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215 Ideal Medical Research Topics To Write On

September 15, 2021

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medical research topics

Medicine, surgery, nursing, and all health-related fields can seem tough. However, with the right kind of assistance, you will grow well in your career. Here are some of the best medical research topics. They are diverse, dynamic, and systematic.

Medical Research Papers Topics for You

When you go to medical school, you are never sure of what to expect. However, as you get used to the hospital environment and equipment, you learn how to go about it.

  1. The benefits and dangers of vaccination.
  2. What is the impact of vaccination on boosting the human immune system?
  3. The rarest genetic diseases found in children.
  4. The various humanitarian medical missions in the world.
  5. The causes of various virus infections.
  6. The major causes of sleep disorders.
  7. The difference between terminal and professional diseases.
  8. The best way to carry out the palliative treatment.
  9. Does aging cause any changes in mental health?
  10. The impact of the increased life expectancy on the healthcare system.
  11. The major moral responsibilities regarding cloning.
  12. The best ways to implement food standards.
  13. The debate on Marijuana legalization for medical purposes.
  14. The major causes of gluten allergy.
  15. The impact of the safe medical approaches to abortion.

Interesting Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Anthropology is mainly based on people, excavation, origin, history, and socialization of people. It is a broad field! Hence, medical anthropology topics can help you broadly understand people.

  1. The various nursing ethics issues.
  2. The common symptoms of celiac disease.
  3. Evaluate the forensic psychiatry field.
  4. The theoretical basis of transcultural nursing.
  5. Euthanasia and its medical ethics.
  6. The impact of euthanasia when reducing the pain of the patient’s family.
  7. Evaluate women’s sexuality and their body.
  8. The health and illnesses in the world’s culture.
  9. The anthropology of reproduction in humans.
  10. The anthropology of environmental health.
  11. The effects of adult-onset diabetes on death rates.
  12. Analyze the health and nutritional status of prehistoric people.
  13. The influence of homelessness on the growth of young children.
  14. The impact of third world poverty on the health of the respective society.
  15. The relation between environmental health and political ecology.

Controversial Medical Topics for a Research Paper

Some topics can be controversial when they are aligned to a certain phenomenon. Some things may seem ethical in the health care setting, but not in society.

  1. Do you think assisted suicide for terminal patients is ethical?
  2. The ethical concerns of testing vaccines on animals.
  3. The benefits and dangers of a vegan diet.
  4. The influence of environmental changes on human health.
  5. The diseases caused by lack of physical exercise
  6. How does urban pollution affect the getting of respiratory diseases?
  7. The methods to use to control tobacco and alcohol use.
  8. The effectiveness of the oral health assessment.
  9. Diabetes is a public danger to society.
  10. The various communication disorders.
  11. The effect of household air pollution on the growth of children.
  12. The impact of coronavirus spread globally.
  13. The latest developments in the medical instruments.
  14. The comparison between treating women versus non-pregnant women.
  15. The latest developments on AIDS and HIV.

Unique Medical Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for the most unique medical research paper topics? Why not start with any of these! They are easy, diverse, and dynamic.

  1. The major causes of an increase in cancer cases.
  2. The impact of terrorism on the mental health of individuals.
  3. Evaluate the various successful treatments for mental diseases.
  4. Elaborate on genetic engineering.
  5. Evaluate how autism is a disease.
  6. The impact of smoking on organs.
  7. The causes and effects of heart attacks in humans.
  8. The inequalities faced when getting health care services.
  9. The advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records systems.
  10. The impact of asylums on treating mental issues.
  11. The major concerns are based on health care for prison inmates.
  12. The major types of equipment used in improving AIDS treatment.
  13. The recent developments in the treatment of breast cancer.
  14. The importance of banning tobacco advertisements to reduce its use.
  15. The various government solutions to the anti-vaccine movement.

Medical Research Topics for College Students

When in college or university, you can easily get confused when searching for an ideal research project topic. Here are some of the most ideal medical research topics for college students.

  1. The causes of anxiety disorders on individuals.
  2. Comparison between bulimia and anorexia.
  3. How does childhood trauma affect one when one becomes an adult.
  4. The influence on the mental health public policies.
  5. The effect of postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  6. Comparison between dementia and schizophrenia.
  7. How does chemotherapy affect the body?
  8. How do the thyroid glands function in the body?
  9. The development of the human muscular system.
  10. Evaluate the human endocrine system.
  11. The effects of liver and heart diseases on the body.
  12. Elaborate on the various genetic diseases in humans.
  13. The importance of the lymphatic system.
  14. The biological effects caused by aging.
  15. The effect of air pollution on health.

