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295 Personal Narrative Ideas: Diverse Topics For Your Essay

January 6, 2022

295 Personal Narrative Ideas

Personal narrative writing involves writing about a real-life experience. It’s like non-fiction. You’re writing a story about yourself because it happened to you. At some point, your stories are the perfect personal narrative writing ideas because they are yours.

This way, you get to connect with people. As a student in high school, college, middle school, or university, you can impress your teachers or professors with good personal narrative topics. By choosing the perfect topic, you can create a stellar essay to earn high grades.

Characteristics of a Good Personal Narrative Piece

As a kind of writing which relies on individual experience, your story must:

  • Have a Clear Purpose
  • This could be a narration of why the story is important to you. The purpose of the story must be clearly expressed without making direct statements about it.

  • Organized Facts and Events
  • The fact you are writing a story about your life doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be organized. You should write sequentially as much as possible to make it organized and lucid.

  • Sensory Description
  • You must also describe your feeling in a way the audience can connect with it. If you need to describe how the cold touch of rain sliced through your skin on a winter dawn, do it. Let your audience feel it as much as you felt it.

  • Involve Readers
  • Your readers must feel important while reading your story. To achieve this, your story must carry them along. If there’s something you need to explain, explain it to make everything clear to them.

  • Include Conflict
  • A story is incomplete without conflicts. This is why you must create enthralling conflicts for your characters. The higher the stake, the better the feelings when the protagonist scales through it.

All these, in addition to a thesis statement are all important features that must be seen in any personal narrative writing.

The Structure of a Personal Narrative Essay

After knowing what your personal essay must have as its features, you must also structure your essay properly. To do this, you should follow this organizational structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. This is where you grab your readers’ attention. You should set the scene where major characters of the story are also introduced. After this, discuss the role of the argument and introduce the characters. Your introduction must be captivating. Note that you’re writing a story, not a paper.

  3. The Body
  4. This is where everything about the story is shared. You must add all the details you know to your story. For instance, the hiking experience must be profoundly discussed, and so do the events that changed you. If you also want to talk about people, describe them. Doing this lets you show your readers, not tell them the story. When you need to change the course of the story, you can write in a new paragraph.

  5. Conclusion
  6. This is where you discuss the moral of the story. You get to talk about how it affects your life as an individual and the effects on people around you.

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Personal Narrative Writing Prompts

As students, one of the most important essays you may ever write is a personal narrative one. This is one of the ways to reveal yourself to strangers and friends. It’s a way to knows more about yourself and other people. You can consider these ideas for a personal narrative piece:

  1. Identify your most threatening challenges
  2. What would you say are your survival strategies?
  3. How do you cope when you fail?
  4. Would you say that you can’t succeed unless you fail?
  5. Discuss what you do to achieve your goals
  6. Do you think “leave your comfort zone” is a sham?
  7. What do you think about yourself when you’re scared?
  8. Would you say you don’t mind loneliness?
  9. What does crying mean to you?
  10. What are your fears?
  11. Do you harbor superstitions, what are they?
  12. Do you feel no one is seeing you as they should
  13. Write about your rules for life
  14. Write about your response to bullies
  15. Write about how you give yourself peace
  16. How do you relax within the limited time you have to yourself?
  17. What do you do for fun?
  18. How do you integrate feedback to improve?
  19. Would you say becoming an adult is difficult?
  20. What is the responsibility that scares you the most and why?
  21. When was your saddest day and why was it?
  22. How does stress not make anything easy for you?
  23. Do you act anyhow when you’re provoked?
  24. How do you perform under pressure?
  25. Can you discuss what makes you happy?
  26. Discuss what criticism means and how you take them in
  27. Discuss what your decision-making process is like
  28. Explain what motivates you the most
  29. Do you think you have self-control
  30. Are you presently easy or hard on yourself to reach your goals?
  31. Can you work under any circumstances?
  32. Do you think you’re a creative person?
  33. What are the conditions that helped you maximize your potentials
  34. Would you say you’re emotionally intelligent?
  35. Would you say you can perform the most when you collaborate
  36. Are you ready for the competitive workplace?
  37. Would you say you’re a great speaker?
  38. Would you say you’re a better listener?
  39. Do you think you’re an agreeable person?
  40. Discuss what you think about peer pressure.

