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Article Review | Writing Tips for College Students

May 23, 2019

In any field, the importance of review articles is on the increase. The reason for this is that when a certain industry wants to update their knowledge and provide guidelines about a topic, they use these reviews as a starting point.

How to write article review requires a student evaluating the work of experts in a given field and to then write an engaging critique.

article review

The nitty gritty of writing an article review can mercifully be made that much simpler. There are simple article review writing guides that even narrow your search to the precise information you want. A typical example is ‘how to write a journal article review apa style’. Clicking on this will take you to the useful information you require.

Tutors will provide you with guidelines on the type of journal articles to review and what to include. Articles should be from scholarly journals and relate to the field of study that the class is busy with.

How to Write Article Reviews – Search your Library’s Online Databases

  • Once you search these databases you’ll find peer-reviewed articles.
  • You will need to read a few articles from beginning to end and maybe a few times too to actually grasp it.
  • Write a citation for the journal article, following the American Psychological Association’s style – APA article review style.
  • You’ll need the title of the article, the journal where the article is published as well as author’s name. Remember that your title needs to be related to the purpose of the whole review. Other information will be volume and issue number and publication date.
  • Write your summary of the article made up of up to 3 paragraphs.Begin with an introduction which describes crucial points of the article. The introdution must include the author’s thesis statement which can include several points. Certainly you will need to include the purpose for the article, how research was conducted as well as the results.
  • You will need to discuss the implication of the results of the study that the article is about. Two paragraps will suffice and you can offer your opinion on the article.
  • It’s not a time for niceties only, and you need to also point out flaws with the article, but also provide a solution of how you think it could have been better.
  • Write a paragraph on what the information means, what future research should focus on and discuss how knowledge in the area could be expanded.
  • Cite direct quotes from the article.

Article Review example on an Informed Evaluation

As mentioned, you will need to make both negative and positive judgments about the content of the article, based on your knowledge of the topic.

Writing the critical review requires that you read the selected article so that you can present an informed evaluation. If you’re a psychology student for instance writing an article review , you will need to use the APA article review style.

An article review writing guide for high school- or college students will provide some insight into the basic understanding of the content required for these reviews.

When you do research online, you’ll find an article review example on how to write an engaging critique. To evaluate some work, you need to get a grasp on the general theme and understand the influence of this work on further research.

Some experts suggest you actually set up your article review before you start reading a source article. This is so you understand preciely what to focus on when reading. Usually, these article reviews have a logical structure –

  1. Summary highlighting most important points and information.
  2. Discussion on interesting observations.
  3. Identifying gaps and deciding whether there is need for further research.
  4. Supporting your thoughts with evidence.
  5. If you’ve got a study buddy, it can help tremendously to discuss your review with your friend as this can certainly improve the review and help with pointing out inaccuracies.

Article Review Writing Guide – Helps you write on Why Author wrote Article

Article reviews can be quite complex for students, but how to write article review guide can provide assistance with steps to follow for writing an effective article review.

The reviews are assigned to measure the student’s ability to grasp the concept of the article and to respond to the information within it. The idea is to focus on the accuracy of the article but also look at its positive and negative aspects.

If you need to write a review, you will need to understand first of all what it is about. You’ll be writing it for people who are familiar with your subject.

As a Student you’re on Track

These reviews aren’t just about your opinion, it’s showing you understand the work that you’ve been studying. You’re going to have to support your opinions with facts and theories to show that as a student you’re on your way to acing it which will stand you in good stead when looking for a job.

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