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Writing Argumentative Essay on Gun Violence

May 21, 2018

In the recent past, gun violence has taken over the world and more so the USA. In a bid to address this issue, more college facilitators are giving their students tasks that entail working on how to stop gun violence essays. Even so, one question that is lingering in the minds of many people is should guns be banned? A scroll through this article will give you insights on this topic and how to handle such a paper when you are given the task.

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Gun violence is something that is taking place every minute that passes by. Sadly, it is not an act that discriminates race, gender, religion or even age. It goes without saying that perpetrators of gun violence have ulterior motives. However, what is more concerning is the fact that` people of this caliber have access to guns of whatever kind. To put all these thoughts on paper, you need to tackle the topics below:
• Guns in America – Talk in brief about the laws that pertain to gun acquisition in America. Explain who can get hand of a rifle and more so the criterion that is considered when someone is soliciting for a gun within the region. When discussing about the gun laws, be sure to talk about the current parliament proceedings in regards to changing or amending them in this gun laws essay. Even more, explain what the previous and current presidents of America think of the situation and how each one them contributed to the current state.
• Laws protecting civilians against gun violence – Considering that civilians are the ones on the receiving end of such atrocities, touch a bit on the laws that are put in place to protect them from the same. Explain how these laws came into being, and the events that forced the government to implement them.
• The reason behind the increase of gun violence in America – If there is a reason that is leading more people to become victims of the acts, state it. Do not forget to mention whether or not lack of restricting laws is the reason behind the escalating crime instances.
• Top victims of gun violence – Give an account of people who have been taken down by gun violence using the statistics available. Help your reader understand in your essay on gun violence why you take the stand.
• Why gun violence should be banned – For one talk about the risk having an unlicensed gun as the leading reason for the rise of violence issues in your gun violence essay. Afterwards, elaborate why the crime poses a threat not only to the security of civilians, but also government officials as well as the police and other people responsible for the security of the country. Use life examples of situations that could have been avoided if the ban on gun violence had been reinstated.
• How to prevent gun violence – Now that you have established that gun violence is escalating, explain how a state of serenity can be achieved once more. While writing this section of the essay about gun violence, touch on regulating the acquisition of fire arms, putting a death sentence on the perpetrator or placing other hefty penalties if one takes such an action against someone else. Add other items on the list to make it more comprehensive. Remember to give a reason for each suggestion you make and use examples of other places with similar laws and how they have worked.

Other aspects that are essential in this gun violence essay are the introduction and the conclusion. While both are useful, only snippets of what you are to write about or what you have written in the article are found in them. The introduction bit should not be lengthy. One or two paragraphs at most would suffice to explain what the essay on gun violence entails. Write only the most critical details in this part. The conclusion, on the other hand, should only touch briefly on the items of concern that are in the paper. Make it easy to maneuver and understand. Just like the intro, the conclusion needs to be equally short. Elaborated details should be left for the body of the paper. At most, two paragraphs will be enough.


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