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233 Best Finance Dissertation Topics To Write About

August 10, 2021

Hearing about finance thesis topics or finance management project topics could scare you. Many finance students are afraid of digging into their finance research topics list because of the complexities that could be involved. You can center your essay, presentation, paper, or dissertation on any aspect of finance. It could be corporate finance, healthcare finance topics, or something about managing financial risks.

finance dissertation topics

To ease your fear and make your research easy, here are topics across different parts of finance for you. You may be an MBA student, college student, or student in need of writing tips. With these topics, you should only bother about how to write your research.

Finance Research Topics for MBA

You may be interested in writing on risk management or other forms of finance paper topics to fulfill your MBA requirements. You can consider these finance management project topics:

  1. Assess the capital management and investment choices of (company)
  2. Attempt a research study on Employee salary plan and Employee strategy for paying taxes
  3. Assess the intermediaries in the stock market and how they affect or improve market growth
  4. A comparative study between traditional finance methods in America and the influence of Fintech
  5. Invoice: a contemporary perspective on client-customer accountability
  6. An Assessment of life insurance and health insurance and how it contributes to financial realities
  7. A critical assessment of risk management in internet trading
  8. A study of investment and the investor in stock market
  9. A critical Assessment of the commodity market in North America
  10. A study of investment selfishness and protection of company interest by management
  11. An Analysis of risk management strategies and how it has worked overtime
  12. A study of capitalism and how it bears semblance to China’s communism
  13. A bird’s eye view at the stock exchange of India and New York
  14. The study of debt patterns and how they affect savings
  15. The study of debt patterns and how they affect financial accountability
  16. The study of saving patterns and how it relates to financial management
  17. A survey of investment preferences and strategies of real estate investors
  18. A critical analysis of investment preferences and strategies of retail investors
  19. The study of stocks in the banking sector
  20. Small business and medium-sized business: a Critical Assessment of investment choices, strategies, and risks
  21. The Assessment of risk in mutual funds
  22. The assessment of risk in the commodity market
  23. The Assessment of risk and risk patterns in Forex trading
  24. The danger and blessings of reliability on Cryptocurrency
  25. Cryptocurrency: the way forward for the digital age and the risks involves in financial and data security
  26. A study of budget control, inventory management and their roles in business growth
  27. Online payment: the risk and the growth of financial technology
  28. The study of income and taxation: how low-income earners fair in a capitalist society
  29. The financial risk of Chinese Communism
  30. What are multi-level marketing and its distinctions to other forms of entrepreneurial marketing systems?

Finance Research Topic List

If you’re looking for topics to base your research on, there are limitless healthcare finance topics, finance management topics, and many others for your finance dissertation. You can consider the following topics shaped in the form of questions for your project.

  1. Digital currency: how digital marketing and sales have changed the world of currency and channels for trade
  2. Data protection: what is new and how does it impact social security?
  3. Financial Technology: the strategies of development and how it has challenged the status quo
  4. Blockchain technology: what does it mean for the world?
  5. Crowdfunding: how has social media contributed to emergency financial assistance
  6. A critical attempt to study portfolio Management in the UK
  7. A study of foreign exchange and the risk involved in such Transactions
  8. Trends and challenges of the innovations in financial technology
  9. The Development of online trading and what it means for the world and risk management
  10. A study of equity and technical analysis before and after investment
  11. Bonds and risk clearing in the banking sector
  12. The banking sector and how it bears semblance with the insurance industry
  13. Organizational investment chart: the risk and the profits for the past 5 years and what was responsible for risks and profits
  14. Compare and contrast the marketing systems of two companies
  15. Investment companies: how price fluctuations could affect business Transparency and customer trust
  16. Agriculture and business: how does it work together?
  17. Gold and diamond: an assessment of luxury goods Industry
  18. Retail industry: how business owners manage themselves in periods of financial crisis, a case study of Ali Baba
  19. A critical assessment of students loans in the UK and the US
  20. Insurance companies and the complexities around their roles in the promotion of financial security
  21. Financial security: the reality of a lie for middle and low-income earners
  22. The study of business preferences in investors and how it affects what is considered “credible” businesses and otherwise
  23. How financial growth relates to financial independence
  24. Why an international and mega-company can’t be without debt
  25. A critical Assessment into the theories of financial probability and how it affects business growth

