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Best Social Issues Topics For Your Essay – Find Them Here!

November 13, 2019

Social issues influence people within a society, and people strive to find solutions to them. Often, they are the consequences of factors extending beyond an individual’s control. Social issues are the source of a conflicting opinion on the ground of what is perceived as morally correct or incorrect personal life.

These social issues are exceedingly diverse because they exist within the cultural, ethnic, and moral boundaries. There are disagreements around social issues that are worth solving, or that should take precedence.

Different individuals and societies have different perceptions. Therefore, what is considered a social problem in one culture may be an entire typical event in another community.

Some Social Issue Tips You Include in Your Essay are:

  1. Religion. Different religious settings and places of worship have bonds that bring their followers together. Some of these religious groups also tend to be healthy and glued together by the values they share.
  2. Gender identity. How we identify ourselves makes a huge social difference in the way we interact with one another. For example, lesbian bars are social meeting places for lesbians. Some joints only attract men or women.
  3. The government and social life. The government follows our posts on social media, therefore hindering what we can and cannot post. The government does this to control political comments that may stir hatred in the country.
  4. War. Various wars have created a rift in different social settings; for example, people from Arabian countries are strictly on what they can post on social media.
  5. Family and single parenthood. Single-parent families also cause social issues in different social settings. Family, primarily single parenthood, may affect growth in children, especially criticism from their peers, and may also affect the children’s mental and emotional health.
  6. Drugs and alcohol abuse. Drugs may have a significant effect on people’s health and emotional issues because of addiction and changes they may have on an individual’s behavior in society.
  7. Social media and bullying. Bullying can cause suicidal thoughts and changes in a person’s behavior.
  8. Materialism. Fashion and lifestyle trends can have an impact on how both teenagers and adults communicate with each other in society.
  9. Obesity and social life. Body shaming is also an issue that affects how people interact in a social setting.
  10. Education. Educational disparity, which also impacts one’s financial status, may also be a cause for social differences in society.
  11. Social life and the economy. Social life and finances can also be a line between people in some social setups.
  12. Poverty and social life. Economic and financial status may also cause a difference among people.
  13. National pride and identity. These two also determine how people communicate with one another.
  14. The internet versus social life. The internet also differentiates how people interact with one another.
  15. The power of advertisements. Different types of products also define different types of people.
  16. Suicide and social media. Social media has been one of the major causes of suicidal thoughts.
  17. Procrastination. Students, for example, may put off assignments for other fun activities. While procrastination may improve one’s social life, it may ruin their academic performance.
  18. Racism. Racism is one of the types of categorization in the contemporary world that ultimately affects how people interact socially.
  19. Gender discrimination and anti-harassment movements that are popular, especially at places of work, social media, or other social settings, also affect people’s social lives.
  20. The issue of pornography is also some social issues that may affect how people interact with each other.
  21. Isolation of people living with HIV/AIDS. Symptoms like HIV/AIDS and other diseases also determine whether people are accepting or disapproving others in their social circles.

List of Current Social Issues

Current social issues refer to the numerous modern-day problems that have hit conventional media as well as social media headlines. They include the following:

  1. The question of abortion
  2. Gay marriage
  3. Marital rape
  4. Government mandates
  5. The frequent power advertisement
  6. Obesity and social life
  7. Poverty and social life
  8. Materialism
  9. Social media propagating bad vices, especially among the youths
  10. Cyberbullying
  11. Social stratification
  12. Sex work also referred to as paid rape
  13. Beauty standards

Social Issues in America

Considering the great diversity in America, there are issues with the following:

  1. An expensive educational system that does not meet the needs of society
  2. Inequality in terms of wealth and income
  3. Equality of standing, concerning race, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion
  4. Accessible and affordable healthcare
  5. Unfair law enforcement and a lousy prison system
  6. The fight over the need for guns
  7. Unemployment
  8. Poverty
  9. Illegal migration
  10. Discrimination and racism
  11. Environment and climate change

Causes of Social Issues

These are the general factors that affect society. They transform an individual’s real lives. The principal objectives of social problems are poverty, rapid population growth, unemployment, urbanization, lack of education, gender discrimination, as well as superstitious beliefs.

