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Best Dissertation Topics For Graduate Students

December 23, 2019

Are you a graduate student or planning for postgraduate studies? If the answer is “yes,” you will need to write a dissertation before getting cleared to graduate. A dissertation is an extensive piece of work that is meant to test your scholarly knowledge. The first thing before you can start working on the dissertation is picking the right topic. But how do you do it?

This post is aimed at helping postgraduate students to choose the right dissertation topics from various dissertation subjects. It delves deeper into the criteria for the best ideas for dissertation topics. Finally, it outlines over 200 good dissertation topics for different subjects.

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Here is a comprehensive dissertation topic list for different subjects to help you narrow to the best topic. Before you get into the list of examples of dissertation topics check out this brief topic on how to choose a good dissertation topic for you:

How To Pick A Dissertation Topic

If you have been wondering how to come up with the right dissertation title, it is advisable to put the focus on your broad dissertation subjects area. Then, narrow down to a specific problem. Here are some points to guide you.

  • Ensure to look for dissertation ideas in an area that interests you. If the idea you select is not interesting, the entire period for the dissertation can turn out to be a nightmare. You are also likely to find it rough during the dissertation defense.
  • Focus on an aspect of your subject that is either new or has not been comprehensively studied. Besides, the topic should be easy to relate to the bigger picture. This means that the selected title should be felt in the entire study starting from the dissertation questions.
  • Take into account the resources available to complete the study. If you focus on an area without ample resources, the study is likely to be challenging.
  • Follow the specific requirements for your institution or department. Some departments might restrict you to identify MSC or MBA dissertation topics from specific areas. However, others only limit the number of words for the title and leave the area of interest to the student.
  • Consult your supervisor. Your supervisor is responsible for supporting you from the beginning to the end of your dissertation. Because he/she has supervised other postgraduate students before, you should not hesitate to seek help. If the supervisor expressed reservations about the targeted area or method of study, among other aspects of your topic, it is important to relook at them.
  • Read previous studies and identify areas that were recommended for further studies. When graduate students carry research and find that some areas need further studies, they will include some recommendations.

Important Questions To Ask when Exploring Topics For Dissertation

Before settling on a specific dissertation topic, you need to look at it from multiple perspectives. You can achieve this by asking the following questions:

  1. Is the topic relevant? Assessing the relevance of your topic is critical to fine-tuning the approach to use in theory, methodology, and data analysis.
  2. Is my dissertation feasible? While it is true that there are many ideas for dissertation topics out there, you have to establish which one is possible within various constraints, including time, resources, and word count. If you do not have time to research, collect data, and analyze a specific dissertation idea, it is better to go for an alternative.
  3. Has my dissertation been done before? Every university and study department wants to see original dissertation work from its graduate students. Though it is true that designing entirely new research is not a simple task, your department will not want to see the reproduction of old researches. If you must venture into already explored areas, consider going for those that were not comprehensively researched.
  4. Will my personality influence the study? This question is particularly crucial when you are exploring dissertation title examples in arts, social sciences, and humanities. For example, you might justify personal conviction as one of the rationales for picking dissertation ideas. In such a case, it is important to think about how your personality might influence the dissertation questions examples in the study questionnaires.

Sociology Dissertation Ideas

Sociology is one of the broad subjects with many topics for dissertations to select from. You can pick from criminology to cultural sociology, among other niches. Besides, there is sociology related to gender, education, family, and economics, among other fields. Therefore, the trick to picking the best sociology dissertation ideas is narrowing to the subject that plays more to your interest. Here are some of the top suggestions.

