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50 Human Rights Topics: Research Ideas For Academic Writing

November 29, 2019

Human Rights Topics

There are numerous human rights topics to write about by category and the list of human rights topics can be extended based on location, country, and municipality. However, there is a list of basic human rights topics such as the right to; life, fair trial, marriage, and family, etc. These basic human rights essay ideas are sometimes referred to as freedom such as freedom of; speech, movement, religion, and the list goes on. But, as basic as these freedoms or human rights are, they seem to be violated in many places.

Human rights are the entitlements that a person has by being human. They can be said to be the moral principles that depict the fundamentals of human behaviors. Many of which are protected by law and are practically applicable anywhere. However, research reveals that, though these basic human rights are protected under the law of many countries, some are still violated. This violation forms the basis of many human rights debate topics, and considering that many of the topics on human rights are not legally covered, it became the foundation for many human rights projects.

We will suggest some human rights essay topics or modern-day human rights research paper topics. When you are done reading, you will have an idea of various human rights paper topics as well as some human rights violation essay topics. Without much ado, let’s get into the business.

How To Write A Great Human Rights Research Paper

In many countries, some human rights activists work to ensure that human rights are not in any way violated by the people in power. Activists take up various debatable research topics in human rights and push for its proper implementation. The same can be said of students, scholars, and human right professionals that embark on research topics in human rights and human rights violations essay. Therefore, writing human rights essays can go a long way to help the government and the people of your local and international community at large. However, human rights paper topics must be well written if it’s going to be of help in any way.

The first step to an excellent presentation of human rights research topics is to examine the human rights topics from a proper perspective. There are two main perspectives from which human rights topics can be presented which are contemporary and modern. The contemporary perspective refers to examining a contemporary issue where accord has been reached and exploiting extended essay topics human rights within its scope. For example, examining the issue of slavery has a general negative connotation. History essay writing tips may come in handy here.

You can also look into other topics related to human rights on slavery. However, taking a traditional view on issues like gay marriage will be a controversial way of approaching the issue. It is, therefore, best to approach such human rights paper from a modern perspective.

When you have determined the perspective from which to approach the human rights paper, the next step is to determine the tone of the human rights topics for the research paper. This step has a lot to do with the topic you pick from the human rights topics list. We have stated below some topics based on category. The category you choose from will determine the tone of the human rights paper.

Human Rights Topics For Essays By Category

Argumentative Human Rights Topics For Research Paper;

  1. Does male circumcision violate human rights?
  2. Should female circumcision be permitted?
  3. Should human rights be tradition specific?
  4. Should human rights be gender-based?
  5. Should human rights law be suspended during wartime in the interest of the citizen?
  6. Can a similar human right standard be established internationally?
  7. Is there a possibility of free education for all?
  8. The guarantee of privacy by social media networking services, a possibility?
  9. Does the restriction on immigration by the USA violate human rights?
  10. Is democracy the best political system to protect basic human rights?

Analytical Human Right Essay Topics;

  1. Why and which human rights are most frequently violated at workplace
  2. Analysis of the connection between ecological problems and human rights
  3. Violation of human rights; A case study of the porn industry
  4. How can the state be put to check for the violation of human rights?
  5. The violation of human rights: A case study of Taiwan
  6. Are human rights violated in (a country of your choice)?
  7. Analysis of the effectiveness of the European Commission of Human Rights
  8. Analysis of the structure of the European Commission of Human Rights
  9. The purpose and basic principle of the European Commission of Human Rights
  10. How the violation of Human rights by the Police can be stopped

Compare and Contrast Human Rights;

  1. A comparison of human rights and the rights of pets
  2. Comparison of civil and human rights movements
  3. Compare and contrast the freedom model and the human rights model
  4. Difference between serfdom and slavery and how they violate human rights
  5. Comparing the Islamic view of human rights
  6. Comparing implementation of “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” across continents
  7. Segregation and apartheid: Definitions and what they have in common
  8. A Comparative Analysis of Women rights in the halves of the 20th century in the USA
  9. The role of gender in leadership positions.
  10. Islam and female oppression

Cause and Effect Human Rights Topics For Essays;

  1. The influence of cultural relativism on issues of human rights
  2. How business contracts that violate human rights affect a company’s reputation
  3. How does a company avoid doing business with countries where human rights are widely violated
  4. How international human right law affects USA policy (or a country of your choice)
  5. Since when has freedom of creative expression become one of the human rights?
  6. Responsibility to protect: Definition and its relationship to the problems of human right
  7. The sweatshops in Asian countries: How can the international community react to this?
  8. The negative effect of war against terrorism as it relates to human rights
  9. What are the human rights violated in China (a country of your choice) and how it affects the image of the country
  10. What is the origin of human rights?

General Human Right Topics for Essays

  1. There should be female staff quota for organizations
  2. The problem of employment for the native population is created by immigrants
  3. Flaws in morals of a child raised in (any country of your choice)
  4. There is no religious significance to gay marriage
  5. Same-sex marriage is more social than religious significance
  6. What are the achievements of gay pride?
  7. Social discrimination of HIV/AIDS patients
  8. How to effectively fight away racism
  9. Dealing with bullies in school
  10. The effect of body size in professional capability

In summary, you will be amazed to find the number of people who do not know their rights. Therefore, your writing will go a long way to enlighten a generation of people. We hope you find something tangible to write on from one of our human rights topics as suggested above. In case you need personal assistance, we advise you to contact our term paper writers.

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