Research Topics for Finance Students

If you’re interested in finance research papers topics, you may want to blow the mind of your professor with practical approaches to contemporary issues. You can consider the following topics for your university essay or project:

  1. A study of banking and the growing significance of digital banks over physical banks
  2. An attempt to assess reasons behind the fierce opposition of banks towards digital currency trends in recent years
  3. The digital age and the challenges to banking and risk management
  4. A study of security practices in protecting online data on retail stores and digital trading centers
  5. Terrorism: an attempt to identify the loopholes of AI and Fintech in recognizing suspicious patterns to tackle terrorism
  6. Ethics of banking profits: what is right and what is wrong for the customer
  7. The developments of UK exits of Brexit and what it means for the UK banking system, the public, and the international community
  8. The education of accounting in the UK and its influence on the banking sector
  9. Auditing: a Critical Assessment on the theories of trust in business
  10. How contemporary accounting standards can be driven to exceed the expectations of regulators
  11. The need for regulators in the international financial systems
  12. A critical assessment of the financial systems of the UN
  13. Accounting programs: compare and contrast the systems of the US and the systems of the UK
  14. Law: where legal aid is essential in financial protection in business by two or more founders
  15. Financial accountability and risk management: a case study of (an NGO)
  16. Contemporary financial trends and how it complicates or improve the financial sector
  17. Analyze the challenges of modern banking systems and the risk for customers
  18. Poverty alleviation schemes: a sham or a potential means to reduce poverty
  19. The study of regulation and supervision in the banking industry
  20. An Analysis of the strategies employed by microfinance institutions which leads to growth of business decline
  21. A critical assessment of the trends in financial technology and its impacts on the growth of the industry within a 10-year scope
  22. International banking and the systems to discover risk and fraud
  23. Fraud: how Financial institutions can tackle the challenge of online scam
  24. The transition from Traditional financial systems to contemporary financial systems: what changed?
  25. The concerns of the public and their reactions to the commencement of IFRS in the UK
  26. A critical study of real estate companies and agencies in the UK through the eyes of a banker
  27. Investment banking: the link between capital structure and property management
  28. An investigation into the influence of digital retail industries on the economic growth of US
  29. Domestic and foreign banks: a study of profitability and risks
  30. Retail Industry: how COVID-19 affected investment in the offline retail industry

Finance Topics for Presentation

If you’re considering research topics in finance for your presentation, you can as well choose business finance topics. These are topics about real-life situations which you can reflect on to your selected audience. Depending on the situation, you can fine-tune the following topics to your interest:

  1. An analysis of a trend in the finance industry over the past two years
  2. An assessment of pension plans and how retirees could remain in financial penury
  3. Report of trading and the competition across countries of the world
  4. The weakness of mutual funds and how it poses a challenge in the present day Financial market
  5. How companies manage their asset and the chains of distribution
  6. A critical Assessment of consumer behavior towards marketing in online stores and physical stores
  7. Risk management and what it means for small businesses in the digital age
  8. A guide to Forex trading and the things you must be conscious of
  9. A study of trading accounts and trader interest in digital investments
  10. An attempt to study investor protection and SEBI
  11. The economic chart of China’s Belt and Road initiative and what it means for the international economy
  12. The sustainability of Chinese economic growth: possibilities and dangers
  13. The economic ties of China with Russia: the politics and the economic interests
  14. The distinction between international politics and economics
  15. The benefits of the global market in Chinese economic progression
  16. Exchange rates and what leads to the changes in the market structure
  17. How you can manage your finances even when you save more than half of your earnings
  18. Macroeconomics and the problems of the international community: what is the role of macroeconomics in today’s world?
  19. What are the standards of financial reporting and how does it improve business accountability
  20. The profit of firms and how it affects corporate social responsibilities

