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50+ Exceptional Psychology Research Topics: Try Them Now!

December 21, 2020

Are you looking for a great topic for your paper in psychology? Most students find selecting ideas for psychology research projects challenging, and get stuck even before starting. The issue gets more complicated because psychology is a very wide discipline. However, you can now have a sigh of relieve because we are here to help.

psychology research topics

This post is a collection of the best 50+ psychology topics that you can work on to get top grades. Go ahead and use them as they are or tweak a little to match your preference.

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

Social psychology is one of most interesting areas of study, and here are some great topics to consider for your paper.

  1. Racism and its impacts in the society.

  2. Analysing the impacts of marital disputes on adolescents.

  3. The impact of romantic movies on children.

  4. Violent video games and how they affect children development.

  5. Social depression? What are the primary causes?

  6. Analysing social issues related to culture.

  7. Gender discrimination: What are the causes and effects?

  8. Divorce processes: How do they impact children’s behaviour?

  9. Bullying and its effect on teenage girls’ social interaction behaviour.

  10. What are the main causes of bullying in children?

Good Cognitive Psychology Research Topics Ideas

Cognitive development involves exploring how people think, explore and figure out things. You can explore the topic further through the following child psychology research topics.

  1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: What effect does it have on a child’s cognitive development?

  2. Explore the main effects of autism.

  3. Memory loss: What are the main causes and methods of addressing it?

  4. Memories and how they affect people’s behaviour.

  5. Critical thinking: How do you measure a kid’s ability in cognitive psychology?

  6. Can the subconscious affect an individual’s decision making? Explain.

  7. Factors that can help to improve cognitive abilities in kids.

  8. What is the effectiveness of the methods used to measure attention span in kids?

Good Psychology Research Topics for College Students

To get a better grade and stand out from your peers, here are some interesting psychological research topics for your project.

  1. The long-term effects of mental health issues on families.

  2. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders: Analysing the causes and effects.

  3. Panic attacks in the United States.

  4. Causes of antisocial behaviour in teenagers.

  5. Effects of drug abuse on mental health of teenagers.

  6. What are the main causes of the increasing rates of depression among youths?

  7. Comparing the effects of single parenting on kid’s mental development.

  8. Delay in mental development of a kid: What are the main causes?

Awesome Topics in Biopsychology

Biopsychology examines areas such as the nervous system, localization of functions, and biological rhythms. To dig deeper into these areas, here are some good psychology topics for research paper to consider.

  1. The neurons and synaptic transmission.

  2. The impact of multicultural background on identity: A case study of Chicago.

  3. How to recover brain after trauma.

  4. How to measure the different types of anxiety.

  5. The impact of blood pressure on cognitive attributes of an individual.

  6. Analysing the hierarchical structures of fears.

  7. What is the connection between technology and psychology?

Researchable Topics in Psychology

There is a unique sense of satisfaction that comes with researching a problem and getting solution to it. Here are some awesome psychological paper topics for you.

  1. Exercise in anorexia nervosa.

  2. What are the impacts of needle phobia on blood pressure?

  3. What strategies should families adopt to increase happiness?

  4. Analysing the different diets for people with dementia.

  5. Robotics and cognitive neuroscience.

  6. The importance of holistic intervention in schools.

  7. Analysing the causes of social anxiety.

  8. Phobias and paranoia.

Interesting Psychology Topics

To enjoy working on your psychology paper and get top results, make sure to pick an interesting topic. Here are some interesting topics that you can use to not only get good grades, but also build your career.

  1. Using psychology for chronic pain control.

  2. Is behavioural therapy effective in correction facilities?

  3. How to treat insomnia in a clinical setting.

  4. A closer look at the legal, ethical, and psychological aspects of adoption.

  5. A deeper look at a child’s psychological development.

  6. Introvert personality: What are the effects of being an introvert?

  7. Types of torture and its impacts on a child’s mind and adult life.

  8. Mass killings in the United States: What are the main causes?

  9. Is the society neglecting domestic violence against women?

  10. Human cloning: Can it be a solution to childless couples?

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