In most cases, people practice and promote social injustices because they are ignorant of the adversities. Nonetheless, several organizations are working on trying and eliminating these social problems. Below are some of the causes of social issues:

  1. Rapid population growth – this is the increase in the number of individuals. Human migration and demographic factors cause rapid population growth as well as increasing the birth rate. Often, population growth comes with an increase in unemployment and poverty.
  2. Urbanization – refers to the population shift from rural to urban areas. People believe that living in a city can provide opportunities, diversities, and market place completion. Yet, with urbanization comes enormous social, economic, and environmental changes. It comes with an increased cost of living, stress, and negative social aspects that result from a mass.
  3. Lack of education – people with poor education, are at risk from a lifetime of extensive manual work and mental healthcare, poor diet, living conditions, and social situations. Due to lack of education, people do not take care of themselves because they are less educated about topics such as family planning and good hygiene.
  4. Unemployment – this occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. The reason why unemployment is one of the causes of social problems is that it leads to frustration — leading the victims into burglary, looting, murder, theft, robbery, etc.
  5. Poverty – this is the lack of a certain amount of material possessions or money. With poverty comes the lack of food, health services, basic human needs, and others.
  6. Superstitious beliefs – certain superstitious beliefs are deeply rooted in some societies which promote social problems. The beliefs in various traditions may also impact an individual’s progress. Superstitious beliefs happen because people are innocent; they are not conscious of the consequences of their beliefs and practices. Such people are very gullible. Hence, they are easily convinced and cheated.
  7. Gender discrimination profoundly influences our societies. The males finalize most decisions. In most cases, perception may not be visible on the surface.

Social issues transform almost every aspect of society. Therefore, while writing an essay on social problems, you need to pick a topic that is most appealing to you. Selecting a topic is vital and goes a long way in determining your grade. So, before choosing any topic, make sure you pick a topic you find interesting and one that you can research and write on with ease. Here are examples of essay topics on social issues:

  1. Define racism and describe the impact it can have on society.
  2. Write a persuasive essay explaining how social media has impaired face-to-face conversations.
  3. Write an essay and demonstrate the challenges single parents face.
  4. Define gender and explain how it impacts the lives of people around you.
  5. Explain five stereotypes used towards the LGBT people.
  6. Explain how teen pregnancy and how it affects young girls.
  7. Does domestic violence affect children?
  8. Discuss the causes of bullying in school.
  9. Why is prostitution not legal in many countries
  10. Explain how cybercrime affects people’s lives

There are more examples of social issues essay topics on different categories, which include the following:

Social Justice Essay Topics:

  1. Is ageism similar to racism?
  2. What are the consequences of deprivation of health?
  3. Do convicts still get punished even after serving time?
  4. How fair are labor laws?
  5. What is society’s perception of domestic violence towards men?
  6. Is discrimination towards pregnant women on the rise?

Pornography Essay Topics:

  1. Dealing with pornography addiction
  2. Children and pornography.
  3. Shaming of pornstars in society.
  4. Is suicide common in the porn industry?
  5. How a society treats pornstars who cross over to other industries
  6. Does pornography addiction affect family life?

Migration and Immigration Topics:

  1. Refugees in the world
  2. What are the consequences of building a wall between Mexico and America?
  3. Living undocumented: the deportation of illegal immigrants
  4. What is the history of Australian immigration?

Peace and War Topics:

  1. Impact of war on terrorism in society
  2. Is society keen on peace education?
  3. What role do women play in war?
  4. War crimes across the world.
  5. What role does the media play in wartime?

Discrimination and Prejudice Topics:

  1. Stereotypes in the US.
  2. Racial profiling: How does it affect society?
  3. Discrimination in sports
  4. Hate speech in the job market
  5. White privilege in society
  6. Perception of same-sex couples

Cultural Property Topics:

  1. Cultural heritage theft
  2. Protection of cultural heritage
  3. Food culture and the differences it stirs in society

Illiteracy Topics:

  1. Illiteracy in the digital age
  2. Problems caused by illiteracy
  3. How does emotional illiteracy affect families?
  4. Examples of illiteracy and how they affect American society

Violence Topics:

  1. The effect of political unrest on domestic violence.
  2. Rape culture in society
  3. How gangs and violence affect Miami

Consumption and Development Topics:

  1. Overconsumption in the US
  2. The consumption culture in America
  3. Consumption in different industries.

In conclusion, writing essays on social issues is not a big challenge, as some students believe. The secret in writing, such as essay, is to understand or have an idea about a specific social issue you wish to handle. But in case you’re not ready to write such an essay on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help of the best writing service out there.

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