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120 Amazing Latin American Research Paper Topics

January 2, 2020

Do you have the task of writing a Latin American research paper? The first step is coming up with a great topic. This is one of the major challenges for most students. But you do not need to worry anymore because we are here to help. Here are the best 120 Latin American research topics that you can consider.

latin american research paper topics

Mixed Latin American Research Paper Topics

  1. A closer look at the history of the church and human rights in Latin America.
  2. An in-depth analysis of Latin American feminist theology.
  3. Exploring the women’s rights in Latin America: A case study of Peru and Colombia.
  4. Analyzing the implications of foreign debt on Latin America countries.
  5. The impact of the Cold War on Latin America.
  6. Analyzing the commonest management styles in Latin American companies.
  7. Discuss the main components of Latino culture.
  8. Analyzing key economic challenges affecting economic development in Latin America.
  9. Impact of outside trading forces on Latin America development.
  10. Significance of tourism in Latin America.
  11. Analyzing social, political trends in Latin America: A case study of Argentina and Cuba.
  12. Evaluate the role played by the military in Latin America studies.
  13. Analyzing the first contact between early Spanish settlers and Latin Americans.
  14. Meso American civilizations: A case study of Maya civilization.
  15. Implications of music on Latino children: A case study of salsa music.
  16. Modernism in South America.
  17. The history of the Panama Canal.
  18. Political consequences of Neo-Liberalism in South America.
  19. Analyzing the invention of Latin America.
  20. Taking a closer look at the new age of Latin America.
  21. Evaluating US involvement in Latin America.

Latin America Research Topics about Brazil

  1. Analyzing the cultural relations between Brazil and the US.
  2. A closer look at the evolution of Brazil culture.
  3. Evaluating the different governments of Brazil.
  4. The economy of Brazil during the Cold War.
  5. The influence of the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil.
  6. Discuss the importance of Brazil’s rainforest in addressing global warming.
  7. Comparing Brazil and the US education systems.
  8. Comparing the Indian and Brazilian economies.
  9. Brazil and global economics: A Closer look at Brazil Role in the BRICS.
  10. Neo-liberalism IN Brazil: What are the consequences?
  11. The Brazil’s quest for autonomy: Analyzing Brazil’s foreign policy under President Lula.
  12. Urban poverty in Rio.

Latin American Topics about Costa Rica

  1. Evaluating the business climate in Costa Rica.
  2. A closer look at Costa Rica’s economic challenges in the Cold War era.
  3. A comprehensive analysis of Costa Rica’s economic performance.
  4. Efforts to address global warming in Costa Rica: A case study of Klinki Forestry Project.
  5. Analyzing the main problems facing Costa Rica.
  6. Deforestation in Costa Rica.
  7. Tourism in Costa Rica.
  8. Comparing the history of coffee in Costa Rica and Brazil.
  9. Analyzing contemporary issues in Costa Rica Tourism.
  10. Analyzing the main exports and imports of Costa Rica.
  11. A closer look at key political issues in Costa Rica.
  12. Comparing culture and ethics in Costa Rica and Mexico.
  13. What is the future of Costa Rica’s economic growth?

Unique Latin American Research Topics

  1. Effects of El Nino in South America.
  2. The relationship between Argentina’s economy and the black market.
  3. Key elements of Argentina’s democracy.
  4. Analyzing the sexual behavior of Amazon people.
  5. The history of Chile’s economic growth.
  6. Comparing the economic growths of Chile and Mexico.
  7. Analyzing the persistence of drug lords in Colombia.
  8. What implications does drug trafficking have on the Colombian economy?
  9. Comparing the education system of Peru and Brazil.
  10. The effect of remittance in Latin America economy.
  11. History of slavery in South America.
  12. Democracy in Latin America.
  13. A closer look at enlightenment in Latin America.
  14. Analyzing independent movements in Latin America
  15. Analyzing Latin America after the end of the Wars of Independence.

