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100 Best Entertaining Speech Topics – Get Your A+

June 4, 2020

Nobody desires to spend his or her precious time on a boring article, not even your favourite lecturer would take that risk. Therefore, having an entertaining topic will guarantee not only an audience but also top grades.
Entertaining Speech Topics

What is an Entertaining Speech?

At one point in your high school or college, your lecturer might ask you to prepare a speech. We understand the stress that comes with such a task. An entertainment speech is one that is amusing and humorous.

Here are some of the entertainment topics to write about in your next essay paper:

Social Media Entertainment Speech Topics for College Students

  1. How to block your parents on Facebook
  2. Why can’t real-life situations have a maximum of 140 characters like twitter?
  3. Do people get ‘fired’ or ‘unfollowed’ by their jobs?
  4. Couples update their relationship status on Facebook rather than kiss nowadays
  5. Why must I like you on Facebook?
  6. The joke that got me blocked
  7. What you see on social media is not what you get
  8. How to ‘go viral’ without being sick
  9. Social media is the epitome of how anti-social we are
  10. Why does twitter have a bird icon?

Persuasive Entertainment Speech Examples

  1. Romantic TV shows are a fantasy
  2. Do we need 42 teeth?
  3. Couldn’t doctors find any other symbol for medicine?
  4. Why chocolate can win you any lady
  5. Craziest business ideas for 2020
  6. Why should I brush my teeth every day?
  7. Why do ladies behave like cats? Because they catwalk
  8. A funny joke that left everyone laughing at me
  9. How to shorten school week and increase holidays
  10. What would happen if we had school at night?
  11. The inventor of examinations is the enemy of the students
  12. Homework should not be there during Christmas
  13. Why fat people can melt when it is hot
  14. Is mathematics for everyone or just the chosen few?
  15. Why don’t rock artists carry rocks on stage?
  16. Why can’t people wear black on Valentine’s day?
  17. Who said bathing every day is healthy?
  18. Why men are always bad in the kitchen
  19. Why do we have school on Sundays? Sunday school
  20. Explain why humans have bent backs as they grow old
  21. Why should we call people ‘cowboys?’
  22. Reasons why children should never be friends with their parents on Facebook
  23. Why pop songs make people sweat and pop out their eyes
  24. The secret of making money without sweating
  25. Is internet dating the source of many divorces?
  26. Why most tutors have nicknames with funny names
  27. Is April 1st truly on the calendar, or its another hoax?
  28. How to prevent loss of teeth
  29. Why men fear to change baby’s diaper
  30. How college students can pass their tests without attending class

Entertainment Speech Ideas about Animals

  1. Why the tortoises’ shell is a blessing in disguise
  2. Reasons why monkeys can eat a whole banana farm
  3. Should people eat snakes?
  4. Why do people prefer cats to dogs as pets?
  5. Can a dog go shopping for you?
  6. Why isn’t the elephant the most intelligent animal, yet it has the biggest brain?
  7. Discuss some of the weirdest animals on earth
  8. Why does a rabbit sleep with eyes open?
  9. Explain why most snake charmers are witches
  10. Is it true that pigs eat their children?
  11. You can be as ugly as a caterpillar but as beautiful as a butterfly
  12. Why does chicken hate humans? Because they like eating them
  13. The reason why zebras have black and white stripes instead of any other colour
  14. Do leopards have sunburns because of their spots?
  15. Can monkeys cook now that they look like humans?
  16. Why do birds make so much noise in the morning?
  17. Who else likes rooster fighting?
  18. Do animals also court each other?
  19. Is it true that camels can drink a whole river?
  20. Should men own bulldogs as pets?

Funny Entertainment Speech Topics

  1. Why do doctors take urine during specific lab tests?
  2. Comedians who come to entertain themselves on stage
  3. Does the ‘America’s Got Talent Show’ expose the madness of most people?
  4. Why is it that children don’t mind about the milk running down their nose?
  5. How to break up with a stubborn girlfriend
  6. Should good girls go for bad boys as their partners?
  7. Simple ways you can borrow to fail at dieting
  8. People who watch cartoons in their older age are not mature
  9. How to read while holding the book with your legs
  10. Why ladies who gossip a lot dream talking and shouting aloud

Great Entertainment Speech Topics for High School

  1. Why do students love field trips more than sitting down for an English lesson?
  2. Reasons why most bullies are tall, fat, and weird-looking
  3. How most high school students get their nicknames
  4. How to embarrass your tutor in front of the whole class
  5. How to fail a class test in high school
  6. How to trick your friends into buying you sweets
  7. The funniest hairstyles in high school
  8. How to get a girlfriend in 400 easy steps
  9. How to sleep while in class without getting caught
  10. How to win all the girls during a high school prom

Controversial Entertainment Speech Topics List

  1. Why do the Chinese have small eyes?
  2. Why do people need to use chopsticks for every Chinese food?
  3. Who filmed Neil Amstrong if he was the only man on the moon?
  4. Is Santa Clause a man?
  5. Why lawyers are the best liars in the world

General Topics for Your Entertainment Speech

  1. Men with long beards do not brush their teeth
  2. Most men are single because they do not have time to sleep
  3. How to be invisible
  4. Exercises that bring a pot-belly
  5. How to get arrested
  6. Why men smell their armpits
  7. How many times should men bathe?
  8. Men who love French fries are ladies
  9. How to say ‘I love you.’
  10. Why men can’t prepare pancakes
  11. How to spoil a wedding
  12. How to make a tiresome joke
  13. Ways of ruining a date
  14. Why male goats have a beard
  15. The first time I laughed

Whether you are writing a speech to entertain or persuade, you can use one of our entertaining speech example to achieve that top grade.

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