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120 Incredible Communication Research Topics To Make Your Life Easier

February 14, 2020

Possible questions for communication research are drawn from what we do, see, or hear every day. Some are related to the courses we do, and so this is going to be a smooth ride above flat boulders underneath.

With the advent of new technologies, the communication arena has made significant strides. Social media has taken over with the broadcast media resorting to this platform. People can communicate thousands of miles away from each other. Indeed, the world has become a global village.

communication research topics

Let’s now delve into why you are here.

Social Media Research Topics

Research topics on social media are because of its vast nature. Here are some social media research topic ideas for your inspiration:

  1. How safe are you on social media
  2. Is social media taking over the broadcast media
  3. Crime and social media: A case study
  4. The effectiveness of social media marketing
  5. Why are people less productive nowadays? An impact of social media?
  6. What measures can curb false information on social media
  7. Have Facebook and WhatsApp taken over family time
  8. Impact of social media on academic progress
  9. How social media has led to a kidnapping
  10. The growth of fake profiles
  11. The effectiveness of social media on campaigns
  12. Human values lost as a result of social media
  13. Has depression has resulted from social media
  14. The speed of news on social media
  15. Who is responsible for ethics on social media?
  16. A study of policies related to social media
  17. How social media has contributed to plagiarism and piracy
  18. Spamming on social media: Is it possible to curb it?
  19. How social media has connected and disconnected people at the same time
  20. What is the future of social media?

Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

Interpersonal research topics deal with communication between two or more people. The issues here include:

  1. What is the barrier to language and verbal communication?
  2. How effective is nonverbal communication
  3. Factors affecting interpersonal communication: gender
  4. A study of perception in interpersonal communication
  5. What is the importance of listening in conversation?
  6. Emotion and its impact on communication
  7. Interpersonal communication: A study of self-discourse
  8. Relational development in communication
  9. How is the connection between family and intimate relationships?
  10. Interpersonal communication deceptions
  11. Conflicts arising from interpersonal communication
  12. Competence of interpersonal communication
  13. Growth of social and personal relationships
  14. Culture and communication
  15. Dealing with blindness as a barrier to interpersonal communication

Mass Communication Research Topics

Research topics related to mass communication include the following:

  1. An analysis of the role of mass media in rebranding
  2. Challenges facing freedom of the press in various countries
  3. Mass media and democracy
  4. What are the constitutional provisions for mass media?
  5. The attitude of viewers and listeners towards mass media
  6. Growth of private media ownership
  7. Are the airwaves truly liberated?
  8. Impact of digital media
  9. Mass communication and media
  10. Effects of the internet on media ethics and standards
  11. What are the dangers facing journalists?
  12. Is print media still competitive?
  13. Mass media with the law of defamation
  14. State broadcasting versus private broadcasting
  15. How effective are phone-in Programmes?

Business Communication Research Topics

These are business-related communication topics dealing with customers, investors, and corporates. It also includes corporate communication research topics. They are:

  1. Vital issues in organizational communication
  2. Dealing with organizational uncertainty
  3. Management of communication crisis in organizations
  4. Corporate communication and public relations
  5. Practices for effective business communication
  6. Business to Business communication
  7. A guide to writing effective organizational communique
  8. E-mail writing and management in the workplace
  9. Creating a balance between upward and downward communication
  10. How to effectively handle external communication
  11. Intercultural communication in a competitive global business environment
  12. Effective horizontal communication in a workplace
  13. What is the effect of grapevine communication on a company’s success?
  14. A study of proper communication channels
  15. How to craft a topnotch business letter
  16. Corporate social responsibility communication
  17. Change management and culture of organizations
  18. Communication in organizations
  19. The relationship between social media and organizations
  20. How can organizations benefit immensely from the press?
  21. How to handle crisis communicational
  22. The media and economic crisis
  23. How sharing of messages has affected the business market
  24. Is stereotyping a stumbling block to economic progress?
  25. Implications of the political class on the country economy
  26. Responsible and ethical investor relations
  27. Organizational identification in the corporate world
  28. Reputation and why it is vital for the success or failure of a company
  29. How can corporate businesses incorporate the use of creative designs?
  30. Symbols and critical features of effective business communication
  31. How are communication skills essential in marketing?
  32. How can brand awareness be made possible through communication?
  33. Practical communication skills for the growth of profit
  34. Development of marketing value using excellent communication skills
  35. How the cognitive-communication theory is vital in marketing

Development Communication Research Topics

  1. Achieving millennium development goals using mass media
  2. Useful media tools in curbing the spread of coronavirus
  3. How social media malaria campaigns have helped reduce the spread
  4. Audio drama as a tool in reducing HIV/AIDS among the youths
  5. Using the press as a tool in fake drugs sensitization
  6. Role of mass media in preventing early pregnancies
  7. Family planning radio Programmes and their effectiveness
  8. Print media as an awareness tool in the community
  9. Role of radio in curbing violence in the marginal areas
  10. How broadcasting media is effective in promoting the use of contraceptives
  11. Role of social media in preventing Ebola virus spread
  12. Impact of cartoon Programmes on aggressiveness behavior
  13. The media as a tool for enhancing profitability
  14. Mass media and the reduction of maternal deaths
  15. How compelling is drama as an awareness tool?

General Communication Research Topics

  1. What is the history of communication
  2. Theories of communication
  3. Social networks in the modern world
  4. Role of bloggers in social media
  5. Media censorship
  6. Impact of the freedom of speech on media
  7. The growth of video blogs
  8. How accurate is news from the media?
  9. Media as a watchdog
  10. Media and terrorism
  11. How the media has evolved
  12. New communication technologies
  13. What is journalism ethics?
  14. Media and politics
  15. Virtual reality in the media
  16. How media differs in style and types
  17. The growth of international journalism
  18. Why is radio still popular?
  19. Decrypting media messages
  20. How are media laws effective in ensuring credible reporting?

Communication Research Topics Just For You

Communication is an exciting and fascinating field to venture into for students. The beauty is that media is evolving every day. Therefore, there is a wide range of topics to choose from quickly.

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