Latin American Topics on the Caribbean

  1. Evaluating the significance of Grenada Island during the Cold War.
  2. Comparing the ethnic slave rebellion in Bahia and Caribbean.
  3. Comparing the history of slavery in the Caribbean and the US.
  4. A review of the Haiti revolution.
  5. Highlighting the struggles of Marielitos.
  6. A closer look at socioeconomic struggles in Barbados.
  7. Analyzing the problem of racism in Cuba.
  8. A closer look at the history of Haiti between 1843 and 1973.
  9. Analyzing the US involvement in Haiti in the early 20th century.

Latin American Research Paper Topics about Cuba

  1. Analyzing music development in Cuba.
  2. What factors drive Cubans to immigrate to the US?
  3. Analyzing the Aesthetic beauty of Cuba.
  4. Comparing slavery in Virginia, the USA with Slavery in Cuba.
  5. What is Fidel Castro’s greatest social economic contribution to Cuba?
  6. Comparing the Cuban and Brazilian economies.
  7. What are the key cultural similarities between Cuban and Americans?
  8. Evaluating the economic performance of Cuba after World War II.
  9. A closer look at the medical industry in Cuba.
  10. What is the future of Cuban economic growth?

Latin America Topics about Guatemala

  1. Analyzing the performance of Guatemala economy after the Cold War.
  2. A review of Guatemala’s attitudes towards Axis and Allied powers in the World War II.
  3. Comparing Guatemala and Costa Rica’s coffee management processes.
  4. A review of Guatemala’s trade relationships with the US.
  5. Analyzing the sufferings and abuses of Guatemala’s children during the country’s civil wars.
  6. Guatemala history: Evaluating the fall of President Arbenz.
  7. Comparing the culture of Guatemalans and Brazilians.
  8. Analyzing the Guatemala government’s efforts on conservation.

Latin America Research Topics on Mexico

  1. What are the main challenges of the Mexico’s education system?
  2. Analyzing the Zapatista Revolution.
  3. Was the 1914-1916 Woodrow Wilson’s intervention in Mexico Justified?
  4. The colonization of Texas by Mexico.
  5. Comparing the Mexican art of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  6. Analyzing the hybrid Mexico culture.
  7. What are the key success factors of the 1990s Mexican film success?
  8. Comparing the Mexican and US culture: What are the key differences?
  9. A closer look at the economic performance of Mexico after the Cold War?
  10. Illegal Mexican immigrants.
  11. Should the US use a more protected border with Mexico?
  12. The history of Aztec Empire.
  13. What is the future of Mexico economy?
  14. Analyzing the major problems that Mexico experienced under the leadership of President Zedillo.
  15. Comparing the US and Mexico justice systems.
  16. What were the main causes of the Mexican Peso crisis of the 1990s?
  17. Latin America telenovelas.
  18. Comparing conservatives and liberals after revolutionary Latin America.
  19. A closer look at the Cuban embargo.
  20. What factors led to the Mexican revolution.

Latin American Research Topics: Puerto Rico

  1. The importance of Puerto Rico during the 18th-century slave labor and trade.
  2. Analyzing the controversy of Puerto Rico’s statehood.
  3. Analyzing the industrialization of Puerto Rico.
  4. Comparing the Puerto Rican and Brazilian cultures.

Controversial Topics in Latin America

  1. The growing Chinese influence in Latin America.
  2. Analyzing the discovery of America via Latin America.
  3. The struggle for national identity in South America.
  4. History of Latin America: Taking a closer look at the rights of Portugal over Latin America.
  5. Mexican Peso crisis of the 1990s: Was Bill Clinton’s decision for bailout justified?
  6. Analyzing the US-Cuban relationship during the Cold War.
  7. Guatemala history: Evaluating the fall of President Arbenz and the possible involvement of the US government.
  8. Drug trade in South America: What are the historical roots?

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