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40 Persuasive Essay Topics for All Students

September 25, 2018

Persuasive essay writing is also known as argumentative essay writing. These assignments are some of the most difficult for students of all ages. Why? Because persuasive writing means that you need to present your opinions and ideas in a logical and persuasive manner. In other words, you need to persuade the reader that your point of view is the correct one. This is why it is relatively difficult to find persuasive essay topics college students would find simple. Remember, if you struggle you can always use professional help. Persuasive writing should not be taken lightly. If your academic paper fails to impress your professor, you will get a low grade; this is a fact. Consequently, you must dedicate some time and effort to finding the best way to write persuasive essays. And we are ready to help you with fresh persuasive essay topics college students would find exceptionally good. Also, we will provide some insight into how to write the perfect argumentative essay, as well as some tips and tricks.

persuasive essay topics

Students Are Struggling With Persuasive Essays

The sad reality is that every year thousands of students are struggling to write persuasive essays. And many of these people are getting low grades because they don’t know how to complete this type of assignment. Unfortunately, students are not professional academic writers. And in many cases, their experience in the subject matter is quite limited. Not to mention the fact that many students are unable to find engaging persuasive essay topics. If you lack the time to spend days searching for that great topic, we are here to help. We are about to present 40 topics that you can use for free. You can pick any of them and write an exceptional essay on it.

Tips to Write the Perfect Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay topics middle school pupils would find interesting are pretty rare. However, writing the paper itself is not an easy task either. This is why we have gathered a list of the most interesting and helpful tips and tricks for you:

  • Always choose a position and make it clear to your readers.
  • Understand your audience and figure out what they want to hear.
  • Conduct extensive research and use finding only from authoritative sources.
  • Write down the most convincing evidence and use it to create an outline for your paper.
  • Make sure you do not offend any of your readers with your claims.
  • Try to stay away from hot topics like religion and politics.
  • Always keep your writing and tone objective and unbiased.
  • Do not try to lie or make up facts that do not exist.
  • Do not be afraid to offer supporting evidence in favor of points of view other than the ones you hold.
  • Use the five paragraph essay structure to your advantage.
  • Don’t forget that you need to follow all relevant academic writing standards.
  • Proofread your work always!

Why Finding Interesting Persuasive Topics for College Students Is Important

We know that finding persuasive essay topics for high school students is difficult, as is finding topics for college students. This is why you may be tempted to forget the importance of a good topic. Basically, the topic is the first thing your professor sees. As long as the topic is interesting and can engage your readers, you will win bonus points. Also, an original topic easily makes you stand out of the crowd. Your teacher has to read dozens of persuasive essays every semester. It can be quite tiring and boring as well. And this is why you want to find the best and most interesting persuasive topics for college students. Surprise your teacher with a great topic and he or she will read your paper from start to finish. As long as you can pique the interest of your professor, you are highly likely to receive a top grade.

40 Fresh Persuasive Essay Topics (Completely Free)

Middle School Topics

  1. Exam results do not prove students are smarter.
  2. Soda should be given to students in the school cafeteria.
  3. Parents are responsible for the healthy diet of their children.
  4. Students should not be made to wear uniforms if they don’t want to.
  5. Drinking alcohol under the age of 21 should be legal with consent from parents.
  6. Parents are allowed to periodically check their children for drug use.
  7. Boys and girls should have separate classes.
  8. Breastfeeding in public places should not have been allowed.
  9. Parents should not go to jail when their children commit a serious crime.
  10. Schoolbooks should be replaced with tablets and laptops.

High School Topics

  1. All the elderly should receive free bus tickets from the government.
  2. Solar energy can replace energy coming from sources like burning fuel and coal.
  3. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be solved at the present time.
  4. Free illegal immigrants who have not done anything wrong in the US.
  5. Some people deserve the capital punishment.
  6. Playing violent video games does not make one violent as well.
  7. People who illegally download movies should not be punished so severely.
  8. The US government should spend more money on the aerospace program.
  9. Are we, as a society, too dependent on technology?
  10. Advanced civilizations would see humankind as barbaric.

College Topics

  1. Firearms should be permitted on college campuses (with restrictions).
  2. Trump’s border fence is not an effective solution to the immigration problem.
  3. Minimum recycling amounts must be required by state law.
  4. Students and teachers should not be friends on Facebook.
  5. The United States should increase their overseas military operations.
  6. Blaming Russia for everything is not sending the correct signals.
  7. The minimum wage should be increased, but not for everyone.
  8. CCTV cameras at the workplace are an invasion of privacy.
  9. Stop placing large billboards on highways before you cause an accident!
  10. The Internet on college campuses should not be filtered.

Cool Topics

  1. You can attain happiness through learning. But how?
  2. The human behavior is largely controlled by genetics.
  3. Polygamy should be illegal in the United States.
  4. Torture should be made legal at specific facilities.
  5. We should bad all genetically modified seeds and organisms.
  6. This is the worst song in the whole wide world!
  7. You can look busy at work and not do anything the entire day.
  8. You can get a very nice job with your gaming skills.
  9. Email spam is more interesting than legit email most of the time.
  10. You really should be afraid of clowns!

How to Find More Persuasive Essay Topics?

So, you want more persuasive essay topics. You want to learn where you can find cool topics for argumentative essays. To be honest, the Internet is your best source. You can find interesting topics on various websites and blogs. Also, you can join forums and chat rooms and politely ask for assistance. The best students analyze various discussions and debates and come up with an interesting topic. As long as the topic you choose is debatable, you have a good topic. Build up a list of topics and then pick the best one. Remember, fresh topics are better than old ones. In fact, writing on new topics ensures that few other students have had the chance to write an essay about the same thing. Cool new persuasive essay topics are your best option if you want to impress your professor. However, make sure you have plenty of things to write about and plenty of sources for research.

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