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173 Top Biology Research Topics for Papers and Essays

July 6, 2021

The primary purpose of biology research topics is to help the learners study and acquire helpful information when writing papers and essays in this academic field. Biology is a relatively broad study field, covering the study of all living organisms. Students can cover the latest research breakthroughs in their essays, which broadens this study field further.

biology research topics

However, selecting a good topic is the first step in the process of writing a good paper. That’s because the title that a student selects determines the direction of their research and writing process. Therefore, learners should know how to choose their biology topics carefully. Perhaps, the best approach for selecting a good topic is to understand your interests and specialization. That’s because you don’t want to research and write about something you don’t understand. Here’s a list of interesting biology research topics to consider for your academic paper or essay.

Fascinating Cell Biology Research Topics

Cells make up the fundamental structure of the human body. Therefore, cell properties are at the core of biological studies. Also called molecular biology research topics, these titles entail investigating the life cycle of cells and their vital functions. Biologists can also explore the chemical processes or activities in a cell. Here are exciting topics to consider in this category.

  1. How cells heal the bones
  2. What is the correct protein amount?
  3. Effects of cancer on the growth of the body cells
  4. Stem cell research- How essential are ethics?
  5. Explain how cilia move the body cells
  6. Explain ways of advancing molecular research
  7. Explain why cells become sticky
  8. Explain what scientists know about axon guidance
  9. Telomerase- Can humans reserve the natural aging processes?
  10. Molecular biochemistry- What are the latest trends?
  11. Explore the link between human DNA and the environment
  12. An investigation into the communication methods for the cells
  13. Describe the protein synthesis process
  14. Why do living cells eat the dead ones?
  15. Trace the DNA translation steps
  16. The central dogma in molecular biology- What does it state?
  17. Explain diffusion as a transport means in cells
  18. Is surgery necessary in glaucoma treatment?
  19. Explain the role of the microtubule in the nervous system
  20. Describe the molecular evidence of the origin of humans

Pick any of these topics and then research them extensively to develop a quality paper or essay that will compel the educator to award you the top grade.

Marine Biology Research Topics for Academic Papers and Essays

It’s no secret that most oceans are unobserved. Marine biology entails the study of living organisms in, around, or under the water. If uncovering the deep sea mysteries is interesting to you, marine biology topics are perfect choices for you. Here are some of the ideas to consider in this category.

  1. Describe the four oceanography types
  2. Explain how the whales evolved
  3. Why are phyto- and zooplankton important to ponds?
  4. Explain the formation of corals
  5. Explain the predatory starfish behavior
  6. Explain the working of marine vertebrae’s luminescence
  7. Explain how dolphins communicate
  8. Explain how military sonar affects the whales
  9. Why is the Galapago Islands unique?
  10. Compare the camouflage techniques of different marine animals
  11. What is the primary maritime biodiversity threat?
  12. How do birds contribute to the stability of the marine ecosystem?
  13. Describe various invasive species’ types
  14. Explain how bacteria contribute to the sea’s biological processes
  15. What ethics should seafood farms observe?
  16. Penguin species- What are their survival strategies, and how do they differ?
  17. What are the effects of China’s overfishing?
  18. What causes a high concentration of mercury in fish?
  19. The impact of rising sea temperatures on marine life
  20. Describe different invasive species types in an aquatic ecosystem

These are good biology topics to research if interested in marine life and ecosystems. However, prepare to research your preferred title extensively to develop a brilliant paper.

Hot Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

Evolutionary biology entails the study of changes in living organisms. For instance, this field can explain the versatility of life on earth. Some of the research areas in this field can include genetics, ecology, and paleontology. Here are interesting topics to consider in this field.