  1. Analyzing the effects of the aging population on the UK economy.
  2. A Historical evaluation of education and sociology of its policy in Ireland, since the end of WWII.
  3. Evaluating the scholarship policies in the UK higher education system and relevance to social stratification.
  4. Analyzing religious organizations and their implications on social structure in Wales.
  5. Comparing the cost and benefits of living in nuclear or extended family systems.
  6. Evaluating the relationship between religion and marriages in the UK.
  7. A comprehensive study of capitalism and communism economic models and their implications on the social hierarchy.
  8. Is punishment the best solution for stopping crime? Exploring social alternatives for preventing crime.
  9. A comparative examination of the well-being of citizens in the EU countries with free-to-access healthcare systems versus private healthcare systems.
  10. Workplace sexual harassment: A review of factors that are promoting its prevalence and obstacles to reporting such experiences.
  11. Domestic violence: What are the impacts on children’s educational performance?

Dissertation Topics In Management

If you are a management graduate student, there are dozens of areas to base your dissertation topics on. They include finance, human resources, and logistics, among others. It is advisable to consider a current situation that can also give you a competitive advantage in the market after graduating. Here is a list of dissertation topics in management.

  1. Comprehensive analysis of motivation in the workplace: How does it impact employee productivity?
  2. Analysis of how leadership influences competitiveness in companies.
  3. Assessment of Brexit implications on international firms based in the UK.
  4. British Airways case study: A comprehensive analysis of how companies develop future leaders for sustainability.
  5. Virgin Airlines case study: Evaluation of the best practices on how to leverage organization culture.
  6. What are the main requirements for developing competitive advantage: A review of the airline industry in the UK.
  7. What are the best ways to promote organizational citizenship behaviors?
  8. Investigating the relationship between leadership style and organizational culture.
  9. The impact of transformational leaders in business performance: A case study of Huawei Technologies.
  10. Analyzing how leadership styles and their efficiency in organizational change management.

Dissertation Topics In Education

Education is one of the areas of study that have been changing rapidly in line with technological advancements. This implies that irrespective of the level of education that you want to focus on, there will be something interesting to research. To make your study more interesting, here are the top ten dissertation topics in education:

  1. A comprehensive review of the best practices in managing children transition from foundation to year one.
  2. A comparative review of the roles of headteachers and managers.
  3. Analyzing the primary reasons why people choose teaching careers.
  4. What are the main causes of teacher dropout in the first years of their careers?
  5. Analyzing the main causes of better average scores for private schools compared to public schools.
  6. A qualitative study of trainers’ perceptions about using IT for literacy, science, and maths teaching.
  7. Evaluating the impact of teachers’ behavior in promoting students’ creativity.
  8. Teacher-initiated or child-initiated: Which is the best practice for lower school training?
  9. A comprehensive review of motivational factors for homeschooling.
  10. Should students who consistently attain failing grades be put together with high achievers?

Psychology Dissertation Topic Ideas

If you are in a graduate psychology class, your final step before graduation is writing a dissertation. To make your research more impressive, here are some great psychology ideas to consider.

  1. In the light of new findings in cognitive neuroscience, is Piaget’s cognitive development theory still valid?
  2. Evaluating the best practices for helping children with anxiety disorders to perform better in school.
  3. Exploring the relationship between social networking sites and self-harm in adolescents girls.
  4. What are the main predictors of burnout among executive staff: A case study of Wal-Mart in the US.
  5. What are indicators of depression in gay teenagers?
  6. What are the main challenges for transgender people in modern society?
  7. Evaluating the efficiency of cognitive behavioral therapy use in treating depressed adolescents.
  8. A comprehensive analysis of ADHD symptoms in children and adults: Are there any differences?
  9. Analyzing the influence of the environment on people’s creativity.
  10. Evaluating the impacts of sleep on a person’s well-being.

English Language Dissertation Ideas

English language studies involve studying constituents such as semantics, structure, phonology, and others that contribute to building it. Therefore, what are the best dissertation ideas for the English language?

