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40 Amazing Expository Essay Topics (Plus Tips)

October 23, 2018

Over the course of your school years, you will have to write several expository essays. When you first head about this term, you will probably get scared. Expository essay sounds complicated. Well, it is rather complicated, but it is not as difficult as writing a research paper. Like with most other academic papers, the expository essay topics you choose really do make a difference. They make a difference between a top grade and a mediocre grade. And you are definitely not a mediocre student, are you? This means that you need to find exceptional expository essay topics for each one of these papers. It may sound complicated, but it is not. In fact, we will give you a list of 40 of the most interesting topics for expository papers further down the page. However, let’s explain first what an expository essay is and how you can write one without any problems.


What Is the Expository Essay?

The expository essay, even though it sounds complicated to write, is actually a pretty basic task. This kind of paper simply explains everything about a topic in a logical manner. Yes, it may be difficult to find great expository essay topics for college students, but writing the actual paper is not at all difficult. When writing this kind of academic papers, you will define and explain the topic. Of course, it is not enough to simply state what the topic is and then provide a definition. You need to research the topic, find out everything about it, and then present all the information in an easy to read way, in proper academic style. Your readers should know everything about the topic after reading your paper. So don’t underestimate the complexity of this writing assignment. Even finding expository essay topics for high school can be tricky.

Finding Good Expository Essay Topics

Now that you know what the expository essay is and what it is supposed to show your readers, it’s time to figure out a way to get to some very good topics. The reality is that you should avoid writing about trivial topics at all costs. All your classmates are talking about love, friendship, parenting, and school activities. You want something much more original and interesting than this. In fact, finding expository essay topics for university students can take days of research. Writing the paper is not very difficult, fortunately, so you can dedicate some time and effort to finding an exceptional topic. Now that we’ve mentioned it, let’s take a look at some expository essay writing tips that should help you write this academic assignment a lot faster (and better, of course).

Some Excellent Expository Essay Writing Tips

There are not many things to say about the expository essay. You have to explain a topic, define a concept, and provide all the relevant information about that topic or concept. However, there are a few expository essay writing tips that you will find most useful when writing the paper:

  • Focus on the topic at all times and do not stray away from it.
  • The best topics are those that explore a concept that is relatively difficult to grasp.
  • Look online and participate in chat room discussions and forums to gather new expository essay topics for college ideas.
  • Always conduct in-depth research of the topic so that you identify all the relevant information.
  • Gather all the little-known facts and use them in your paper.
  • Use all the main ideas you gather while conducting the research to create an outline of the paper.
  • Always be on the lookout for fresh expository essay topics online (40 of them are provided below).
  • Always present both sides of the story when talking about a topic. Never sound biased.
  • Do not attempt to convince your readers of anything. This is not a persuasive essay!

40 Of The Most Interesting Ideas for Expository Essay

Simple Topics

  1. Why do teenagers feel the need to have a smartphone?
  2. Explaining what parental love is and how it manifests
  3. Alzheimer’s disease: Why it is a debilitating disease
  4. The direct benefits of studying chemistry (and how to apply them in everyday life)
  5. We can save the planet – here are the simple steps
  6. Why do many students feel the need to smoke weed?
  7. Knowing foreign languages is very important – but why?
  8. You can be any person you want to be. Who would you be?
  9. Analyzing why dancing relieves stress in both children and adults
  10. Explaining why the hamster is the perfect pet

Moderate Topics

  1. Analyzing the imagery in the movie The Truman Show by Peter Weir
  2. Explaining why vegetarian diets are harmful to the human body
  3. Here is what the world will look like in 100 years
  4. Examining why divorces happen in the US (top causes explained)
  5. How to deal with financial problems the right way.
  6. Does constant procrastination have an underlying cause?
  7. Students can learn a lot of useful skills from video games
  8. This is the next great invention of our times
  9. What does make people happy and why?
  10. Why we cannot feel love towards specific people

Difficult Topics

  1. How can we overcome racism and discrimination in modern-day America?
  2. You can change your life in three months. Here is how!
  3. Methods used by law enforcement to catch a liar
  4. If you could change the world, what would you change first?
  5. Artificial intelligence will surpass our own knowledge in mere years.
  6. Inventing a new religion and gathering followers
  7. Methods of dealing with the serious overpopulation of our planet
  8. Homework: Why students should not receive any in school.
  9. Why do people love certain animals and hate others?
  10. Why are smaller children afraid of clowns? Whose fault is it?

University Topics

  1. Analyzing the negative impacts of fake news on our society.
  2. What does my culture symbolize for me?
  3. Why am I a devout Catholic? Why am I not a Protestant?
  4. Why your emotional state has a serious impact on your memory.
  5. How does the Red Cross help those in need in war-stricken countries?
  6. Eating healthy and staying fit on a university student’s budget.
  7. Does technology affect relationships? In what way?
  8. Do aliens really exist? Analyzing credible facts and scenarios.
  9. The positive effects of the Internet on inter-human communication.
  10. What is impulse buying? How it affects consumers and retailers alike.

Where Can Students Get Lists of Expository Essay Topics From?

In case you need more ideas, you can get them online. Even the best students often forget that there are a lot of various sources of information on the Internet. No, we are not referring to those websites that copy topics from other places and then feed them to students. We are talking about companies that are in the academic writing field. These companies have expert writers who are exceptionally good at finding unique topics to write about. And because many of these professionals are degree-holders, they know everything there is to know about a wide variety of subjects and topics. Other places where you can get great expository essay topics from include the library and even your teacher. Why not ask your teacher politely for a topic that he or she would want to learn more about? They won’t mind, and you will get a few ideas for expository essay on the spot.

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