Interesting Medical Topics for Research Papers

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  1. The paths of treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Ebola vaccine and drug development.
  3. Elaborate on regenerative medicine.
  4. Biomedical diagnostics and technology.
  5. The ethical issues concerning organ donation.
  6. Evaluate the complementary medicine used in health care centers.
  7. The ethical issues about artificial insemination and surrogacy.
  8. The effects of contraception on female bodies.
  9. The environmental bioethics in the society.
  10. The influence of in-vitro fertilization on increase in population.
  11. The medical research behind the cloning of animals.
  12. Elaborate on eugenics.
  13. The benefits of early cancer detection.
  14. The major pathogen-related cancers in the world.
  15. How is artificial intelligence being used to predict cancer?

Most Interesting Medical Research Topics

If you have a passion for treating people, choosing a medical-related field can suit you best. The medical fields require someone passionate about saving lives. These interesting medical research topics will help you start.

  1. How do the immune system cells fight cancer?
  2. Is metastasis affected by drug resistance?
  3. The ethical issues regarding human subject research.
  4. How do age and obesity influence cancer occurrence in humans?
  5. Elaborate on how tumors occur and viable treatment.
  6. The most common pathogen-related cancers.
  7. Data collection and management in the medical field.
  8. The impact of using vulnerable populations in clinical research.
  9. The major clinical practices for health professionals.
  10. The effectiveness of academic clinical trials versus the clinical trial units.
  11. The source of financial support for clinical trials.
  12. The best care and nutrition for critically ill adults.
  13. The rhythm analysis for cardiac arrest.
  14. The best way to perform artificial airways functioning.
  15. The effect of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

When interacting with individuals, it is important to be ethical. In the medical field, some issues may arise when a patient has two options of death or fight for their life. Some people argue that the patient should die rather than feel extreme pain. What’s your take?

  1. The care ethics for the mentally handicapped.
  2. The most ethical nursing theories.
  3. The ethical issues that come from practicing medicine overseas.
  4. The measurement of ethics in the medical field.
  5. The importance of medical ethics.
  6. When it is medically ethical to end a life of a patient.
  7. The ethics behind the preventive medicines used in health care centers.
  8. The relation between cultural bias and medical ethics.
  9. Is it ethical for robots to replace doctors and nurses in the hospital?
  10. Can a doctor who has been fired in the previous job open his or her clinic?
  11. The ethical issues behind assisted suicide in hospitals.
  12. The ethical challenges found in family-making.
  13. Biomedical ethics is saving the life of an expectant mother.
  14. The ethical issues to be considered when dealing with HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.
  15. The possibility of maintaining the confidentiality of medical records in this digitalized world.

Interesting Research Topics for Medical Students

When did you join medical school? How are you fairing on? As a medical student, you need to be ready to read smart to succeed in your studies. Here are some medical research topics that you can study using.

  1. Is it possible to have a disease-free world?
  2. How do doctors develop conflicts of interest with patients?
  3. Should suffering relief be considered in hospitals?
  4. The best way to deal with religious beliefs that are against science.
  5. Medical ethics need to be catered for when dealing with mentally challenged individuals.
  6. The best way to deal with doctors that don’t adhere to office ethics.
  7. The best way to deal with patients who refuse to undergo an HIV test.
  8. The duration a doctor should take before reporting an infectious disease.
  9. Should medical mistakes be considered as any mistakes at work?
  10. The consequences of a doctor letting a patient die because of ignorance.
  11. Does lack of trust in families affect the treatment process in hospitals?
  12. The consequences of a surgeon performing surgery at the wrong place.
  13. In your view, is human genome editing ethical?
  14. How to maintain the privacy of patient records using big data.
  15. How immunization raised ethical issues globally.

Medical Sociology Research Topics

Sociology mainly deals with the study of how people live. It is basically on the socialization of human beings and animals. Hence, medical sociology is an interlink of the two fields in the effort to understand people better.

