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How To Write A Compelling Responsibility Essay The Right Way

February 6, 2020

I’m sure this is a word you’ve heard since your childhood, responsibility. Your parents, teachers, neighbors, and even the famous high school and college motivational speakers have talked to you about this.

What does responsibility mean to you? I remember my mother telling me, “Son if you are not responsible now, you might never get a wife. And remember, I want grandchildren!” So I have been trying to maintain a sense of responsibility so that I don’t miss out on a wife and deny my mum the golden opportunity of having grandchildren.

responsibility essay

That aside, let’s get down to why we are here, writing a responsibility essay.

What is a Responsibility Essay?

The word responsibility in itself is a one-sentence definition. It implies a state of having an obligation to deal with something.

A responsibility essay is, therefore, one that shows a person’s grasp of the outcome, which can be caused by his/her actions. In a broad sense, it means that there is a situation at hand, and how it is going to be handled by the person is critical to the final results.

No one is born with this sense of responsibility. It is a value that is cultivated over time by learning either directly or indirectly from others. A mother has a duty of taking care of the baby until a certain age, so does a president has responsibility for a nation.

Responsibility essay assignments for students hardly miss because this is a practical aspect of life.

Writing Ideas on a Responsibility Essay

Are you there stranded on where to begin your 1000 word essay on responsibility? Well, here are some great ideas that you can borrow from for starters:

  • Primary responsibilities: You can write about what you are tasked with daily, and you are getting along with those responsibilities.
  • Social responsibility: Talk about society’s rights and how they relate to their duty. Is there a conflict between the two?
  • Power and responsibility: Is it true that those in power are the ones mandated with greater responsibilities than the others in society?
  • Why is it hard to take it? Here you can delve into the issue of why people do not want to take responsibility for their actions. For instance, a man who impregnates a lady and refuses to own up, thus running away and leaving the lady to fend for herself and the child.

I would not be doing justice if I left this section without quoting the famous Peter Parker’s Principle, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” For those who may not be familiar with that, watch Spider-Man, the movie.

A personal responsibility essay is the cheapest to write. I mean, isn’t there a time you were tasked with watching over your siblings, being the captain of a class, or even tending your flock back in the ranch? All that was responsible, and, in your essay, show whether you were good or bad at it, or sooner if you enjoyed working at it.

You can also show in your essay on why responsibility is essential. If you were looking after your little sister and out of your irresponsibility, she slipped into the kitchen and caused a fire, doesn’t that tell you why you need to be responsible?

If your niche is on leadership, then you can write an essay on responsibility and accountability. Show why the leaders need to be transparent in their undertakings and why it is essential to the citizens at large.

For every successful writer, you need to have an outline. A responsibility paper outline will help you achieve the following:

  • Know if your thoughts are well interconnected
  • Point out potholes in your essay
  • Come up with a clear and precise sequence of ideas
  • To determine if the sufficiency of the evidence at hand.

Such will save you the agony of taking a lot of time to write your responsibility. The subsequent speech on responsibility will, therefore, be precise and complete, and perhaps compete for audience with Obama’s speeches.

And if that’s not enough, let us look at some topics you can use for your next essay about responsibility.

Top 10 Winning Topic Ideas for a Responsibility Essay

These topics will act as an icebreaker to stir you up for more great ideas that you can write about from today.

Are you ready for this? Here we go!

  1. With high power, comes great responsibility (I wouldn’t miss starting with this)
  2. What is the importance of being responsible?
  3. At what age can someone be considered responsible enough?
  4. Leadership and responsibility
  5. Personal responsibility in college
  6. Is responsibility an obligation to oneself?
  7. Personal responsibility and academic success
  8. Responsibility gun control
  9. Legal and ethical implications of irresponsibility
  10. Social responsibility and reduction of crime rate
  11. Responsible parenting
  12. Am I good at fulfilling my obligations?
  13. Rights versus responsibilities
  14. To be or not to be responsible
  15. Accountability starts with me!

Crafting Great Responsibility Essay

Well, I guess that is enough to get you started and improve your grades, especially in essay writing. Why don’t you choose one of the topics and craft an essay now?

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