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How We Select The Right Essay Topic For Your Paper

Here’s How You Select Good Essay Topics For Your Next Assignment

It’s not so easy to select good essay topics. The whole process starts off innocent enough. Your teacher assigns homework and you’re given the opportunity to select anything in the world to discuss. Then it hits you, there are a ton of options and many of them will work with your professor’s requirements. Luckily, there’s a process that you can follow to select the perfect topics for essays. First, you want to select the type of content you’re creating. There are many to choose from including an argumentative essay, persuasive work, expository, and informative content. Brainstorm about what type of work you want to create, as that will help you determine what the focus of your work should be. Each type calls for its own approach, so really consider the process you want to take.

Next, in the selection process you must consider what your work will actually be about. Here are some easy essay topics to consider. Of course, there are many other things that will guide you to your topic, such as looking at an essay topics list, but these will give you a starting point.

  • What’s the main cause of someone developing a phobia?
  • Do any changes happen in the body when someone falls in love?
  • What’s the purpose of sleep for the human body?
  • What’s the cause and effect of lying?
  • Compare and contrast the reasons why some children achieve while others underachieve.
  • What causes forces of nature like the wind or tides?
  • What are the biological reasons why a vegan diet is the healthiest for humans?

Choosing Essay Topics for College

Some of the ideas above will work for primary school students, but don’t necessarily make good college essay topics. Sometimes, before you apply you’re required to create a personal statement based on prompts, but occasionally they won’t include premade ones for you to select. If your college hasn’t given you topics to discuss in your application essay, here are some ways to select what to create a statement about.

  1. Consider your favorite things. What has influenced your life the most? You can discuss movies, books, images, or anything else that has influenced you.
  2. What makes you different from everyone else? Consider the unique experiences you’ve had, special skills, or education you have. Use this or similar college essay prompts to explain why you’d make a good fit for the school.
  3. If you woke up with the ability to travel through time, to what time would you travel and why? This is one of many interesting topics for college students to talk about because of the variety of answers you can supply.

Of course, there are many other college essay topics to choose from. One of the best ways to determine what you’ll create a report about it by considering something that relates to your school and that you find interesting. People who discuss interesting topics have an easier time producing work because they’re passionate about it and have enough to talk about. The best thing is to discuss things that you feel are interesting essay topics.

Selecting Essay Topics for High School Students

When it comes to selecting topics for high schoolers, the key is to create an assignment on what you know. Discussing something you understand and know about gives you a lot more to talk about without worrying about conducting extensive research. Good research essay topics are something with lots of information on both the web and within print publications. Here are some essay topic ideas that will assist you with your high school assignment:

  • Create a process analysis about something you’re familiar with such as photosynthesis, or create a narrative.
  • Focus on being descriptive or work on a proposal that discusses a policy at your school.
  • Start with an idea about a question you have, then take time to locate the answer. Choosing a prompt and finding a solution is important for high school essays.

Selecting the right essay topic does take a little work and thought. If you’re unsure of what to discuss and don’t know how you’re going to craft your assignment, then consider using a company like We offer a complete service package that will connect you with an author who can ensure you get a great grade for your work. The beauty in this is that you’ll receive an outline, drafts, and final version of your work the minute it’s ready to your email inbox.

Once you’ve discovered the topic that you want to discuss, there’s still a lot more work to complete. You must put hours toward your assignment, spend time crafting your work, and conduct research that adequately covers your topic. Lots of people either have English as a second language, or they just aren’t comfortable with their written language. If that’s you, don’t worry! We have your back.

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