  1. The major determinants of health in society.
  2. The inequalities in access to health care services in different social classes.
  3. Euthanasia issue from a sociological viewpoint.
  4. The impact of globalization on the health of the population.
  5. The impact of all the technological advancements in the medical field.
  6. How does therapy help in the advancement of the economy in any region?
  7. The impact of online learning on medical students.
  8. In your opinion, are medical internships too long for students?
  9. The effect of long shifts on the mental health of a doctor.
  10. The importance of dental check-ups.
  11. Evaluate how memory loss is connected to aging.
  12. The positive effects of nursing shifts during a pandemic.
  13. Why is the nursing field not preferred by most men?
  14. The ethical challenges associated with nursing.
  15. The effect of the medical field on social interaction.

Medical Microbiology Research Topics

Microbiology is bold and deals with living organisms and biological issues. When you are doing a medical field, you can choose what you want to fully specialize with.

  1. How does mold grow on things?
  2. The best preventive measures for sickle cell anemia.
  3. How do curry and cinnamon inhibit bacterial growth?
  4. The most harmful effects of mobile radiation.
  5. The impact of ebola on recent diseases.
  6. How does cannabis affect the human body?
  7. The effect of oil spills on water bodies.
  8. The major causes of eye disorders in children and adolescents.
  9. When human cloning is done, does it create another you?
  10. The methods used to erase and implant human memory.
  11. The major causes of ozone depletion.
  12. How is autopsy used to determine the death of a person?
  13. The sub-classification of cirrhosis.
  14. The effect of acute respiratory diseases on individuals.
  15. The structure and mechanisms of popular bacteria.

Unique Medical-Surgical Research Topics

The surgical research topics can be seen as a bit tougher than other medical fields. However, as long as you understand the concept, you will succeed in doing any of these research topics.

  1. The role of nurses in the surgical wards.
  2. Medical-surgical nursing as an integrated medical approach.
  3. The standardization of fast-track surgical nursing care.
  4. The continuity of care post-surgery in community health care.
  5. Assessment of family satisfaction with care among family members of patients in neurosurgery ICU.
  6. Patient satisfaction of nursing care in medical wards.
  7. The influence of self-care programs on self-care cognition.
  8. The effectiveness of relaxation technique on minimizing post-operative pain in the hospital.
  9. Nurse’s performance in controlling complications for patients undergoing hemodialysis.
  10. The risk of patients getting affected while treating COVID 19 patients.
  11. The critical analysis of community nursing and health care needs.
  12. The impact of monitoring labor using the partogram and its effect on labor outcome.
  13. The neurological indications for mechanical ventilation.
  14. The major causes of ventilatory insufficiency.
  15. The major causes for the impaired level of consciousness.

Current Medical Research Topics

The medical field keeps evolving as more diseases and infections are discovered. These are some of the most current medical research topics that you can ever come across.

  1. How does a brain tumor affect the proper functioning of the body?
  2. The effect of caffeine addiction.
  3. The best liver and pancreas disease research.
  4. The neurovascular and spine inventions in the medical field.
  5. The major causes of acute respiratory failure.
  6. The major causes of acute respiratory distress syndrome.
  7. The ethical aspects of medical research in animals.
  8. The possible medicine developments in the future.
  9. The impact genetic engineering and cloning will have on mankind.
  10. The paramedics in health care settings.
  11. The effect of anorexia and bulimia eating disorders.
  12. How is assisted suicide a way of treating terminal diseases?
  13. The role of a healthy diet in the overall health level.
  14. Comparison between artificial and coma.
  15. The influence of modern lifestyle on people’s health.

Controversial Medical Research Topics

These are some of the most controversial medical research topics that you can ever come across. They are based on the common phenomenon in the world. Even if you are looking for the best research topics in medical biochemistry, these can suit you.

  1. The consequences of modern lifestyle upon people’s health.
  2. The influence of aging on physical and mental health.
  3. The effect of substance abuse on the human body.
  4. The major causes of sleep disorders.
  5. Is it possible to battle Alzheimer’s disease?
  6. Is autism a disease or variant of the norm?
  7. The role of antibiotics in treating diseases.
  8. The correlation between genetics and nutrition.
  9. The genetics behind coronary artery disease.
  10. The genetic factors of Tourette’s disorder.
  11. The genetic aspects of cerebral palsy.
  12. The concepts are based on social anxiety disorder.
  13. Eye complications related to measles in children.
  14. The risk factors of meningitis in children.
  15. The prevention strategies for children with obesity.
  16. The major advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding.
  17. The major causes of eating disorders in children.
  18. The best way to measure neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function.
  19. The part of the brain associated with communication difficulties
  20. The effects of stroke on the body.

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