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

For your personal essays, how do you discover great essay ideas? You can consider custom personal narrative prompts which are unique to specific events. Some of the topics which are target-oriented are:

  1. Discuss a time you took more risks than others
  2. What makes you a daredevil?
  3. What has made you brave?
  4. Would you say you’re impulsive?
  5. Discuss your strategies against boredom
  6. What are the pranks you’ve ever fallen for
  7. How do you apologize when you’re wrong?
  8. Do you think you’re a cynical person?
  9. Discuss three things that annoy you
  10. Would you say you’re materialistic?
  11. Do you consider yourself a minimalist?
  12. How do you say goodbye?
  13. Are you on the right or the left?
  14. What do you think people think about you?
  15. Why do you think what others think should matter?
  16. Write about your role model
  17. Would you say you’re weird?
  18. Would you say you’re a nonconformist?
  19. Do you believe in magic?
  20. Why should you be inspired by people?
  21. Do you think your role models are heroes?
  22. Would you think role models must be famous
  23. Outside your family, are you a different person?
  24. Within your family, do you want to be someone else?
  25. Which live show do you love the most?
  26. Discuss how someone has made a difference in your life
  27. What are the kinds of music you like?
  28. Discuss what you’d put in a thank you note
  29. Write what you’d do if you’re to invite your enemies to dinner
  30. Recall a time to speak to a large audience of people and write how it felt
  31. Do you think family is everything?
  32. Do you think you can’t be anything without family?
  33. Would you say you want to change your role in the family?
  34. What are the programs that keep you closer?
  35. If your life would be a movie, which of the autobiographies would it be?
  36. Choose a profession of your choice and discuss why
  37. What do you think about sacrifice?
  38. Discuss a family treasure
  39. Would you say you have hobbies someone has adopted
  40. Why are you called your name?

Personal Narrative Ideas High School

As high school students, you also need to develop personal narrative essays. These could be essays about your parents, neighbors, or your home. Choose from these personal narrative ideas for high school students:

  1. Describe your relationship with your parents?
  2. Would you say your parents permit you?
  3. Discuss the freedom your parents give you
  4. Do you think your curfew hours make it difficult to live?
  5. Would you say you enjoy your parents, why?
  6. Would you prefer to be a parent too?
  7. What do your parents do with your bad report card?
  8. Would you say parenting is difficult?
  9. Do your parents like online learning?
  10. Are your parents hard on you to do things?
  11. Do you think parenting could be something to be embarrassed by?
  12. How did your parents influence the school you attended?
  13. Do your parents let you create things on your own?
  14. Do you think you have great teachers and patients?
  15. What will your neighbors say about you?
  16. Which characters perfectly describe your neighbors and why?
  17. What is a common slogan in your environment?
  18. What are the TV shows you can’t stop watching?
  19. What do you think about supporting community sport?
  20. Write about the mayor of your city
  21. Where is your favorite place?
  22. Write about your favorite joint
  23. Write about a park you love
  24. Discuss how you spend time with nature
  25. Would you say you see bad things every day?
  26. Do you love your home?
  27. What is your favorite ad slogan and why?
  28. What does chatting with the police feel like?
  29. Have you ever been assaulted?
  30. Do you think you’re easily annoyed?

Personal Narrative Topic Ideas

If you’d love to discuss anything at all, there are tons of custom ideas on narrative writing. Some personal narrative ideas are also based on religion, sexuality, race, and many other issues of the world today. Consider:

  1. Would you say you have no religion?
  2. Do you think the older generations are too religious?
  3. Write about how you know about other religions
  4. Write about what you know about other religions
  5. Discuss the difference between male and female
  6. Do you acknowledge the rights of trans people?
  7. Do you think the LGTBQ is complicated?
  8. Will you share parental responsibilities?
  9. What do you know about sex?
  10. What do you know about gender issues?
  11. What is your experience of love?
  12. How does being a ‘real man’ feel?
  13. Do you think you can be biased?
  14. Is there a difference in the ways sons and daughters are treated in the home?
  15. Should there a more pressure on daughters than men
  16. Discuss your racial identity and why it’s important to talk about it
  17. Would you say you’re a feminist?
  18. Discuss your encounter with sexual harassment
  19. Discuss what you think about catcalling
  20. What do you think about social hierarchies?
  21. Discuss the last time you interacted with someone of another race
  22. Do you think you have racial biases too?
  23. Would you say you experienced racism before, as black
  24. Which one is more important to you: money or love
  25. Are you happy with yourself?
  26. Would you say money can’t buy happiness too?
  27. What do you pay attention to the most in the world?
  28. Do you think it’s okay to be addicted to phones
  29. How do you teach people about money?
  30. What are the most important things in your life?

