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100 Best Political Science Topics

November 5, 2020

Political Science Topics

There are endless political science topics for you to research and write on, but having so many choices is precisely what makes it so difficult for students to deal with. Students must consider several factors, including scope and size of the project, available resources, researchable topics in political science, and interesting political science research topics.

Students are encouraged to push themselves by exploring areas that have not been touched upon in great length. Yet, students must be conscience of the fact that they will likely run into many hurdles and may not be able to present a comprehensive study on whatever politics topics to write about they are considering.

This blog was created by a community of academic experts that have committed their collective knowledge to provide assistance to students directly or with articles like this one. This is a collection of 100 political science topics that covers a wide variety of areas suitable for several situations.

American Politics Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the origins or influences of American Politics?
  2. Which Supreme Court decision of the 20th century had the greatest impact?
  3. What are the major differences between nationalism and globalization?
  4. Should the processes for getting married be more difficult?
  5. Is corruption inevitable in American politics?
  6. What are the most effective methods of reducing political corruption?
  7. Should the provision of our political system reflect people’s morality?
  8. What are the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana across the U.S.?

Political Science Essay Topics for College

  1. What is the relationship between religion and politics?
  2. What is the relationship between power and morality?
  3. What are the pros and cons of totalitarian government?
  4. What are the differences between the Republican and Democratic Parties?
  5. What is your idea of an ideal political system for developing countries?
  6. Are the world’s G20 countries immoral towards developing nations?
  7. Should governments be obligated to fund the health sector?
  8. Should politics be influenced by celebrities?

Political Science Research Paper Topics

  1. How are democratic systems of election different around the world?
  2. How much does politics play into the environment in the United States?
  3. How have the U.S.’s international relationships changed in the last decade?
  4. Why do people think politicians become corrupt?
  5. Do you believe people in the U.S. have equal civil rights?
  6. Should foreign countries take action against child soldiers in Africa?
  7. How did the Constitutional Rights of Privacy develop in the United States?
  8. Political Science Thesis Topics for High School

    1. Who do you think was the most important political leader of 20th century?
    2. What are the pros and cons of a democratic system?
    3. How can terrorist acts be used as a political instrument?
    4. What is your opinion of capital punishment for violent criminals?
    5. What were the origins of Affirmative Action policies?
    6. Should the government be responsible for regulating internet privacy and safety?
    7. How did the Women’s Rights Movement of the early 20th century impact modern politics?

    Current Research Topics in Political Science

    1. What is the single political decision of the Trump Presidency that has had the biggest impact?
    2. How do times of war change domestic government policies?
    3. What role does philosophy have on politics in your country?
    4. What impact do truth commissions have on civil society?
    5. Are public protests and strikes an effective way of changing government policies?
    6. Do women in politics receive the same amount of pay as men?
    7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reporting on political scandals?

    Research Topics for Political Science

    1. Were politicians to blame for American Civil War?
    2. What is the relationship between the media and politics in your country?
    3. What influence do social movements have on changing public policy?
    4. What impact does the Supreme Court have on reproductive rights?
    5. How will the Patriot Act be viewed by future generations?
    6. How is the balance of power between a government’s branches shared?
    7. How good or bad is your country’s foreign policy?

    Comparative Politics Research Topics

    1. How does culture influence politics in different countries?
    2. How does gender discrimination differ in across European countries?
    3. How has democracy developed in different countries?
    4. What are the different reasons civil wars have started in different countries?
    5. How was the political system in your country formed?
    6. Do governments have the right to ban certain people from entering the country?
    7. How different have Islamic and Christian values had in influencing government?

    Topics in Politics for a Quick Project

    1. How does your state and local government work?
    2. How do conflicts in international law impact domestic policies?
    3. Is war always a decision made to improve political influence?
    4. Should politicians practice more or less mercy on their opponents?
    5. What impact does the Supreme Court have on sexual preference laws?
    6. Should religious institutions pay taxes to governments?
    7. What is more important in today’s world? Diplomacy or conflict?

    Political Science Term Paper Topics

    1. Is it important for the world’s largest economies to have nuclear weapons?
    2. Do you believe that your country is headed in the right direction?
    3. Should the government have the right to prohibit communication?
    4. How would you develop and establish a government in your own state?
    5. If you could start your own political party, what would it look like?
    6. What role does the media play in public policy?
    7. What do you think the political outlook is for your country?

    Politics Hot Topics for This Year

    1. Should the U.S. build its proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexican border?
    2. Do political revolutions cause more harm than good?
    3. In what ways has China’s control of information led to political unrest?
    4. Do you have faith in your country’s democratic system?
    5. How different are the foreign policies of the U.S. and the U.K.?
    6. How has the debt crisis in the U.S. negatively affected other countries?
    7. What impact has communist ideology had on South American social movements?

    Political Science Literature Review Topics

    1. How has the conflict in Syria influenced foreign policy in the United States?
    2. How have politics in the Africa led to so much conflict in the last 50 years?
    3. What impact did the Austrian Freedom Party have on European politics?
    4. What are the most influent political decisions that changed U.S. history?
    5. What are the similarities and differences in totalitarian regimes?
    6. How has Brexit positively or negatively impacted the U.K. economy?
    7. How can corruption be eliminated in politics?

    Good Political Science Research Topics

    1. What are the important characteristics of populism in today’s world?
    2. What are the principles at work in governments that are divided?
    3. How do stereotypes impact the way laws are formed?
    4. What are the differences between parliamentary and presidential republics?
    5. What are the differences in loyalty oaths and codes of honor?
    6. Do retired military veterans make good politicians?
    7. How has globalization affected politics in the 21st century?

    Political Science Senior Thesis Topics

    1. Does and endorsement by a decorated military vet help a political candidate?
    2. How important is it to get endorsements by unions during an election campaign?
    3. What do people mean by the psychology of politics?
    4. How important is the Trump v. Biden election for foreign policies around the world?
    5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of positivism?
    6. Should abortion be made legal at the federal level?
    7. What are the controversial political decisions that have led to today’s international policies?

    Political Science Topics for Research

    1. Should federal court judges be guided by the word of law or the interest of society?
    2. Should birth citizenship be abolished in the United States?
    3. How important are public relations to the survival of politicians?
    4. What does the future of politics look like for the next half-century?
    5. What are the differences between Federalism and Confederalism?
    6. How have social movements changed politics from the bottom up?
    7. Why are politicians considered immoral by so many people around the world?

    While this list of 100 political science paper topics is not comprehensive, it does cover a lot of interesting areas in the field that can make for an excellent research project. If you feel the need for topics in political science to fit a specific project need, let us know and our academic writers will work to create political science topics to do just that.

    We are available to answer your questions on political science or any other subject. Just give us a call, email us, or chat with us. We’re available 24/7 so you can rest assured that someone will be there to help you out.

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