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100 Critically Acclaimed Business Research Topics

July 21, 2020

In a world where the money is the heart of everything, finding business topics for a research paper is not a walk uphill. You can find a wide range of issues, from selling sweets to managing a global company. However, finding unique and original topics from professionals is a big deal.
business research topics

How to Come Up with Killer Business Research Topics

An exciting business topic would lay the foundation for an A+ plus research paper. Follow these expert-recommended tips to develop top-notch topics for your essay or research paper:

  • Find a research question that interests you.
  • Check for its originality
  • Ensure that it is relevant

You can derive examples of business research topics from:

  • News websites
  • Trending issues in society (coronavirus)
  • Analyzing successful business establishments
  • Follow up on what others have written

Below are some professionally hand-picked topics that you could use.

Top Business Research Topics For MBA Students

  1. Customer loyalty and the secret behind it
  2. How advertising is evolving in the 21st century
  3. The role of market research to a starting business
  4. Does discounting attract more customers?
  5. How to best motivate employees in a company
  6. Impact of machines on human labor
  7. What determines employee retention or retrenchment?
  8. How companies reap big from product scarcity
  9. Crypto-currency and its impact on businesses
  10. How financial crises affect a company’s reputation

Impressive Business Management Topics

  1. The impact of salaries and wages on managing employees’ performance
  2. How to best handle employee strikes
  3. The influence of trade unions on better management
  4. Challenges facing industrial managers in country X
  5. The role of effective communication on the management
  6. Causes and effects of upward communication breakdown
  7. An evaluation of knowledge management on competitiveness
  8. The impact of time management on an organization’s productivity
  9. Challenges of managing new products
  10. Record keeping is a crucial business management tool

World-Class MBA Ph.D. Topics in Management

  1. An analytical view of investment strategies
  2. Influence of online marketing on start-ups: A case study
  3. A case study of cultural differences and their impact on management
  4. Workplace challenges: an analysis of micro-enterprises
  5. Business models for environmental management: sustainability matters
  6. Survey of the transforming work ethics
  7. Leaders and bosses: an analysis
  8. Dealing with conflict at work: management
  9. Businesses and international organizations: Developing eco-centric ethics
  10. Ontology of organizations: a philosophical view

Catchy Business Administration Topics

  1. An evaluation of financial incentives
  2. Impact of leadership on performance, achievement and goal realization
  3. The role of organizational structure on company performance
  4. Techniques for improving the human resource department
  5. Purpose of training and development on business administration
  6. Auditing and transparency in administration
  7. Corporate governance: is it useful?
  8. Leadership styles: Impact on performance
  9. The effect of changing administrative positions on performance
  10. Work status and organizational behavior

A-Grade Business Research Topics for College Students

  1. How to effectively delegate work
  2. Tips to productivity in a corporate environment
  3. Dealing with differences at work: Is resigning the best option?
  4. Mentorship at workplaces: What role do directors and managers play?
  5. Successful organizational structures that can withstand tough economic times
  6. Improving horizontal communication
  7. How to deal with older employees effectively
  8. Digital marketing and SMEs
  9. How to advertise children products ethically
  10. Local versus global marketing strategies

Interesting Business Topics on Business Ownership

  1. Advantages of a sole proprietorship
  2. The problem of debts in a partnership
  3. Binding laws related to corporations and their implications
  4. The changing business ownership landscape: Limited Liability Corporation
  5. Sharing sales or profits equally in a franchise ownership
  6. How non-profit organizations sustain themselves
  7. Considerations for a type of business ownership
  8. How different business entities pay their taxes
  9. Should NGOs pay taxes?
  10. Business, financial, and legal responsibilities in ownership

Fast IT Related Business Topics for Research

  1. How does digital marketing affect consumer behavior?
  2. Impact of integrated information technology on business efficiency
  3. Information technology characteristics for business in the UK
  4. How online banking improves customer experience
  5. The role of IT in business security
  6. Using information technology to enhance customer relationship management
  7. Disaster recovery programs: A case study of
  1. affected business in Africa
  2. The use of IT in developing countries: Does it work?
  3. Technological innovations: How they are changing companies for the better
  4. Is online marketing replacing physical stores and markets?

Controversial Business Topics for Research

  1. Sexual harassment at workplaces: Why ladies are the primary victims
  2. Should companies allow workplace dating?
  3. Dress code: Why must employees wear uniforms while at work?
  4. Bias in promotions: Why seniors always get top spots
  5. Is COVID-19 the cause of economic recession in most countries?
  6. Copycat products: Should companies produce similar products?
  7. What is the required working age for employees?
  8. The role of whistleblowing in enhancing transparency and accountability
  9. Should companies send workers home on unpaid leaves during pandemics?
  10. Why do companies use sexual innuendos in marketing?

Business Related Topics on Law

  1. Does downloading of songs infringe on the rights of musicians, thus causing economic hardships on them?
  2. Compare and contrast business laws in various countries and their effectiveness
  3. The role of contacts in business transactions
  4. Understanding commercial law and its application to businesses
  5. Are verbal and non-verbal agreements valid in legal business transactions?
  6. Disadvantages of using commercial or regular lease
  7. How do the Copyright and Trademark laws apply?
  8. Analyzing the role of advertising law in online marketing
  9. Discussing the part of a Universal Commercial Law Code to businesses
  10. What is Business Law, and how does it affect commercial transactions?

General Business Research Proposal Topics

  1. The role of communism on businesses in China and North Korea
  2. Outsourcing services: what are the merits and demerits to the success of a company?
  3. Business cultures: Evaluating their roles and why it is so hard to get rid of them
  4. Marketing campaigns: Why do companies use celebrities as brand ambassadors for their products?
  5. What is the impact of fast-food restaurants to dine in restaurants in the USA?
  6. What will be the consequence of travel restrictions on the tourism sector?
  7. Who should bail out airlines during the coronavirus lockdown period?
  8. Is YouTube effective in conveying ads to the intended consumers?
  9. What is the best way for content creators to earn money using social media?
  10. How are technologies changing the way people make transactions in the workplace?

Finding business-related topics has never been easier. With our comprehensive business research topics list, nothing can stop you from coming up with your own. Only make sure to follow the guidelines given above.

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