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211 Epidemiology Research Topics to Choose From

July 19, 2021

Writing an intriguing health essay on broad subjects like epidemiology requires a lot of skill, research, and understanding. This is why students are advised to narrow their essays down to topics that are not very foreign to them. It would be easier for a student who has experienced and associated with surgical procedures to write about it than one who has not.

epidemiology topics

Epidemiology topics could range from popular topics like COVID-19 to the quite uncommon like current topics on occupational epidemiology. The ball is in your court as a student to choose topics that suit your best. Below are some epidemiology topics.

Current Topics in Occupational Epidemiology

This branch of epidemiology focuses mainly on the incidence of diseases in the workplace, their frequency, the recovery rate of the affected, and a myriad of others. You know, the spread of COVID-19 in 2020 further accentuated the need of exploring occupational epidemiology.

An in-depth understanding of how infectious diseases spread quickly in a workplace, how ill-health affects productivity as well as educating workers would help both workers and employees deal with the occurrence of diseases in the workplace more effectively. Below are some current topics in occupational epidemiology.

  1. How to identify a sick employee.
  2. Asthma rate of employees that work at sea.
  3. How much time does a sick employee need for leave?
  4. Better maternal care for the female jobs.
  5. Why must infected workers be isolated at all costs?
  6. How better pay influences workers’ health and living conditions
  7. Benefits of workshops for workers.
  8. How to deal with work-related anxiety
  9. Psychologists should take care of their mental health too.
  10. Pneumonia in welders
  11. Why all radiographers must pay adequate attention to their health
  12. Causes of depression in the workplace.
  13. Why leaves should be made compulsory in the workplace
  14. Why industrial workers must be taught how to handle complex machines.
  15. The effects of gossip on a worker’s mental health.
  16. Health insurance for workers.
  17. The effect of caffeine on workers.
  18. Outrageous deadlines make your employee lose concentration.
  19. How reward makes employees do better.
  20. The effect of too much screen time on eyes
  21. Binging on coffee is disastrous.
  22. The relationship between a sedentary job and obesity
  23. Can the relationship between employees go back to normal considering the incidence of the COVID-19?
  24. Why toxicity must never be allowed in the workplace.
  25. Eating junk in the workplace should be discouraged.
  26. Why nursing employees should be allowed more time before working again.
  27. How to deal with an unappreciative boss.
  28. Dealing with the aftermath of infectious diseases
  29. Sexual harassment in the office.
  30. How much workload is too much?
  31. Why nurses get depressed quickly.
  32. Why nurses should not pass on frustration to patients.
  33. How to deal with abusive parents of kids as a teacher.
  34. Why men in the military are prone to a lot of harms
  35. The need for radiographers to always wear lead coats
  36. What are the best ways to deal with inefficient health personnel?
  37. How the use of incentives increases the productivity of workers
  38. Can a job induce fear and anxiety?
  39. How poor correction methods jeopardizes the self-confidence of workers
  40. Companies and firms should always make the health of their workers a priority
  41. How to maintain composure in the workplace
  42. The workplace is good for socialization
  43. Individual personality type has a great role to play in workplace socialization.

Epidemiology Topics for University Students

Most times, students are made to research interesting epidemiology topics and write essays. Considering the myriad of topics available, they tend to veer off course and end up writing on project topics on epidemiology that they shouldn’t really consider.

Below are interesting epidemiology topics for University students.

  1. How to balance social and academic life
  2. How to cope in school while working more than one job at a time.
  3. Female students make the greatest percentage of sexually abused persons in a school environment
  4. Why do many young people keep on sinking into depression?
  5. Eating disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa
  6. The inter-relationship between unhealthy feeding habits and the sudden upsurge in obesity
  7. Why poor attention to mental health leads to more cases of mental illnesses
  8. Unhealthy self-esteem and the need for validation
  9. More cases of stomach ulcers in young people.
  10. Drug and substance abuse
  11. Why do people seek joy in hallucinogens
  12. Dealing with postpartum depression.
  13. Rivalry among siblings and signs of bullying in children
  14. The use of contraceptives should be encouraged
  15. Why abstinence is not the answer to STDs
  16. Talking to your children about sex and the use of protection
  17. Effects of coffee addiction and how to manage it
  18. The disadvantages of being overweight and how to control body weight
  19. The right guides to healthy weight loss and dieting
  20. Sunburn and why the use of sunscreen should become a necessity
  21. A survey of people’s attitude towards health
  22. Poor medical infrastructure: a major cause of alarm
  23. Causes of high mortality rate in developing countries
  24. Teenage pregnancy and how to avoid it
  25. Sickle cell anemia
  26. Poor knowledge of genotype and genetics and how it affects individuals
  27. Down’s Syndrome
  28. How to care for children with special needs
  29. Understanding the autistic child
  30. Cerebral palsy
  31. Effects of diet on health.
  32. Starving is not a great method of weight control
  33. Bullying and poor self-esteem
  34. Sugar addiction and hyperglycemia
  35. Excessive smoking and bronchitis
  36. Most common mental illnesses that young people face
  37. Carcinoma
  38. Dysmenorrhea, causes, treatments, and types
  39. Factors that affect fertility rate
  40. Tooth decay in young children