  1. What is the connection between language and perception?
  2. A cross-cultural study of how non-native English teachers teach English to local students.
  3. Written and oral performance in English: Evaluating the performance of students learning English as a second language.
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of vocabulary size tests: Comparing difficulty and frequency.
  5. Evaluating the benefits of learning English as a second language at the Elementary School level.
  6. Tracing the English language history: How time has changed English words.
  7. Evaluating the best strategies for teaching English as a second language.
  8. Assessing the efficiency of technology application in English training.
  9. Analyzing the attitudes of native English speakers towards foreign ascents of English by non-native speakers.
  10. Exploring the regional English dialects in the UK.

Geography Dissertation Topic Ideas

Geography and environmental studies disciplines are aimed at helping people to know more about their existence in the globe. For graduate students, these are interesting fields because they make it easy to delve into concepts such as volcanic activities and rocks. Here are some great geography dissertation ideas:

  1. Evaluating the difference between sedimentary and metamorphic rocks: How are they formed?
  2. Causes of earthquakes: A comprehensive review of the plate tectonic theory.
  3. Examining different mountain ranges in the US and their origins.
  4. Coral reefs: Analyzing the process of coral reefs formation, and their uses.
  5. The impacts of landslides on people living in hilly areas.
  6. Evaluating the ecological value of forests to governments: A case study of the state of Oregon.
  7. What are the effects of global warming on island species?
  8. How do lakes affect the immediate neighborhood temperatures: A case study of Lake Tahoe in Nevada and California.
  9. The role of industrial institutions in shaping local economies: A case study of West Yorkshire.
  10. Evaluating the strategies used by governments to deal with high population densities.

Architecture Dissertation Topics

Architecture is considered an art and science. For graduate students in architecture, the topics of study can vary widely because the subject borrows its fundamentals from diverse disciplines to craft creative products. The ultimate goal is creating a functional product for human use. Here are some great architecture dissertation topics:

  1. Evaluating the challenges of using architectural computing when designing modern buildings.
  2. Building Information Modelling: Examining its application in the architecture sector.
  3. Primary evaluation of how the green revolution has impacted office building design.
  4. Evaluating the nature of middle-class architecture’s place in the modern society.
  5. Latest trends of environmental technologies and applications in the urban landscape.
  6. Assessing the limitless application possibilities or bio materials in architecture.
  7. Solar energy applications: Do solar panels look fashionable?
  8. Application of modern landscape designs: Reviewing perceptions on fresh ideas and emerging solutions.
  9. Soil analysis: Evaluating its importance in building safety.
  10. Assessing the efficiency of methods used to mitigate damage resulting from natural disasters.

Dissertation Topics Law

Law is an interesting area of study that allows students to explore diverse ideas from criminal law to civil litigation. Note that though you can explore law ideas from diverse areas, it is advisable to make sure they are relevant. Here are some of the topics you should consider

  1. Privacy rights and freedom of speech: When should the freedom of expression for journalists be restricted?
  2. Human rights and anti-terrorism laws: Is it justifiable to restrict civil liberties for the sake of public safety?
  3. Legalization of abortion: A review of how abortion is treated by the law.
  4. Homelessness in the US: How is it addressed legally?
  5. Should the role of mediation be made mandatory in family law cases?
  6. Evaluating the gaps in law for moving to the US with a child.
  7. Rape: How do male and female legislation differ?
  8. Evaluating crime-related factors that should not be presented to the jury?
  9. Death penalty: Evaluating major executions in history.
  10. Exploring circumstances related to prison disturbances.
  11. Do visitations have an impact on the disciplinary adjustments of incarcerated males?

Marketing Dissertation Ideas

Marketing is one of the dynamic subjects that have been changing rapidly as businesses look for innovative methods to win more customers and bigger market shares. Therefore, there is a wide range of dissertation ideas that you can work on. Here are the top ten topics that you should consider:

  1. Using social media networks to reach new markets and growing a business’s market share.
  2. What strategies are used by companies to address product boycotts?
  3. Evaluating how innovation helps to increase customers for a business.
  4. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of mobile marketing.
  5. A comprehensive review of how credit cards influence shopping behavior.
  6. Influence of internet advertising on consumer behavior.
  7. Reviewing the impact of message length on direct marketing?
  8. Evaluating customer perceptions of green marketing.
  9. Assessing the use of social media networks by non-profit organizations.
  10. How to measure ROI of social media marketing in a business.