  1. Explain why cancer persist
  2. Explain how stabilizing selection ensures a species’ phenotype during evolution
  3. A discussion of for questions in Tinbergen
  4. Is evolution connected to society?
  5. Compare the ectotherms and endotherms evolutionary process
  6. Explain the adoption to geographic range by animal’s physiology
  7. Explain stamina evolution in animal locomotion
  8. Explain how bees learned to communicate by dancing
  9. In what ways can a species achieve maximum fitness?
  10. Explain the low occurrence of alcohol dehydrogenase gene in Southeast Asia
  11. The human division into races- Is there scientific evidence for this?
  12. Explain how speciation works
  13. Explain the effects of genetic drift on variation
  14. Describe the modern synthesis problems
  15. How are selective sweeps likely to cause disease?
  16. Describe the Red Queen hypothesis
  17. Life history theory- Explain the influence of the life history of a species on its evolution
  18. How to determine the herbaceous plants’ age
  19. Evaluation of developmental pathways’ existence in evolution
  20. Describe the human genome’s role in the evolution science
  21. Explain how evolution impacts mitochondrial genome’s development
  22. Explain the effect of predator-prey interactions on the evolution
  23. Explain the evolutionary evidence of flowering plants’ existence
  24. Explain how disease-causing microorganisms have evolved overtime
  25. Discuss the attribute of different mating systems on the evolution theory

Any of these topics can be a good title for an essay or research paper. However, extensive research is necessary to develop a good piece.

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates Papers and Essays

Are you pursuing your undergraduates’ studies in a biology-related field? If yes, you need topics for your academic papers or essays. This category comprises the best topics to research and then write about when pursuing undergraduates’ studies.

  1. Explain how allergic reactions lead to asthma in some individuals
  2. How vaccinations benefit the human population
  3. Can the immune system’s malfunction increase the risk of diseases?
  4. Describe the immune system’s resistance capacity
  5. Is the amber DNA a technique for cloning pre-historic animals?
  6. Has the coronavirus revolutionized the scientific research sector?
  7. How has the media enhanced scientific inventions and progress?
  8. Describe moral and ethical considerations in transplantation
  9. Explain the effectiveness of organ transplantation among the aged people
  10. Explain the contribution of the weather to genetic mutations
  11. Explain the disadvantages of crop transplantation in nurseries
  12. Should human cloning be legal in all countries?
  13. Are genetically modified foods safe for people with underlying conditions?
  14. Analyze the concept and history of the Golgi complex
  15. Are archaeopteryx bones real or fake?

Any of these topics is an excellent title for an undergraduate academic paper or essay. Nevertheless, learners should be ready to research these topics extensively to create fantastic pieces.

Biology Research Topics for High School Students

Whether you love reading and writing about platypuses or peas, biology covers a wide array of topics for high school students. A biology topic in this category should enable you to familiarize yourself with it. And you have almost endless options. Here are some of the biology topics that high school students can choose for their writing assignments.

  1. Describe the main factors regulating population dynamics
  2. Explain the impact of humans on biodiversity
  3. Explain the carbon cycle mechanisms
  4. Explain the purpose of PCR
  5. Describe the DNA structure
  6. Survival for the fittest- Explain the meaning of the natural selection
  7. Darwin’s evolution theory- What is the latest evidence?
  8. Biotechnology- Explain the cloning mechanisms
  9. The tree of life- How this concept portrays species’ relationships
  10. Explain how the human nervous system conveys information
  11. What do humans know about dinosaurs and modern relatives?
  12. Explain the strategies that organisms use to acquire nutrition
  13. Compare different cell reproduction types
  14. Explain the discovery of heredity by Gregor Mendel
  15. Cell structure- Eukaryotes vs. prokaryotes
  16. Why the human body needs enzymes
  17. Explain the conversion of CO2 to O2 during photosynthesis
  18. What is the probability of an organism inheriting a gene?
  19. Explain how mitosis differs from meiosis
  20. Explain how the human metabolism works
  21. Explain how cloning impacts health medicine
  22. Human cloning as a moral issue
  23. Is genetically modified food safe for humans?
  24. Can people use Ebola as a biological weapon?
  25. Effects of natural genes on depression

These are brilliant ideas for biology topics for most high school students. However, students need adequate time to research and write a paper or essay on any of these topics.