Epidemiology Research Paper Topics

Getting the right epidemiology research paper topics sometimes is a hard task. This is due to a large number of possible epidemiology topics for paper available. Research topics need to be carefully selected to avoid mistakes.

Some topics are quite controversial, and it is easier to make mistakes with them. So, take your time and choose interesting epidemiology topics that won’t make you deviate from your purpose. Below are some interesting epidemiology research paper topics.

  1. Is gene editing the best way to end chronic diseases?
  2. Living with cancer amid enlightened people.
  3. Why people should pay more attention to the ingredients in their skincare products
  4. How bad quality body lotions/creams affect your internal organs.
  5. Tuberculosis and how to cure it
  6. Health and human rights
  7. Health in a third world nation
  8. Causes and treatment of virus infectious
  9. How immunization lowers mortality rate in infants
  10. Female genital mutilation
  11. Ovarian cancer, HPV, and pap smears
  12. Alzheimer’s disease and aging
  13. Effects of modern lifestyle on public health
  14. Living with terminal illnesses
  15. Cancer and chemotherapy
  16. Substandard hair care and alopecia
  17. Why lack of self-care increases the risk of developing hypertension
  18. Why pap smears should be encouraged
  19. Causes, treatment, and prevention of bacterial infections
  20. Senile dementia and the onset of old age
  21. How poor educational backgrounds enable Female Genital Mutilation
  22. Health law should be implemented in questionable causes
  23. Factors that could alter autopsy results
  24. Primary causes of skin cancer
  25. How to do a breast self-examination (BSE)
  26. How early detection saves the lives of cancer patients
  27. Why the rhesus factor should be given more attention
  28. Practical ways of reducing the occurrence of the SS genotype
  29. Why the AA genotype is easily affected by the malaria parasite
  30. The difference between contagious and infectious diseases
  31. Most common disease-causing allergens
  32. How to easily detect ill health in babies
  33. How tapeworm affects man
  34. Why is malaria among the top causes of death in Africa?
  35. Diseases that are common to the tropics
  36. Dietary disorders
  37. Warning signs of an autism spectrum
  38. What is Dyslexia, how does it affect children?
  39. How to converse with children that stutter
  40. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  41. Why it is difficult to totally eliminate the discrimination against people with AIDS in undeveloped areas
  42. How standard of living affects people’s health
  43. What does a healthy lifestyle really mean?

Chronic Epidemiology Topics For Respiratory Diseases

A lot of students seem to have good knowledge of respiratory diseases. All thanks to the awareness that is created about respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, and the likes online. Some titles published on different sites about respiratory diseases are quite controversial and below quality, because they are not well researched.

Nothing beats learning about these things from a professional. This doesn’t downplay the knowledge of college or university students, rather it amplifies the need for good information on respiratory diseases. Below is a list of some chronic epidemiology topics.

