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140+ International Relations Dissertation Topics To Research

September 7, 2021

International relation reflects how sovereign states in the world relate with each other through decisions that are influenced by non-governmental organizations on politics, economics, and security. The discipline covers a wide area of subjects such as law, geography, history, politics, and economics.

international relations dissertation topics

Most students of international relations work as diplomats, protecting the interest of their countries abroad by representing them in trade agreements, security reach, and other consular services. Therefore, any topics in international relations usually demonstrate the political reach of a country, its legal stand, and economic power.

In this article, we’ll look at the most interesting international relations dissertation topics. We’ll explore topics under terrorism, human rights, politics, and other international relations thesis topics. If you’ve ever been looking for where to get international relations research topics that score you high grades, this article is for you. So, continue reading.

Interesting International Relations Dissertation Topics

International relation is an interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on the relationships between countries. More importantly, students get to explore global issues and solve them scientifically. Looking for general international relations PhD ideas and topics? Take a look at these interesting topics below.

  1. The world since the first man landed on the moon.
  2. Nuclear weapons and cyberwars: the new war language.
  3. The implications of online petitions in international relations.
  4. The impacts of the Big Tech on world trade and economy.
  5. The effects of technological laws on foreign trade and investment.
  6. Explain international relations theories and relate them to the realism of state cooperation.
  7. Conduct an analysis of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the US and how it shapes the Afghan War.
  8. Discuss how the United Nations has failed in discharging its duties?
  9. Explore the implications of the different diplomatic laws among the G7 countries.
  10. What are the implications of the Abraham Accord between Israel and Arab nations?
  11. Nuclear Weapons: Analyze Iran and North Korea’s nuclear weapons and impact on global peace.
  12. Explain how the pandemic influenced global trade and international relations.
  13. What are the positive and negative impacts of the surge in western cultural adoption in underdeveloped countries?
  14. Discuss the influence of the United States on global laws, markets, and relations.
  15. Has the UN been partial in the development of laws and support?
  16. Illustrate the factors that led to the fall of the Soviet Union and how they shape modern policies.
  17. Evaluate the cultural impacts of international relations on developing countries.
  18. Obama, Trump, and Biden: explain how each president oversaw the Afghan War.
  19. Describe the contribution of major religions to modern-day international agreements.
  20. Effect of mass migration from developing countries to diversity in the European Union.
  21. Discuss the International Criminal Court has always been partial in the discharge of justice.
  22. Cybersecurity and the role of Interpol: Modalities, threat, and significance.
  23. The China-India foreign policy: What should be done and how to go about it.
  24. Why Africa is finding it difficult to maintain international relations and how it can be helped.
  25. The threats and importance of international labour in global trade.

Terrorism Dissertation Ideas and Topics to Research

The very act of terrorism is to create fear within individuals everywhere in the world for global benefits. Counterterrorism and antiterrorism are military tactics, strategies, and trade enforcements countries carry out to prevent terrorism. Find below a list of terrorism dissertation ideas under international relations.

  1. Impact of the Afghan War on international relations.
  2. Discuss how the Afghan-US War was lost long before Biden.
  3. How is the Taliban a terrorist group?
  4. The value of defence in terrorism wars.
  5. What emotions bind terrorists to extremist groups?
  6. Effect of religious extremism on terrorism.
  7. The significant relationship between terrorism and military functioning.
  8. Terrorism and the long history of World Wars.
  9. The Coronavirus pandemic is an act of terrorism.
  10. A critical review of how terrorism affects global trade.
  11. Roles of colonial and anticolonial laws in past and future terrorism.
  12. Terrorist trends from the past to the present.
  13. Modalities of regional nationalism towards effective counterterrorism.
  14. How transnational relations influence the rise of terrorism.
  15. A critical review and study of Turkish terrorism in History.
  16. A critical assessment and review of American terrorism.
  17. A critical review and study of English terrorism in History.
  18. A critical assessment and review of Nazi terror.
  19. Effect of extremism on foreign direct investments and international banking.
  20. How terrorism influences international banking decisions across several countries.
  21. The challenges of counterterrorism in underdeveloped countries.
  22. Terrorism, technology, and the use of military force.
  23. The consequences of terrorism using Afghanistan and Syria as examples.
  24. Impacts of terrorism on global trade and global warming.
  25. How the Blockchain industry affects counterterrorism strategies.

Politics Dissertation Ideas in International Relations

Since no country exists in isolation of others, every political decision is therefore probed to ensure peaceful coexistence among countries in the world. The following contains a list of politics and international relations dissertation topics.

  1. Political influence of cyberterrorists on international trade.
  2. Is cyberterrorism a form of political extremism?
  3. Terrorism informatics and impact on political relations.
  4. COVID-19 pandemic as an instrument of geopolitics.
  5. The UN role in the resolution of the Indo-Pak conflict.
  6. 9/11 and influence on trade between the US and Middle Belt.
  7. German foreign policy and impact on the rest of Europe.
  8. German domination of the EU and impact on the formulation of foreign policies.
  9. How underdeveloped countries are threats to political forwardness.
  10. Russia and the USA: Review and assessment of political history.
  11. Effects and consequences of nuclear weapons to global politics.
  12. Role of the UN in the resolution of Pakistan-Israel relations.
  13. A critical review of the political role of the UN in civil wars.
  14. Application of cyber-political theories to international relations.
  15. Role of international relations on the politics of military functioning.
  16. How the West and Russia shape the modern perspective of political history.
  17. China and the West: A critical analysis of major political decisions then and now.
  18. The Chinese economy is a threat to modern world power and security.
  19. The Chinese economy is needed in modern world power and security.
  20. Questioning the political neutrality of the UN’s major decisions.
  21. Political theories and the changing norms of international relations.
  22. The geopolitics of the West in the Afghan War.
  23. Consequences of the geopolitics of the West in the surge of terrorism and extremism.
  24. A critical review and assessment of the political relations between the US and the Arabs.
  25. The uprising of the Middle East against the US.

