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Music Essay Topics For Any Taste – Take A Look!

January 16, 2020

So, what exactly is a music essay?

It is a short piece of writing on music as its subject. Who can forget such a simple and straightforward definition? Not even my aging grandpa with his fading memory.

Music Essay Topics

Now check this out.

An argumentative essay about music is one of the simplest. For the avoidance of doubt, allow me to list some of the few music genres and see just how easy things are going to get:

  • Afro-Fusion Music
  • Hip hop Music
  • Country Music
  • Folk Music

And the list does not stop there – I would have continued safely for the many details I still have to show you.

That said and done, let’s now dive into the essay topics on music.

Top 51 Incredible Music Essay Topics

There are so many exciting music topics but here are the few chosen crème de la crème:

  1. A step back into the journey of music and how it has evolved.
  2. The Inevitability of Music.
  3. The tone of Music: How has music contributed to the delivery of the message?
  4. What is the impact of music on people’s health?
  5. The growth of fame: How do musicians use controversies in music to be famous?
  6. The accompaniments used in music.
  7. Latest music genres, and how are they distinguished from the former?
  8. Music and religion. How different religions perceive it.
  9. Does music as an occupation pay?
  10. Music as a way of communication
  11. How music impacts the education sector.
  12. The storage of music, is it softcopy and hard copy?
  13. What are the legal and ethical issues related to music?
  14. Have the music schools helped in shaping the music industry?
  15. How has music contributed to the morals in society?
  16. Is music a perpetrator of vices in the society?
  17. Who should be allowed to tame the music industry?
  18. The lifetime of songs.
  19. What is the best medium of delivering a song; is audio or video?
  20. How does music and people with special needs relate?
  21. Does the government have a say in the songs produced?
  22. What is the impact of technology on the music sector?
  23. How has music been used in the advertising industry?
  24. Emotions and Music. How does music bring out feelings in movies?
  25. Print media and the growth of music. Music as art.
  26. How is the growth of music covers and parodies?
  27. Here is a study of the features of music.
  28. Can everybody sing?
  29. How do we curb the rising cases of insanity in the music sector?
  30. How has music contributed to world peace and unity?
  31. What is the relationship between the lyrics and beats?
  32. Who should get credit for a song? The composer versus the vocalist.
  33. How effective is sign language in music?
  34. Music and research: how much academic institutions have invested in music research?
  35. Music and Television: Has music taken over the news hole?
  36. What is the watchdog role of the Music Copyright Societies?
  37. Christianity and Music: How secular music has crept into the church.
  38. Music and fashion. The effect of music on the fashion industry.
  39. Has music contributed to gender and marginal groups’ discrimination?
  40. How do traditional and modern music instruments compare?
  41. How has music grown with the advent of social media?
  42. Is music as a keeper of a country’s heritage?
  43. Has music been good or bad for teenagers in society?
  44. Future of Music: Do we see a bright future for this industry?
  45. How is music a form of cultural degradation?
  46. How can music improve co-relations among people?
  47. What barriers does the music industry face?
  48. How is music a marker of identity?
  49. The universality of music
  50. An in-depth study of the fundamental elements of music.

Now, here comes the real deal.

How To Choose a Music Essay Topic

Here are some great ideas to get you started at a rocket speed:

  • Familiarize yourself with the music jargon.
  • Compare and contrast different types of music (you can start with the list given above)
  • Where did music come from? (A historical perspective of music)

One more thing before we move to the music essay topics is this.

Structure of a Music Essay

You might be asking, how is this relevant? Well, my friend, the fabric is of relevance importance too. Knowing it enables you to craft your topics in a manner that will thoroughly blend with the contents of your essay.

Let’s do a quick recap of the structure then:


Acts a curtain-raiser to your essay and thus should be captivating


I can describe it as the jackpot of your essay. It is where you get to argue out your points in a clear, precise, and appealing manner.


You get to do a summary of the essay and also allowed you to restate your thesis statement to your reader.

Coming up with a suitable music essay topic can be a nightmare when it comes to tight deadlines. Lucky for you, the persuasive speech topics about the music listed above can save you a great deal.

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