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100 Best Journalism Essay Topics For You!

December 24, 2020

Journalism Essay Topics

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a good idea for a journalistic essay you might be suffering from a type of writer’s block. However, there is no need to worry because we’ve culled a list of journalism thesis topics that can be used for a wide range of assignments and class levels. Here are 100 of our best ideas:

Best Journalism Research Topics for 2022

  • What impact will President Biden’s policies have on the economy?
  • To what extent will the Covid-19 pandemic damage the global economy?
  • How does the media impact the way we look at dictatorships?
  • Will a vaccine for Covid-19 be made available to lower-income people?
  • Will the U.S. economy recover after the major shutdowns of 2020?
  • In what way does the IOC feel compelled to hold Olympic events?

Research Topics in Mass Communication and Journalism

  • Does race impact the way news is reported in different parts of the United States?
  • What does President-elect Joe Biden’s victory mean for international politics?
  • How does Covid-19 affect the way students make choices about their majors?
  • How has mass communication changed in the last decade?
  • How did social media impact the way people voted for the Presidential Election?
  • In what ways has social media affected the way news is reported?
  • Can President Biden effectively use the media to unite the country?

Ideas for a Dissertation on Journalism

  • Does accurate journalism impact people’s privacy rights?
  • How has music and film from the last decade impacted how society acts today?
  • Does the attention afforded to crime in the media harm society?
  • Are personal bios still important enough to publish online?
  • Is social media replacing traditional journalism in first world countries?
  • Is journalism education in high school an important subject?
  • In what ways have sports changed the way we look at international politics?

Thesis Topics for Journalism Students

  • How does President Trump’s reaction to election results affect the transition between administrations?
  • How important is it for news outlets to report human interest stories?
  • How did the world react to President Trump’s loss of both the popular and electoral votes?
  • In what ways does the sports world impact the way people view domestic politics?
  • How have the peaceful protests of police brutality in the U.S. affected the world?
  • How does the internet affect the way people view domestic politics?
  • Does the White House Press Team need to be more transparent?

Journalism Research Paper Topics

  • How do politicians prepare major announcements based on media feedback?
  • Does the media help or harm the way people react to Covid-19?
  • Is it possible for journalists to sway the 2022 mid-term elections ahead of time?
  • What can we say is the start of modern journalism?
  • Should the personal lives of athletes be reported in sports journalism?
  • How important is transparency in modern journalism?
  • The methods of disseminating information have changed in what ways?

Journalism Topics for a College-Level Course

  • How is popular culture affected by the media? Check out more popular culture topics.
  • What are the major aspects of communication in the modern world?
  • In what ways do popular films affect the way teenagers view media?
  • Does the media do enough to report on obesity rates in the U.S.?
  • What is the most effective way of disseminating important information?
  • What role does the media have in preventing religious conflicts?
  • In what ways does media hype affect social movements in the U.S.?

Good Journalism Topics on Modern Issues

  • What does the future of journalism hold as the number of independent bloggers increases?
  • What responsibilities do sensationalist journalists have?
  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected how journalists report on health news?
  • How do health organizations utilize the media to spread warnings?
  • Is the media responsible for reporting health rates in the U.S.?
  • How can the international media impact how the U.S. is viewed around the world?
  • In what ways do politicians use the media to gain public favor?

Journalism Thesis Topics for a Capstone Project

  • How have political races been affected by the use of music?
  • In what ways does the media impact psychology?
  • Can video games be viewed as a type of media?
  • Should the media cover reality show stars?
  • How have social movements in the U.S. sparked changes around the world?
  • Are journalists compromised by corporate funding of media outlets?
  • Does social media have a greater influence on today’s public than traditional news outlets?

Controversial Investigative Journalism Topics

  • How do journalists develop interesting news stories?
  • Does the media impact how we view health issues?
  • How do podcasts and radio shows impact truth-telling?
  • Are people viewing more or less local news programs?
  • What does one have to study to become an investigative journalist?
  • Should news outlets like Fox News and MSNBC refrain from reporting controvertible facts?
  • How does investigative journalism violate people’s rights to privacy?

Great Journalism Topics for Students

  • Is music being used as a propaganda tool in political elections?
  • Can school elections be rigged by a dominant group?
  • How important is it to keep students informed of local government policies?
  • Does the media treat celebrities unfairly when reporting stories?
  • How important is it for journalists to protect their sources?
  • If students had the chance to grade their teachers, what would the results be?
  • What would happen if colleges and universities allowed pets in dorms?

Journalism Topics for High School

  • How does media influence what we think of as high and low culture?
  • Do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter ever make you feel depressed?
  • Do cell phones lead to too many distractions in school?
  • Should the media pay less attention to celebrity news?
  • Does television advertising unfairly favor large corporations?
  • Are war journalists put at greater risk today than they were a decade ago?
  • Is there enough evidence to support an investigation on voter fraud?

Journalism Essay Topics for a Short Project

  • In what ways have video games impacted cultural movements globally?
  • How do professional athletes impact social awareness?
  • What is the most effective way to interview a witness?
  • Are people being influenced by what is being reported on celebrities?
  • Why is it important to have firsthand accounts in news stories?
  • Is it unethical for journalists to make suppositions?

Journalism Thesis Ideas for a Long Project

  • Does reality television present an accurate view of modern society?
  • Is it important for different news organizations to share information?
  • What is meant by “message distortion” in article writing?
  • In what ways do journalists impact voting in presidential elections?
  • Does the media cover presidential candidates equally?
  • Does the media support major candidates more so than populist candidates?

Interesting Journalism Project Topics

  • What are the biggest anticipated changes to the future of journalism?
  • In what ways has the internet impacted how the news is reported?
  • How does the U.S. media portray adversaries from around the world?
  • Does the internet make people read less about current events?
  • Is stylized writing acceptable in today’s internet-heavy world?
  • What are the challenges and limitations of the Bennett news model?

Controversial Literary Journalism Topics

  • Should fake news be banned from social media sites?
  • Are media outlets responsible for the spread of unverified stories?
  • Should media agencies stop using metaphors in headlines?
  • Do you think the U.S. media treats its global enemies fairly?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing journalism?
  • Will Trumpism disappear as soon as he leaves office?

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