Outstanding Biology Research Topics for College Students

Are you pursuing college studies, and you need a topic for your academic paper or essay? If yes, you need an engaging, appealing, and relevant topic. This category comprises topics that enable learners to write articles and essays with relevant data, recent findings, and controversial issues. Here are some of the topic ideas to consider in this category.

  1. Analyze how drinking alcohol affects embryonic development
  2. Discuss different ways of cloning and mapping genes
  3. Discuss how drug addiction affects embryonic development
  4. Analyze the adverse effects of oligogenic diseases
  5. Describe and explain the hereditary diseases and their danger
  6. Analyze the genetic polymorphism concept
  7. What are the primary risk factors for infertility?
  8. Explain the best treatments for cancer
  9. Explain the impact of miscarriage on women’s health
  10. Explain the effect of a proper diet on a pet’s health
  11. What changes can cloning bring to medicine?
  12. Explain how restructuring the DNA can help fight the aging effects
  13. Analyzing the mammals’ hormonal control system
  14. The influence of adaptability on the living organisms’ survival
  15. Explain factors that cause a faster metabolism
  16. Explain the disorders that arise from hormonal malfunctioning
  17. Explain the structure and functionality of the digestive systems
  18. Why are research institutions vital for the production of drought-resistant crops?
  19. Explain the adaptation of antibodies to invading disease-causing microorganisms
  20. Evaluate melatonin effectiveness in therapy
  21. Influence of adaptability on the living organisms’ survival
  22. Explain how microbes develop their resistance
  23. An overview of the defense mechanisms for the immune system
  24. Explain the industrial applications of microbiology
  25. Why is yeast so versatile?
  26. How virions are different from viroids
  27. How to degrade pollutants in the soil using microbes
  28. Explain the importance of microbial diversity
  29. Explain how vaccines work
  30. Explain how stress relates to the performance of the immune system
  31. Describe different asthma causes
  32. Describe cellular agents
  33. What are the primary groups of protozoa?
  34. Discuss various microbial biotechnology applications
  35. Explain how bacteria transform milk into yogurt

Select any of these topics and develop it through research to impress your educator and anybody else who might read your paper.

Popular Biology Research Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for something popular to research and write about so that you can impress your educator and earn the top grade. In that case, consider some of the ideas in this category.

  1. Describe different living matter organization levels
  2. What are the staining methods for the primary cells?
  3. Is sugar good or poisonous for human health?
  4. Explain the impact of Phytoncide plants on a living organism
  5. Different conditions affecting yeast growth
  6. Biological control techniques for indoor plant pests
  7. How healthy is yogurt for humans?
  8. Alternatives to regular household chemicals and cleaning methods
  9. How to survive the wild healthily
  10. The intermediate filaments function concept
  11. Bioterrorism and biological weapons role
  12. How additives, preservatives, and dyes influence food
  13. How musical sounds affect insects and humans
  14. Is aromatherapy significant in human life?
  15. Various tasks and methods in the molecular biology concept
  16. What is cloning role in medicine?
  17. The evolution and history of human cloning
  18. Impact of public opinion on biology technology and science
  19. How the abortion concept relates to feminist ideology
  20. The oxytocin role in psychopathic disorders’ treatment
  21. What’s your perspective on vaccination?
  22. Ecological factors that influence animal behavior
  23. Explain how gut bacteria relate to anxiety
  24. Proteins and genes responsible for neurons functioning
  25. The connection between traditional diet and modern pets
  26. Describe camouflage as a mechanism in sea animals
  27. Is using animals to test beauty products ethical?
  28. The role of environmental change phenomenon in species diversity
  29. Orientation, models, and visual cortex
  30. Genomic fingerprinting in the study of populations
  31. Why proteomics and genomics are essential in science
  32. How cellular communication affect the human body
  33. Describe different methods for fruits and seeds distribution in diverse ecosystems

These are fantastic ideas to research and write about, regardless of your study level. Perhaps, you feel like you can’t write a brilliant essay or paper about any of these titles. In that case, consider seeking writing help from a friend or an expert. The internet is also an ideal place to get writing assistance at a cheap price. Nevertheless, use a reliable and professional service to end up with a quality, original paper.

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