Personal Narrative Writing Ideas

As an attempt to discuss something that deals with people’s daily affairs, good ideas for personal narrative may be hard to come by. Rather than go through the trouble of finding how to think of ideas for a personal narrative, these are custom ideas for you:

  1. What are the things that matter most for you?
  2. Narrate what you hope to have in your dream home
  3. Narrate your experience as if you’d lived in the woods
  4. Narrate your most fun childhood memory
  5. Discuss what your passion was as a child
  6. Explain what you loved most as a child
  7. Write about your favorite childhood shows and books
  8. Discuss your favorite childhood picture book
  9. Write about your childhood influences
  10. Discuss your childhood most loved places
  11. Discuss the little things your parents did they made you happy
  12. Write about the first time you went out with your parents
  13. Narrate your experience of a swing
  14. What was your favorite song as a child? Write a response to it
  15. Which food do you wish you’d eaten as a child
  16. Narrate what made a gift the best you ever had
  17. Write about what your most memorable letter
  18. Write about the divorce of a family friend or neighbor
  19. Discuss the consequence of separation from a state
  20. Write about how migrated from a place to another
  21. Write about how angry your father or mother could be at themselves
  22. Write about your favorite memories of sleepovers
  23. How did it feel when you found something you thought you’d lost?
  24. What are your most prized lessons of teenage years?
  25. Would you do something else differently not as an adult when you were 13?
  26. Narrate the achievements that made you proud
  27. Discuss the rites you engaged in
  28. Write about your message to the older generation
  29. Write a message to the younger generation
  30. Describe yourself as if you’re a 13-year-old right now
  31. Share a story of your ethical dilemma
  32. Discuss your sex experience; whether you had it not
  33. Write about something you cared about that you shouldn’t have
  34. Write about something you didn’t care about but you should have
  35. Discuss the last time you collected money from a stranger
  36. Write about the last time a stranger kissed you
  37. Discuss your memorable lying experience
  38. Narrate your experience with drugs
  39. Explain your experience with gossiping
  40. Have you ever cheated in exams?

Personal Narrative Ideas College

As a college student, you can also develop incredible personal narrative pieces. Through these pieces, you can connect with your colleagues and share your ideas. Consider these personal narrative prompts:

  1. Why did you choose the screen time you chose?
  2. What would you do without a smartphone?
  3. Narrate your gaming experiences and the thrill you feel
  4. Write about the apps that do nothing but reduce you
  5. Would you say tech takes a huge responsibility for change in your life?
  6. Would you say you are interested in technology?
  7. What is your experience of religion?
  8. What is your experience of God?
  9. Narrate if you’ve had an encounter with God or religion before
  10. Explain what you’d do if you have control over others
  11. Narrate what you would control if you can
  12. Narrate what you can do without thinking otherwise
  13. What would you say are your best features of YouTube
  14. Narrate your experience of a date over the internet
  15. Narrate your experience of seeking to advice online
  16. Discuss your favorite online sports
  17. Write about your online sad story
  18. Write about a terrible experience of bullying online
  19. Discuss how you fact check what you read online
  20. Write about how you express yourself online
  21. Would you say you trust Wikipedia?
  22. Would you say you enjoy online reviews?
  23. What is your comment on porn?
  24. Would you give your passwords out?
  25. If you have a partner, will you share everything?
  26. What would you do if you just made a fraudulent purchase?
  27. Do you chat with anonymous people?
  28. How do you keep your passwords safe?
  29. Are there things your parents won’t believe that is on the internet?
  30. Write about why you trust social media
  31. What is your favorite Facebook experience?
  32. What is your favorite Twitter experience?
  33. What is your experience of wrong grammar structure online?
  34. Did you ever go through Instagram feeds with envy?
  35. Did you ever download a stranger’s picture because you like them?

