reviewed Article

What is a Peer Reviewed Article?

It’s much the same as asking what is a peer reviewed journal article – they are highly respected sources of academic information. They’re reviewed by a number of experts in the field.

If you ask what is a scholarly peer reviewed article then the answer will be it’s an article evaluated by other scholars before being accepted for publication.

These reviews filter out poor, unwanted information so as to improve the quality of published papers. How to cite peer reviewed articles is much the same as non-peer reviewed articles in terms of referencing.

A peer review can take different forms, with some of the more common forms being –

  • Single-blind – the reviewer knows the author but the author doesn’t know who the reviewer is.
  • Double-blind – nobody knows who the author or the reviewer is.
  • Open review – the names of author and reviewers are known.

If you ask the question what is a peer reviewed article you’ll know that it will convince you of the author’s abilities in the field they’re writing about.

This is massively important simply because there’s plenty of information available on important topics such as psychology and nursing for instance, and the question is can the information be trusted? A proven process used by most international journals is peer reviewing.

What is a peer-reviewed article? It’s an article that presents the most authoritative information there is, and there are free online peer reviewed journals available online.

Scholarly journals are well respected for the research they provide on a particular subject. Not all scholarly journals go through the peer-review process. Scholarly means that the article was written by an expert for other researchers, experts or students.

Identifying Inaccuracies before Publication

With psychology peer reviewed articles, for instance, there is solid and constructive criticism, so that a psychology research paper writer can revise their paper before publication.

Psychology studies mental functions and behaviors, and offers solutions to those suffering from psychological disorders. A psychology Journal is a peer reviewed journal that publishes articles on neuro psychology, music psychology, analytical psychology, clinical psychology and much more.

Psychology for instance is one of the best open access journals, publishing the most reliable source of information on developments in the field.

Every journal is subjected to a peer review process. Whether peer reviewed scientific articles or peer reviewed nursing journals, peer reviewed sources are reviewed by scholars in the nursing field to make sure that the information provided is accurate and can be published.

Hints on Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

How to find peer reviewed articles requires looking at your college or university’s library research databases. There are also peer reviewed articles online. Choose a database listed by subject area in the subject or topic resources box on the main page.

You need to be able to identify which journals are peer-reviewed. If you aren’t sure whether an article is peer-reviewed, you can check with your faculty librarian. A college or university librarian is an invaluable resource and can help you get the information needed. An easy way to find peer-reviewed articles is to make use of an article search with your university library webpage.

The search engine will present you with a list of scholarly articles. You may want to look in a peer reviewed articles database by clicking on databases that contain peer-reviewed articles. These article databases help you find the research information you need. They’re listed by topic but you can also do a quick search to find just a few articles.

They’re usually:

  • have a serious tone
  • been published in a scholarly journal
  • have an Absract in the first page
  • full of citations throughout as well as a reference list
  • written by credentialed authors

Finding a peer-reviewed journal article is not a big problem. Limit your database search to only peer-reviewed journals. Examine the publication – make sure it’s peer-reviewed.

Open Access Journals

Scholarly open access journals or free peer reviewed articles are an alternative to traditional subscription journals. These free peer reviewed articles or scholarly journals are available online to the reader and there are no financial obligations.

These journals are respected for the research and information they provide. These open access journals cite their sources too. There are no unwarranted claims and wrong information and they meet the journal’s standards for publication.

Peer Review in the 21st Century

Are there new requirements for peer review in modern times? While peer review enables journal editors to select the best content, expectations towards peer review have shifted.

It is thought that peer review is a slow, inefficient process where plagiarism and fraud aren’t detected and there is lack of training with some reviewers. There are some who believe the Internet will solve these problems, as text is converted to digital form.

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