  1. Smoking and the role it plays in chronic bronchitis
  2. Why all children should be given the pertussis vaccine against whooping cough.
  3. How infectious is whooping cough?
  4. How swine flu influences the occurrence of diarrhea
  5. The right way to club a flu endemic.
  6. Which set of people is most susceptible to viral pneumonia?
  7. What’s the distinction between walking pneumonia and viral pneumonia.
  8. How do weather conditions affect the occurrence of pneumonia?
  9. Is it possible to get swine flu from pork?
  10. The reason why antibiotics do not work for viral pneumonia
  11. The causative agent of tuberculosis.
  12. Method of tuberculosis dispersion
  13. How covid-19 affects the body’s respiratory system
  14. What is the major cause of emphysema
  15. The effects of asbestos in the respiratory system
  16. Asbestos roofing should be canceled as it poses a great danger to human respiration
  17. What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD)?
  18. How long can asbestos remain in the body when inhaled?
  19. How obesity causes Obesity hyperventilation syndrome
  20. Does body weight have any role to play in respiration?
  21. The major allergens that trigger asthma
  22. Types of asthma and treatments for them
  23. Smoking is a great danger to the health of your kidneys
  24. The most dangerous microbes that attack the body’s respiratory system
  25. A most effective way to handle shortness of breath in emergencies
  26. How to deal with a stuffed nose in a newborn
  27. Children are more susceptible to cold than adults
  28. The right outfit choices keep you away from common colds
  29. What is cystic fibrosis?
  30. Why experts say smoking is bad for heart health.
  31. Symptoms and treatments of asthma
  32. Is asthma hereditary? Can it be transferred from person to person through contact?
  33. How measles affects the respiratory system of children
  34. Lung cancer, treatment, and preventions
  35. Indirect smoking and its effect on your health
  36. Types of lung infections and how to treat them
  37. The health benefits of tobacco
  38. How to get rid of a smoking addiction
  39. Natural foods that can help your respiratory system get better
  40. Asphyxia, type, causes, and treatments.
  41. What makes respiratory diseases very dangerous?

Topics In Social Epidemiology

Social epidemiology focuses on the effect of social-structural factors like physical environment, literacy level, and financial status on the states of health. This is because people’s advantages and disadvantages play very great roles in their health.

Your social interaction both as a child and as an adult has lots of impact on different areas of your health. Below is a list of some amazing topics in social epidemiology research topics.

  1. How an individual’s level of education directly affects his/her attitude towards personal health care
  2. The role of the physical environment on health
  3. An individual’s social status greatly affects the individual’s attitude towards health
  4. The means of transportation that people use often has a role to play in their overall health
  5. Poor social interaction makes ground for depression to breed faster
  6. What percentage of the human population can comfortably access quality care when they need it?
  7. A large percentage of deaths in third-world countries result from the lack of the most needed hospital equipment
  8. Healthy child development is a great determinant of health as an adult
  9. People tend to be more productive in places with trees
  10. Addiction plays a big role in everyone’s health
  11. The best environment for that can help people struggling with addictions recover
  12. A child’s social behavior as a child is a foray into the child, ’s personality as an adult
  13. Environmental population shortens life spans
  14. Studies show that individuals who socialize often tend to do better than those who don’t
  15. What are the best learning environments for a child
  16. Why is ventilation not always taken into proper consideration in school buildings?
  17. The relationship between literacy level and people’s attitude towards health
  18. Healthy food choices equate to a healthier body
  19. Unemployment is a major cause of apathy towards health, quality healthcare is expensive
  20. Does income range influence the quality of healthcare you go for?
  21. Social connections create happiness and fulfillment for people
  22. Poorly built houses should be a major course of concern to everyone
  23. What are the limitations to accessing quality health care
  24. The role of the physical environment on child development
  25. Job security
  26. Poorly paid employees tend to be rude to their patients
  27. Surviving the Covid as an introvert shows how much introverts love their own company
  28. Extroverts build livelier and better human relationships
  29. Cheap health insurance schemes
  30. How to seek help in regards to health insurance

Interesting Epidemiology Topics

There is a myriad of interesting epidemiology topics that both college and university students do not explore at all. These interesting topics always make for intriguingly captivating essays. Below are some interesting epidemiology topics.

  1. How to begin your normal life again after a pandemic
  2. The most effective ways to curb the effects of a pandemic
  3. What you need to know about autopsies
  4. The most important vaccines that should be given to a child in the early stages of development
  5. The best way to nurse a special needs child
  6. Why healthcare should be free and accessible to everyone
  7. Why malaria is still prevalent in Africa
  8. Effective steps to take to help you survive the COVID-19 virus
  9. Well nurtured children are most likely going to care for their health more
  10. Children from unstable homes tend to go through a lot of emotional traumas as adults
  11. Performing CPR is a necessary skill everyone should possess
  12. Alcoholism is escapism from individual troubles.
  13. Malaria and the impact of climate change
  14. Poorly paid employees and their epidemiological reactions to the pandemic.

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