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100 Best Anthropology Topics to Write About

April 1, 2021

anthropology topics
Writing about anthropology topics entails researching human beings, their ancestors, and how they relate to phenomena. Examples of phenomena may include the environment, physical character, culture, and social relations. In modern society, anthropology is largely considered a science. And there is a lot of information on different topics in anthropology.

However, anthropology is a complex subject. And writing about any topic in this subject requires knowledge of different societies, traditions, and cultures. What’s more, social anthropology topics combine studies like sociology and history.

As such, researching and writing about some topics related to anthropology can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, this subject largely covers almost all human life’s aspect. Here is a list of some of the best anthropology topics from our customer writing service.

The Top 10 Anthropology Topics

Maybe you are looking for anthropology research topics that most people will be interested to read about. In that case, consider these anthropology paper topics.

  1. The merits and demerits of eugenics during the 21st century
  2. Exploring how the environment influences the human skin color
  3. Explain the aging process in the Western culture
  4. How Kyphosis relate to human senescence
  5. The long-term effects of physical labor on the physical appearance of a person
  6. How smoking affects the human physical appearance
  7. Clarifying what causes drowning through the examination of anatomical and physical evidence
  8. Investigating modern facts that support the existence of homo habilis
  9. Theories about the origin of humans
  10. The underlying beliefs behind the preservation of the dead in ancient Egypt

Most people will be interested in reading about such anthropology research paper topics. However, you should be ready to research any of these ideas extensively to come up with a brilliant paper.

Controversial Topics in Anthropology

Do you enjoy the idea of researching and writing about controversial issues? If yes, you will find these anthropology essay topics quite fascinating to research and write about.

  1. Social anthropology is nothing because it generalizes science
  2. Society is a theoretically obsolete concept
  3. Human worlds are cultural constructions
  4. Language is the culture’s essence
  5. Humans should see the past as a foreign country
  6. Patrol behavior in Chimpanzee
  7. The myth of man as a killer
  8. Human morality evaluation
  9. Biology as the human behavior’s bases
  10. Anthropology and ethnic cleansing

This category comprises controversial issues that make interesting anthropology topics. Nevertheless, take your time to explore any of these topics to come up with a great essay or paper.

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Maybe you love reading and writing about different medical anthropology topics. This anthropology subfield draws upon cultural, social, linguistic, and biological anthropology. It aims to understand factors that influence the wellbeing and health, distribution and experience of illness, as well as, treatment, prevention, and the healing processes. Here is a medical anthropology research topics list worthy of your exploration.

  1. The health ramifications of adapting to ecology and maladaptation
  2. Local interpretations of different bodily processes
  3. Domestic health care and health culture practices
  4. Body projects’ changes and the valued attributes
  5. Critical and clinical engagement in anthropology applications
  6. The political ecology of vector-borne and infectious diseases
  7. Chronic diseases, violence, and malnutrition- how they relate
  8. The political healthcare provision- the economic aspect
  9. The perceptions of vulnerability, risk, and responsibility for healthcare and illness
  10. Protective and risk dimensions of cultural norms, human behavior, and social institutions
  11. Harm reduction and preventative health practices
  12. Illness experience and social relations of a disease
  13. Factors that drive nutrition, health, and healthcare transitions
  14. Clinical interactions in a social organization
  15. Pluralistic and ethnomedicine modalities in a healing process
  16. The historical and cultural conditions that shape medical policies and practices
  17. The interpretation of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  18. Medical practices within the colonial, post-colonial, and modernity social formations
  19. The commodification and commercialization of medicine and health
  20. Health disparity and disease distribution

This category also has some of the most current topics in anthropology. These are ideas that touch on issues that affect the current healthcare and medical systems in most countries. However, you should be ready to research any of these topics extensively.

Physical Anthropology Topics

Physical anthropology research topics entail studying and writing about the human body. If this is something you find interesting, here are good topics for physical anthropology research paper to consider. Feel free to check more physics topics.