Corporate Finance Research Topics

If you need a finance research topic list on investment, banking, or any other sector of international finance, you can still impress your professor with your topic choices. You can consider:

  1. Does auditor independence help in achieving transparency and accountability in business?
  2. Organizational structure and how it related to corporate debt rate
  3. The ethical challenges of corporate finance and possible solutions for financial security
  4. The importance of bank officials in the international stock exchange market
  5. The effect of price fluctuations in the prices of stocks and bond ratings
  6. The importance of the knowledge of business finance for an entrepreneur
  7. Business modernization: what has changed and what remains practical?
  8. Economic crisis: the challenge on corporate organizations and how they overcome economic death
  9. Corporate organizations: a study of three companies and how they fared during the 2008/09 economic recession
  10. Corporate organizations: the challenges COVID-19 pandemic caused and how they overcome it
  11. Financial crisis: how the banking industry can help in the circulation of money
  12. Why corporate organizations should learn about accounting and auditing
  13. The economic structure of a corporate organization of your choice
  14. The problems and challenges faced by corporate organizations under the contemporary financial systems
  15. Financial realities: what it means for personal finances and corporate finances

International Finance Topics

If you’re interested in writing about international finance topics, you are not restricted to a particular continent or the economic part of the international economy. You can flex your potential across continents, even the politics involved in the economic systems of countries. You can consider finance research paper topics like:

  1. A critical study of foreign investment and the trend of economic growth in Ghana
  2. A study of the economy of China and Russia in the last 10 years
  3. The trends in the international economic systems
  4. The politics of international economy and how policies have political undertones
  5. Saudi economic reform: the changes in foreign economic structures
  6. Oil and gas industry: the market share of the industry and how it determines overall economic capacities of a country
  7. The role of small businesses in the economic growth of the US
  8. The advantages and challenges of digital banking
  9. Assess the benefits and dangers of foreign investment in any African country
  10. Study the trends of the Belt and Road initiative in the past 5 years and identify the changes in the acceptance of China’s economic power
  11. The Financial crisis of 2007 was inevitable: discuss
  12. What determines payouts and corporate dividends?
  13. A review of financial terms in the international context
  14. The effectiveness of financial forecasts and their impacts on internal development
  15. An Assessment of the need for financial corporations in any country in Latin America
  16. Global Financial crisis and what it means for every country of the world
  17. Regional integration and the importance in a capitalist or socialist environment
  18. What causes the devaluation of the currency of any country of your choice
  19. What is the role of International Monetary Funds in alleviating systemic poverty in beneficiary countries
  20. A study of liberal international economy and its potential benefits to all

Interesting Finance Topics

There are also interesting research topics for finance students to write about in your paper or essay. You can consider the following finance paper topics:

  1. A study of the financial policies and structure of the United States under President Donald Trump
  2. How can companies fail through their financial decisions: a case study of two companies
  3. The role of financial markets in the sharing of Financial Resources?
  4. The challenges of modernity in answering questions about digital banking
  5. Social security: the financial side that protects customers
  6. The possibilities of regulating the economy of a country through its financial resources and outlets
  7. NGOs: the formation of financial resources and the problems associated over time
  8. What do you think about taxes?
  9. The principles of capitalism and how it affects personal savings for low-income earners
  10. The ethics of financial management
  11. The theory of economic integration in Europe
  12. The UK exit Brexit: what does it mean for regional economic integration?
  13. Budgetary and the challenges of the system
  14. The implementation of taxation and the economic significance
  15. Loans as the potential source of constant debt
  16. There is more mathematics in finance
  17. Finance encompasses the economy of nations and offers insights into functionalities
  18. Online Investments: the test of individual financial choices