Personal Narrative Ideas for Middle School

At this stage, you have also had plausible experiences of life. What can you say about your life, or your experiences? You can write from these interesting personal narrative ideas:

  1. What do you know about poo divas and who’s your favorite?
  2. Write about your first karaoke performance
  3. Write about the artists you’d like lined up
  4. Narrate your earliest connection with music
  5. Narrate your earliest experience of music
  6. Write about the most loving but sad thing that ever happened to you
  7. Why do you avoid people?
  8. Narrate your experience of being stalked
  9. Discuss how you think social media has been abused
  10. Tell a story about your most favorite songs
  11. Tell a story about the music which has inspired you the most
  12. Which television show would you bring back?
  13. Which of your childhood commercials is your favorite?
  14. Why do you prefer cartoons?
  15. Discuss how television helped your family stay together
  16. Narrate the work nature of your parents
  17. Discuss your experience of being cheated
  18. Which music star do you love?
  19. Which music tells you about life?
  20. Which artist tells stories the most?
  21. How does the music you listen to Influence you?
  22. Narrate what you think are the best period of your life yet
  23. Narrate your favorite movies
  24. Narrate a public performance experience
  25. Discuss the bad things about horror movies
  26. Write about your favorite comedians
  27. Narrate your experience of gaming
  28. Would you play violent games?
  29. Do you think zombies are real?
  30. Do you feel guilty or excited that you kill zombies?

Good Ideas for a Personal Narrative Essay

If you need to discuss cool events and languages, there are good personal narrative topics for you. Some of these topics are:

  1. Narrate your experience at the museum
  2. What is your favorite visual artist?
  3. Discuss your most fascinating work of art
  4. Write about the importance of education
  5. Would you say you can’t live without art
  6. Which words do you like using?
  7. Which words don’t you like using?
  8. What are the slangs you used to love?
  9. What has changed since you started using some words
  10. Would you call someone a shag? Why?
  11. Which word do you think people use too much?
  12. Narrate what you consider a great conversation
  13. Discuss your time with a lover
  14. Narrate your experience discussing with your mum
  15. Narrate your experience discussing with your dad
  16. Narrate your experience teaching your grandparents about something on a smartphone
  17. Write about a time you felt you talked too much
  18. Write about a time you used satires
  19. Write about a time you attacked people but didn’t feel bad
  20. What would you say are the most terrible things you’ve done?
  21. If you had to learn a language, which would it be?
  22. How do you use your body language and why do you use it?
  23. If you can influence someone’s memory, what would it be and why would you do it?
  24. Write about what stresses you the most about school without using F words or castigating anyone
  25. Discuss what you once looked forward to but no longer look forward to
  26. Would you rather take private classes, online classes, or physical classes with other students and why would you choose your choice?
  27. Discuss your experience with bullying and what you could have done when you were bullied or when someone you know was bullied
  28. Write about the kind of school you wish you had attended and the experience you wish you had had
  29. Write about the things you hate the most about going to your religious places and the things you wish they had
  30. Discuss what it would mean to not be educated at all.

Interesting Personal Narrative Ideas

There are also interesting personal narrative essay ideas across all classes. You can choose these essay ideas for your college, high school, middle school, or university assignments. Options to consider are:

  1. What have you had to do which you didn’t like?
  2. Discuss how best you once participated in class
  3. Write about a memorable experience of school you wish were yours
  4. Write about a memorable experience of a relationship you wish you could have
  5. Discuss your first encounter with a difficult subject and write when you realize you may fail the course
  6. Tell a story about what you thought is fascinating about relationships that are no longer fascinating?
  7. Tell a story about what you think about digital skills and why it is important in the future
  8. Would you say that programming and computer coding offers more opportunities than any other skills?
  9. Narrate a terrible experience of yours after you failed an exam and what your parents did
  10. Narrate the saddest day in class for you
  11. You were invited to speak to your class about how you spent your weekend or holiday, what were the things that ran through your mind and did you speak?
  12. Like your friends, you had many terrible and shameful experiences while studying simply because you’re a shy person, narrate some of the most important and terrible moments of your school life
  13. Write a story about a teacher you would like to appreciate detailing the important things the teacher had done to you without isolating the bad things he or she had also done
  14. Discuss the textbook you ever felt disgusted with and why you did
  15. Do you think your teachers are as vast with technology as they ought to be, and would you feel bad if you had insulted them at one time or the other when you were young?
  16. Narrate the most arousing party you went to focusing on the sensory details which made it different from other parties and proms
  17. If you will deliver a speech about the horribleness of physical bullying or cyberbullying, focusing on experiences that could make people cry, how would you write the speech and how would you perform it?
  18. Would you flog students you considered rebellious in your class if you were a teacher, even if the student is truly stubborn and should have probably been in a juvenile center?
  19. What are the mental health issues you wish people had talked about the most when you were in high school?
  20. If you could talk to the authorities about the things you think were important for students which weren’t done, what would they be, and how would you do it?

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