  1. Genotype-environment correlation study
  2. Genetic hitchhiking- What it means
  3. Do people learn altruism or is it a trait?
  4. The cephalization process
  5. The contribution of Henry Walter Bates to the Anthropology field
  6. Adaptive mutation- What is it?
  7. The effects of adaptive mutation
  8. Human development and abiogenesis- what are they about?
  9. Discuss the placental mammals and Australian marsupials’ convergent evolution
  10. Explain animal stability variation after being in captivity compared to those in the wild
  11. Variations in the evolution of different species in various parts of the globe
  12. Physical anthropology essentials
  13. Physical anthropology trends

These are interesting topics to explore if you love physical anthropology. Nevertheless, take your time to research your topic to come up with a brilliant paper.

Biology Anthropology Topics

Biology anthropology research topics revolve around the origin, diversity, and evolution of humankind. Until the late 20th century, this field was also called physical anthropology. If interested in researching and writing about the origin, diversity, and evolution of humankind, here are interesting topics in biological anthropology to consider.

  1. Explain how biological anthropology differs from the other science fields
  2. How does biological anthropology attempt to interpret and explain human evolution?
  3. Explain the use of biological anthropology by primatologists in improving the understanding of evolutionary developments in primates
  4. Explore the use of fossil records in paleoanthropology
  5. How biological anthropology attempts to explain human behaviors and social structures’ development
  6. Explain how studying modern humans enables scientists to draw conclusions and insights from the biological anthropology viewpoint
  7. Identify the primary geographical areas where biological anthropologists explore
  8. How geographical locations help in explaining the human evolution

Pick any of these topics and then research them extensively before you write your paper.

Cultural Anthropology Topics

Cultural ethnography entails the study of behavior and patterns in humans, as well as why and how they differ in modern societies. Some cultural anthropology research topics may also include ethnohistory, ethnography, and cross-cultural studies. Here is a list of possible topics to consider for your paper.

  1. The underlying religious beliefs that influence forced nuptials among children in Northern Nigeria
  2. The challenging roles played by women in modern Africa
  3. Investigating how religious beliefs influence the African cultures
  4. How superstitions affect the African way of life
  5. The evolution of sexual discrimination in modern times
  6. The influence of cultural and social backgrounds on gay marriage
  7. Explain the existence of racism in modern times
  8. Assess the causes of homelessness among the Indian people
  9. How can India deal with homelessness?
  10. How homosexuality influences the cultural and social landscape
  11. Influence of homosexuality on societal attitudes in Africa
  12. How culture influences human society
  13. The link between cultural anthropology and political science
  14. Cultural imperialism and contemporary media
  15. Describe culture shock and how to overcome it
  16. How to minimize cultural baggage
  17. The key points of any culture
  18. How religious practices and beliefs affect culture
  19. How language acquisition influences culture

These are interesting cultural anthropology research paper topics you can explore. Nevertheless, take your time to research any of these ideas before you write about them.

Linguistic Anthropology Research Topics

Linguistic anthropology entails the study of the link between culture and language. This includes how a language relates to social action, thought, power, and identity. Here are interesting topics to explore if interested in linguistic anthropology.

  1. Discoveries and events that led to the emergency of linguistic anthropology
  2. Important changes in theories behind linguistic anthropology
  3. Dell Hymes’ contribution to linguistic anthropology
  4. How some methodological changes affected linguistic anthropology from the 1980s
  5. The language with the most social life’s influence among the Bengali immigrants
  6. Language rediscovery and culture renaissance
  7. What is language endangerment?
  8. Language is an abstract concept
  9. Exploring Latin America’s indigenous languages
  10. A detailed analysis of language classification

Explore these topics if you love learning and writing about language and its development over time.

Forensic Anthropology Research Topics

Forensic anthropology entails studying human remains with a focus on skeletal analysis. This field is commonly used to solve criminal cases. Here are topics to consider in this category.

  1. Discuss the primary agents that cause biological changes in the human body
  2. A critical assessment of radioactive carbon dating accuracy
  3. Recent improvements in crime detection
  4. Evidential support for evolutionist and creationist views about human origin
  5. Recent evidence that supports Homo habilis’ existence in the past
  6. How accurate is DNA evidence in matching and testing on criminology?
  7. The effect of radioactivity on different forms of life because of the 1986’s atomic catastrophe Chernobyl
  8. A review of the latest archaeological dating methods
  9. Exploring migratory paths and environmental influences on Neanderthals appearance and survival
  10. How effective were the methods used in Egyptian mummification?

Any of the topics listed here can be a good idea for an essay or research paper. Nevertheless, understand your assignment requirements first, and then take your time to research your chosen topic extensively before writing.

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