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100 Exciting Proposal Essay Ideas To Explore

August 26, 2020

proposal essay ideas
If you are writing a proposal essay, there are a few key areas that you can focus on to help you outsmart your peers and impressive your lecturer.

Consider using some of these expert-recommended ideas when you write your paper next:

Proposal Essay Topic Ideas in Education

  1. How can learners benefit best from educational radio programs?
  2. Why is it essential to have a mixed-gender and race in one class?
  3. What can teachers do to help students who are slow learners?
  4. How can top students merge with low performers to attain higher grades?
  5. What are some of the areas of the current grading rubric that need attention?
  6. How should teachers evaluate the performance of students?
  7. How can more students pursue science courses?
  8. How to motivate girls to take up engineering courses
  9. Ways of effectively teaching sex education in high school
  10. How can visual aids help in learning?

Good Proposal Essay Ideas in Health

  1. How can we stop community infections?
  2. In what ways can HIV/AIDS patients stay stronger?
  3. How to motivate a healthy lifestyle among the aged generation
  4. Methods of reducing alcohol addiction among teenagers
  5. How to sensitize the community on malaria
  6. How to test vaccines on humans without harming them
  7. Why people should stop buying drugs over the counter
  8. How can the government regulate private clinics?
  9. Ways of recognizing a counterfeit medical practitioner
  10. What can we do to flatten the curve?

Ideas for a Proposal Essay on Student Life

  1. How to have a more inclusive education curriculum
  2. How to stop early relationships among high school students
  3. Ways of preventing pregnancies among college students
  4. How to give counsel to students involved in crime
  5. Ways in which teachers can help prevent bullying in schools
  6. How to stop students from carrying their phones to school
  7. What is the best way to prevent criminal groups in schools?
  8. What is the most effective way of curbing drug peddling on campus?
  9. What is the best punishment for errant student behavior?
  10. Ways to stop students from cheating in exams

Environmental Proposal Argument Topics

  1. What is the best way to reduce global warming?
  2. What can families do to help conserve forests?
  3. How to curb poaching of elephants and rhinos in game reserves
  4. What can we do to save the rare species from extinction?
  5. How can society adapt to better eco-friendly practices?
  6. How can the government reduce human-animal conflicts?
  7. What can schools do to bring up citizens who love their environment?
  8. Why should countries encourage the use of bicycles to work?
  9. What strategies can we implement to preserve marine life?
  10. How can companies treat their waste better before emission to the atmosphere?

Proposal Paper Ideas on Technology

  1. Ways technology can fasten the discovery of vaccines
  2. How to reduce people’s dependence on technology and machines
  3. Is 5G a wrong idea, especially for cancer patients?
  4. Why should children stay away from the internet and social media?
  5. How to enhance your data privacy online
  6. Are electromagnetic waves a cause of some dangerous diseases?
  7. Why you should stop using credit cards in shopping malls
  8. How terrorists are using the technology to survey on potential targets
  9. In what ways can social media harm your reputation?
  10. How to identify a secure and credible website

Proposal Topics List on Sports

  1. Why should bodybuilders eat a lot of proteins?
  2. Is football thrilling without spectators in stadiums?
  3. How to be a better sportsman in your college
  4. Why colleges should pay athletes better
  5. Should sports personalities appear in brand adverts?
  6. Can we stop doping among athletes?
  7. Should the government recognize cockfighting as an official sport?
  8. Why football matches should not air every day
  9. Which is the best place to watch a football match?
  10. Should women take part in gymnastics?

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics on Culture

  1. Benefits that diverse cultures bring to society
  2. Why most people adopt Western culture very fast
  3. How can eroded cultures phase out from the community?
  4. Should cultures practicing and promoting FGM have a place in society?
  5. Should the government ban traditional funeral practices?
  6. Why most Africans are deep-rooted in their lifestyles unlike others
  7. How can parents pass on family values and virtues to future generations?
  8. Ways of promoting valuable cultural practices
  9. How to prevent minority cultures from extinction
  10. How can schools preserve cultural traditions?

Good Proposal Topics on Business

  1. Strategies to keep businesses afloat during the coronavirus pandemic
  2. In what ways can small entrepreneurs excel in stiff competition?
  3. Why business managers should at least have a Master’s degree
  4. Ways in which companies can market new products
  5. How to reduce losses during extreme market conditions
  6. What we can do to support innovations in business
  7. How to use the internet for higher sales and productivity
  8. Should supermarkets use loyalty cards for their frequent customers?
  9. How to start a business immediately after college
  10. Ways of enhancing boosting employee motivation

History Topics for Proposal Essay

  1. Ways in which Adolf Hitler shaped the world
  2. How did Mother Teresa impact charitable organizations?
  3. The development of fishing and hunting methods
  4. How did the 9/11 attack transform America’s security systems?
  5. Ways in which dictators exercised their authority
  6. How did the Holocaust impact the relationship between Jews and Germans?
  7. What motivated female leaders in the past?
  8. Why are memories of WWII still fresh in the minds of many?
  9. Is Marxism creeping into today’s leadership style?
  10. The Roman rule of the world and its implications

What Are Some Good Proposal Topics For Starters?

  1. How to attract more male nurses
  2. Ways of improving teacher-student relationships
  3. Should governments provide free masks to all?
  4. Solutions for correcting behavior in prisons
  5. Lessons from Jane Austen’s, Pride and Prejudice
  6. How to stop racism in the USA
  7. How to craft a top-notch proposal essay
  8. Where to get excellent essay ideas
  9. How to reduce your belly fat
  10. Ways of saving energy at home

As you peruse these excellent proposal essay ideas, you can note without a doubt that they are all related to various types of topics in the society. And that is the secret behind it all!

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