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Top 70 Qualitative Research Topics To Ace 2022

November 16, 2020

There is no denying it; qualitative research topics are not as easy as ABC. To some, statistics is an enthralling subject while others may opt to clean the sea rather than sit in a statistics class. Millions of students around the globe face this crossroad. The task is further complicated by the fact that qualitative assignments deal with a cognitive analysis of data.

Qualitative Research Topics

If this is you, calm down. Our expert writers have already analyzed your problem and collated a list of 70 qualitative research paper topics for your inspiration. Keep your eyes peeled.

However, before we venture into our topic list, here is something you need to have at your fingertips;

What Is Qualitative Research?

It is the creative and investigative analysis of intangible and inexact data. The method is inductive in that the researcher codes the data during or after the collection. It is, therefore, necessary to have top-notch qualitative research topics for a first-class paper.

Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. How stress affects people’s behaviour
  2. The efficacy of a particular medication to a patient
  3. Environmental factors that necessitate quicker patient recovery
  4. The feminist empiricism perspective of the nursing profession
  5. How social processes influence patient behaviour
  6. Unique attributes of a culture that determines a patient’s success rate

Qualitative Research Topics in Education

  1. Ethnic and socioeconomic reasons for poor school attendance in developing countries
  2. The efficiency of the teaching methods
  3. Why most students perform poorly in sciences as compared to humanities
  4. The number of students who pursue their college studies to the end
  5. What is the level of academic preparedness of university students?
  6. A case study on the victims of bullying in schools

Qualitative Research Topics Ideas

  1. Correlation between Apple and Windows products
  2. The advantages of online learning over physical learning
  3. How have businesses transited into online digital marketing?
  4. The 30 most travelled places in the world
  5. Discuss on the rate at which the ozone layer is depleting
  6. Can we detect and prevent natural disasters before they occur?

College Qualitative Research Topics List

  1. How virtual reality worlds are transforming society
  2. Is it possible to have the same education system throughout the whole world?
  3. Evaluate the performance of mixed schools over single-gender schools
  4. Is preschool education necessary for children under four years
  5. The impact of unhealthy market completion on supply and demand
  6. The role of parents in shaping their children’s morals

Qualitative Research Topics Examples

  1. The impact of alcohol on a person’s normal behaviour
  2. Self-esteem among people from low socioeconomic backgrounds
  3. How often should one engage in sporting activities?
  4. What influences the eating habits of children?
  5. How to reduce the chances of contracting a viral disease
  6. Management of depression among school-going children

Good Qualitative Research Topics

  1. Effective therapy for patients recovering brain surgery
  2. Influence of pop music on erratic youth behaviour
  3. Approaches to improving maternal healthcare in developing countries
  4. Possible solutions for alleviating pain during childbirth
  5. Prevention measures against contracting coronavirus in crowded places
  6. Working government policies on protocol observance

Research Topics For Qualitative Research

  1. New ways of mitigating communicable diseases
  2. Emerging trends in digital media
  3. Worrying trends among the ageing population
  4. The importance of quarantine during the spread of infectious diseases
  5. How to promote social equity in patriarchal societies
  6. Effective strategies that can help curb the problem of cyberbullying

Easy Qualitative Research Topics

  1. The efficacy of homeschooling programs
  2. Understanding the key roles of healthy eating habits
  3. New ways of reaching out to the prospective market
  4. Factoring in the dynamics of real estate investment
  5. Latest newsgathering technologies and their effectiveness
  6. The effects of developing introvert behaviour
  7. Overcoming addictions through sharing with others
  8. Creating a community of one people

Topics For Ethnography Qualitative Research

  1. Transforming virtual ethnography into a modernized form
  2. How to be close to each other yet so far away
  3. Rethinking consumer appraisals and motivations
  4. How can teachers develop a one-on-one relationship with their students
  5. The place of social and academic practices in uplifting a society
  6. Creating a centralized community using available resources

Qualitative Research Topics in Public Health

  1. Strategies for promoting the health sector during the coronavirus pandemic
  2. Effective obesity management strategies for the young
  3. Ideas for quitting cigarettes and alcohol
  4. Programs for community-based sanitization
  5. Preventative methods for flu during cold seasons
  6. Techniques of making eco-friendly facemasks
  7. Positive ways of recovering from a loss
  8. Means of achieving affordable healthcare in low-income societies

Qualitative Research Topics in Project Management

  1. Ways of planning for a long-term project
  2. Dealing with a backlash during a project implementation programme
  3. Means of relieving pressure for tight project deadlines
  4. Understanding the essence of time management in goal setting
  5. Why managers should be flexible and apt in their decisions
  6. Opportunities for the growth of management skills and techniques

You can never miss a qualitative research assignment. Therefore, use any of the examples of qualitative research topics above for your motivation. The issues should propel you to composing a top-rated qualitative research paper.

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