Public Finance Topics

If you want to know about the influence of a government in the economy of its state, you may need to analyze the context of finance, debt, taxation, and other finances. For your finance thesis topics, you can consider:

  1. A critical study of the US government in its financial systems
  2. The evaluation of how taxes are used to increase revenue
  3. The idea of theory and practice when it involves taxation policies and implementations in the UK
  4. How government share the revenue it raised
  5. Budgeting and accounting systems of the government of your state of choice
  6. Public finance and policies and how it could affect international trade
  7. Public financial policies and how they could influence a company’s growth
  8. The effects of the public finance sector on the international market
  9. Economic efficiency and the role of public finance in achieving it
  10. The world bank and its financial roles in an Asian country of your choice
  11. Can countries do without financial regulatory bodies?
  12. The role of public finance in increasing the growth of small business owners
  13. The effect of population explosion on public finance
  14. The Influence of modernity and technology on government Financial decisions
  15. A study of bad credits and what it means for personal finances
  16. An analysis of the economic reforms of President Xi of China
  17. An analysis of the economic reforms of the United States under President Biden
  18. An assessment of the economic reforms in contemporary Russia
  19. An assessment of the economic systems before industrialization and after industrialization
  20. The Influence of politics on public finance and growth
  21. How does the relationship between the World Bank and a developing country aid or impeded economic development in that country?
  22. How the implementation of hedge funds can help increase the economy of a country
  23. The differences between loans and foreign investments
  24. Public finance and poor management: what does it mean for the public?
  25. How can governments make wise economic policies and reforms?

Finance Debate Topics

You may want to try international finance topics and convert them into a debate. There are many arguable financial topics to write about. You can explore the following topics:

  1. College Education should be free
  2. The evolution of digital banking makes every insecure
  3. People do not need health or life insurance
  4. Personal finance has nothing to do about personal behavior, it’s all about a high level of income
  5. Buying a used car is better than buying a new car
  6. It’s better to pay a student loan off first
  7. Multinational corporations exist to keep their host countries in perpetual economic decline
  8. The monopoly of multinational corporations is a sin
  9. Cryptocurrency leads to financial insecurity
  10. The digital retail Industry is the death of physical retail stores
  11. Quality over quantity: what matters?
  12. Job security is not what the government can guarantee
  13. Financial security is a myth
  14. Poverty alleviation schemes are only schemes that meet present challenges; they’re not sustainable
  15. Healthcare should be commercialized
  16. Everyone should access basic social needs without paying for it
  17. The institution of taxation is dangerous for financial independence
  18. There should be no poor people in developed countries
  19. Capitalism is no better than communism as a flawed economic system
  20. The danger of foreign aid is more than its benefits
  21. Corruption is inevitable in the government and the private sectors
  22. Nationalism is the death of globalized economics
  23. There is no economic freedom
  24. What makes multinational corporations superior is the backing of their home government
  25. The weakness of a country is its economic policies, not the people
  26. Private companies cannot help to improve a country’s economy
  27. The industries of the public sector should be in private hands
  28. Trade unions help secure better economic reforms
  29. Corruption is inevitable in a growing economy
  30. Oil is a major contributor to the growth of world finance
  31. Loans are for the good of the borrower
  32. Foreign investment is a curse in disguise
  33. You can’t save up on your own

Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance

As you know, there are certain aspects of Mathematics in finance. If you want to elaborate on any topic in finance with connection to mathematics, you can choose either of the following:

  1. Single variable calculus
  2. Linear algebra
  3. The concept of probability
  4. Statistics and charts
  5. Value Added Tax
  6. The models of Value At Risk (VAR)
  7. Stochastic Processes
  8. The modeling of volatility
  9. The models of commodity
  10. The study of portfolio management
  11. Factor modeling
  12. Risk neutral valuation
  13. The recovery theory of Ross
  14. Interest rates and credits: HJM models
  15. The time series models
  16. The Quanto credit hedging
  17. The theory of counterparty credit risk

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