Human Rights Dissertation Topics

Human rights are the fundamental rights of every human that must be protected by all countries. These rights shape international relations decisions and agreements to trade and power. The rights further embody the dignity that every human should be accorded. Here are common human rights dissertation topics and research ideas.

  1. Revisioning women’s rights in the Middle East.
  2. An in-depth assessment of the historical context of human rights.
  3. Universal human rights: the theoretical and practical.
  4. Why democratic human rights cannot work in Africa.
  5. Human rights in major religions: Islam and Christianity.
  6. Impacts of the modern perspective of human rights.
  7. Historical reforms on human rights then and now.
  8. Human rights and westernism: differences and similarities.
  9. Human rights as a major determiner of world poverty.
  10. Gender inequality and the concept of human rights.
  11. African leadership as a major influence on human rights.
  12. A critical assessment of China’s political human rights.
  13. Terrorist and extremist impacts on fundamental rights.
  14. The rations and sentiments of western human rights.
  15. Do human rights treaties foster respect among countries?
  16. Exploring the ten commandments for human rights.
  17. Human rights in war-ravaged countries: Syria and Afghanistan.
  18. The struggle for human rights in Africa and the Middle East.
  19. Taiwan and China: Human rights as major political concerns.
  20. North Korea and the effects of human rights protectionism.
  21. Why cybersecurity is a concern of human rights.
  22. Technology and privacy: the end of human rights.
  23. Human rights crisis in the West through the impact of racism.
  24. The fundamental rights of women in Saudi Arabia.
  25. Rights of humans during wars and Western passivity.

International Relations Economics Dissertation Topics

Economics is the business of goods, needs, and survival. Every country is motivated by self-sufficiency and needs sustenance, hence economics is an integrative study in international relations. If you are looking to write on international relations economics dissertation topics, here are popular ones that guarantee you top grades.

  1. The implication of the Blockchain industry on international trade and relations.
  2. Impacts of taxation on trade agreement and security.
  3. The impact of tax on world poverty alleviation systems.
  4. The implication of internet banking on global terrorism.
  5. Investigating the relationship between trade and war.
  6. Effect of UN economic policies on global trade relations.
  7. Impact of trade liberalization on the global employment rate.
  8. Global inflation and effect on world immigration policies.
  9. The oil sector and the agricultural sector and their influence on regional and international conflict.
  10. Impact of the oil industry on environmental globalization.
  11. Role of insurance policies and companies on global trade.
  12. Effects of cashless policy on cybersecurity and terrorism.
  13. A critical study of the determinants of foreign investment policy.
  14. An analysis of the global population on financial technology.
  15. Impact of agricultural imperialism on trade and global warming.
  16. How regional agricultural economic policies lead to global war and threat.
  17. Role of the UN in facilitating effective global trade policies.
  18. The rise of global trade monopoly: A case of the Big Tech.
  19. An analysis of technological revolution and impact on global sustainability.
  20. Does technological monopoly suggest global western economic monopoly?
  21. Effect of cryptocurrency on economic disinformation and misinformation.
  22. Global economic relations twenty years from now.
  23. The neutrality of the UN in the performance of world trade liberalization.
  24. The significant relationship between the financial sector and world poverty index.
  25. The significant relationship between global poverty index and terrorism.

Globalization Topics and Ideas in International Relations

When countries begin to operate within their sovereign rights and other countries’ sovereign rights for mutual benefits, it is known as globalization. The world today is linked as if it is a single entity by telecommunications. Here are globalization topics and ideas in international relations you should be looking at for grades.

  1. Threats and impacts of globalization on Africa.
  2. The social and political implications of globalization.
  3. Why globalization is a western concept.
  4. Why globalization is not just a western concept.
  5. The drive for world power and globalization as a tool.
  6. The energy consequences of globalization.
  7. Globalization and the erosion of natural languages.
  8. The psychological impacts of globalization and foreign cultures.
  9. Globalization: theory, practice, ethics, and implications.
  10. The implicit concept of globalization is an assimilation strategy of western power.
  11. How globalization influences terrorism, counterterrorism, and military functioning.
  12. The drive for global power and authority: trade wars and the rise of nuclear weapons.
  13. Globalization: why world international relations tomorrow is not a guarantee.
  14. The global market is a myth.
  15. Media and technology: Two major factors that decide the global market and globalization culture.
  16. The globalization of law, culture, economy, and education.
  17. History of globalization beyond the internet.
  18. The making and remaking of globalization twenty years from now.
  19. Challenges of technology and globalization in the Middle East and Africa.
  20. The erosion of diversity through the implications of world trade, global laws, and international relations.
  21. A critical review and assessment of world religions on global warming and trade.
  22. Globalization: A comparative assessment of the US and China global market strategies.
  23. Globalization in the 20th century and how it shaped modern global decisions.
  24. The psychological impacts of international trade agreements on national citizens.
  25. Globalization is the end of international relations.

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