Dissertation Topics In History

History is a fairly tricky subject to do history research paper writing on because most of the aspects studied in different areas do not change. Therefore, you have to be creative when looking for dissertation ideas on the subject. Here are some topic suggestions you can consider if you are a graduate history student.

  1. Hitler: How did education and the environment contribute to his war views?
  2. Reviewing the most influential American presidents in history.
  3. What role did USSR play in WWI?
  4. British soldiers and WWI: A review of work conditions and motivations.
  5. WWI: Outlining ways that it could have been avoided.
  6. The Great Depression: A review of positive implications.
  7. Hitler in WWII: What strengths made the Hitler army secure major victories?
  8. A comparative review of WWII repercussions for Japan and Germany.
  9. A deeper look at women leaders in Nazi: What did they contribute?
  10. A review of the key problems faced by the Soviets following the death of Stalin.
  11. Was WWII avoidable?

Dissertation Topics In Biology

Biology is a unique subject that provides a deeper understanding of plants and animals. Therefore, graduate students looking forward to doing their studies in biology have many areas they can focus on. Remember that a great dissertation in biology should be appealing and academically relevant. Here are the leading dissertation topics in biology that you should consider.

  1. To what extent is global warming a threat to marine life in the tropics?
  2. Assessing non-human factors of species extinction.
  3. Deforestation and global warming: Are the current efforts sufficient?
  4. Assessing the impact of global warming on marine life: A case study of The Great Barrier Reef.
  5. Exploring the ways plants and animals are responding to environmental changes.
  6. Evaluating the efficiency of current institutions to protect the environment: A case study of CITES.
  7. Evaluating the effects of whale hunting on the whale population.
  8. Evaluating the safety of genetically modified foods.
  9. Assessing the successes and failures of diabetes and overweight reduction strategies adopted in the US.
  10. Evaluating the relationship between stress and excess body weight in adolescents:

Dissertation Topics In Economics

Perhaps one of the most interesting subjects of study in school is economics. For graduate students who are delving deeper into economics, they have the opportunity to comprehensively study the production, distribution, and consumption of products and services. Whether you have an interest in macroeconomics or microeconomics, there are many areas you can opt to base your dissertation on. In this section, we will suggest the top ten dissertation topics in economics:

  1. Evaluating the impact of local cultures in defining entrepreneurial economic development.
  2. Assessing the roles of regional cultures in promoting innovation networks.
  3. Exploring the factors that affect foreign direct investment and the implications of economic growth.
  4. Exploring the main causes of global recessions and how to prevent future economic slowdowns.
  5. Evaluating the effects of regional integration in promoting industrial growth: A case study of the EU.
  6. Assessing salary inequalities in the UK and the factors that promote them.
  7. In what ways has immigration affected the US employment levels and overall productivity?
  8. Negative effects of regional integration: A closer look at the EU and why countries are agitating to leave.
  9. Consumer behavior trends: The evolution of consumer behavior trends in the last 20 years in the US.
  10. Impact of education on entrepreneurship: The role of higher education schooling in promoting entrepreneurial capacities in the US.

Dissertation Topics For Everyone!

Writing a dissertation at the postgraduate level is one of the major undertakings for graduate students. Where possible, it is important to ensure you start the process as early as possible. When it comes to selecting the topic of your dissertation, this post has demonstrated that it needs to be precise, concise, and relevant.

No matter your area of study, make sure to pick a topic that is interesting to you. Take a closer look at the above dissertation title examples to get the ideal topic that is fun and craft a winning dissertation, or turn to the professional writers for help! We provide some great dissertation examples for you, and write the best custom dissertations. So if you’re thinking “write my dissertation for me” we definitely will! So get in touch with us today.

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