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An Essay On Man: Writing About The Pope’s Poem

June 27, 2019

Alexander Pope is a man who was popularly known for his neoclassical poetry back in the 1700s. One of his best poems was the poem An Essay On Man. Centuries later, people still use this 18th-century poet’s work as a reference to several aspects of man’s life. Students, for instance, use it as part of their learning material to understand various writing styles. If you want to write a college essay on the poem, then follow these steps for successful creation.

Writing an Essay On Man summary

What should the reader do first before writing a poem review? How does it differ from any other book review writing? This is a question each student that aims at writing An Essay On Man summary should ask themselves. The first thing you need to know that will help you write a paper on An Essay On Man is to teach yourself how to write an outline. General knowledge on this topic will help you learn this art. One of the places to solicit for review writing information is an academic writing website. With so many of these available online, crosscheck with two or more of them, so you are sure that you are doing the right thing. You can also visit your school’s library and use the catalog texts to teach yourself how to draft an outline. However, the best places to get this intel is from your lecturer or professor. They will probably cover this topic in your English classes, so pay attention during that time.

Read An Essay On Man

Before you can attempt to write poem essays, you need to know what it entails. The best way to determine the central idea of An Essay On Man is to read the poem. You can easily find it on many of the poetry sites that host Alexander Pope’s work. In addition to these websites, you can also read Alexander Pope’s biography on the internet, then follow the links that will redirect you to different pages that have his poems. You have to go through this poem at least two times, to gain an understanding of his style, which will aid you in writing a perfect Essay On Man.

An Essay On Man Summary

One thing you should do while reading the poem on man is to write down the critical aspects of the text. Why? You may ask. It is because these short notes are what you will use in writing An Essay On Man summary. You have to pick the highlights that make the poem unique. Write as many short notes as you can on An Essay On Man, then choose those that will be enough for your review, depending on the number of words you are restricted to. At times, you may be asked to write a summary of the writing style or other different writing aspects that are visible in this poem. If this is the case, you will only have to select what is necessary then complete your Pope Essay On Man. To help in choosing the right items, you need to use the following questions as a guide.

  • When was the poem on man written?
  • Who is the author of this piece?
  • What are the necessary materials needed for the review of this poem?
  • What message does the title of the poem pass across?
  • What was the essence of writing this poem?
  • How innovative is the author of this piece?
  • What types of artistic characteristics are depicted in this poem?
  • Any direct relation to the writer’s life portrayed in it?
  • Is there a specific audience that the poem is directed to?

Answering these queries will help you create a short and effective Alexander Pope Essay On Man summary.

First Draft

At this point, you should have the know-how of writing An Essay On Man summary. You should also have the snippets of information that you will use in the review writing. Take your writing material and jot down the first draft. Ensure that you plan out the draft in chronological order that readers can understand. Once your first attempt on an essay on man is complete, go through it severally to make sure that it doesn’t have any mistakes in regards to grammar and punctuation. See to it that all the information you gather is factual. And now that we know you did not compose this poem, it is best if you cite who the owner of the original piece is. More so, acknowledge the website or books that you used as inspiration for the work.

Final Thoughts

Using this writing format will help you not only come up with a compelling review of the poem on man, but it also gives you an idea on how to summarize other poems by this and other authors. More popular ones like The Rape of the Lock and Alexander Pope’s essay on criticism require consistency for you to master poetry summary, but that should take a few weeks if you are a serious student.

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