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Top 100 Technology Research Topics

July 8, 2020

Technology Research Topics

The choice of technology research topics can influence the quality of the final papers submitted by students. It can also impact the experience of students when writing their papers. These are some of the reasons why students should be careful when choosing technology topics to research and write about.

Nevertheless, students that have difficulties in choosing topics about technology have many options to consider. What’s more, topics on technology can be classified into different categories. Here are some of the research topics about technology that learners can research and write about. If you decide to get professional writing help, just contact our academic writers.

Latest Technology Research Topics

If you want to write about the latest technological inventions, consider technology research paper topics in this category. Here are some of them.

  1. 3D algorithms – Discuss their use in computer programming languages and the game video games’ development
  2. Explain the inefficient use of 3D printers in today’s society
  3. Ad Server – Explain technology use in advertising
  4. Explain the evolution of artificial intelligence
  5. Explain the concept of auto text summarization
  6. Explain the process of building energy conservation designs
  7. Compare and contrast online learning and face-to-face learning
  8. Explain how cloud computing has changed how data is processed and stored in servers
  9. How do cell phones make humans depend on one another?
  10. Can the use of cell phones lead to brain cancer?
  11. Can genetic food modification technology be used to solve the world hunger problem?
  12. Discuss the undefined guidelines or rules that are followed in business technology
  13. Discuss the computer-aided control technology
  14. Discuss the computer-aided manufacture and design
  15. Explain how social media technology is helping in the creation of new families
  16. Explain the use of data mining technology in detecting technical theft and fraud
  17. Explain the effectiveness of the use of electronic surveillance to protect properties from possible dangers
  18. Explain how phishing can be stopped completely
  19. Explain how imaginaire has changed how people relate
  20. Why is the use of cell phones when driving risky?

These are just some of the latest technology-related topics. However, students should choose topics they find interesting and then conduct extensive research to find adequate and relevant data.

Amazing Technology Debate Topics

Are you looking for debatable technology essay topics? If yes, here are examples of such topics to consider.

  1. Explain how smart clothes or technology-compatible fashions have become a future wave
  2. Explain how voting fraud is a major problem because voting machines are easy to compromise
  3. How are tech companies overshadowing technology security
  4. Apple versus Samsung – Which company is the technology giant?
  5. Are Apple products designed and built to last?
  6. Android versus Apple – Who makes better devices?
  7. Are plasma televisions on their way out?
  8. How better can robots be in comparison to humans?
  9. Are entrepreneurs spending too much on tech start-ups?
  10. Can this time in history be described as the Age of Hacks?
  11. Why should you prefer Apple products?
  12. Do you like the autoplay feature for Facebook videos?
  13. Are you worried that your email account could be hacked?
  14. Are Firefox and Yahoo going against Google when it comes to diminishing its influence and growth?
  15. Are you worried about having your USB device hacked?
  16. Can you trust anti-surveillance software?
  17. Can books be replaced by technology?
  18. Can cell phones be used as educational tools?
  19. How important is a website for a modern company?
  20. Will consoles every reach the level of personal computers?

Interesting Technology Topics

If looking for hot topics in technology, consider some of the ideas in this category. Here are some of the most interesting research topics on technology that you should consider.

  1. Are medical apps reliable?
  2. How has the internet made outsourcing easier?
  3. Is Bitcoin safe and reliable?
  4. How can technology be used to manage healthcare in the cloud?
  5. Will self-driving cars be safe?
  6. How effective are video surveillance and smart homes?
  7. Are digital voting machines encouraging voter fraud or paving way for the future?
  8. Are children spending excessive time on the internet?
  9. Is gene editing ethical?
  10. What are the Blockchain technology basics?
  11. Why is virtual gaming and reality so popular?
  12. How addictive are video games?
  13. Why are teenagers avoiding some social media platforms?
  14. Are VPN sketchy or safe?
  15. What does a transition from 4G to 5G means?
  16. What is the future of video streaming?
  17. How have technology advances changed IT support?
  18. Explain what companies are doing to beat hackers?
  19. Explain the concept of online shopping and augmented reality
  20. Explain GGI advancements in videogames and movies

These are some of the best computer technology topics to consider if you want to research and write about something interesting. Nevertheless, you should be ready to research extensively to find relevant and factual data to support your argument.

Controversial Technology Topics

Learners have many controversial topics in technology to consider. These are engaging and relatable topics that many people find controversial. Here are examples of such topics:

  1. How dangerous are cell phones?
  2. What are the emerging alternative energy forms?
  3. Are digital tools making humans less or more productive?
  4. How different is the world in which kids under the age of 12 are growing compared to those in colleges?
  5. Is the world having a throw-away society?
  6. Explain the drone warfare
  7. How can technology be used to prevent pregnancy among teens?
  8. Should the internet be censored or controlled?
  9. Digital learning is changing education and schools- Explain
  10. Explain the use of filthy language on the internet
  11. Explain how technology is influencing the education system
  12. Is technology turning humans into zombies?
  13. How can technology be used to regulate the human diet?
  14. Should technological developments be accessed by people across the world equally?
  15. Should identity chips be implanted under the human skin?
  16. How is technology influencing behavior among children?
  17. How have human lives changed because of technology?
  18. How is digital learning changing education and classrooms
  19. Are Smartphones reducing live communication?
  20. What are the negative effects of new technologies?

This category has some of the best educational technology topics. Some of them are also great technology presentation topics. However, students should research them extensively and use reliable sources to find quality data to support their arguments.

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for technology essays topics that allow you to take a stance. In that case, you should choose the topics in this category. Here are examples of the best topics in this category.

  1. Cell phones are too harmful
  2. Video games are too violent for children
  3. How good are mobile apps for learning
  4. Are the existing technologies making people lonely?
  5. Modern people are technological zombies
  6. Young people are too dependent on Smartphones and computers
  7. Modern teens are over depending on information technologies
  8. Is texting an effective way to communicate?
  9. Spy applications are an invasion of mobile phones privacy
  10. Explain how cyber-bullying can be blocked effectively
  11. Explain how Google has affected society
  12. How people have become anti-social because of technology
  13. Explain the pros and cons of using mobile phones
  14. Explain how technology makes people feel lonely
  15. Some computer games are partly the cause of mass murder

These can also be great technology speech topics. Nevertheless, they also require extensive research to come up with great papers.

Information Technology Topics

In addition to science and technology topics, students can also write on different information technology research topics. Examples of such topics include:

  1. How information technologies will change human life in 20 years
  2. Explain what governments are doing to regulate how people use the internet
  3. Explain the long-term effects of information technology
  4. Does the use of the internet to communicate bring humans closer together?
  5. Compare the human brain function and how computers work

Information technology research paper topics are very common in high schools and colleges. They are also common in social science studies. That’s because they enable learners to evaluate the impact of modern technologies on human behaviors. You can also check our computer science topics.

In addition to these categories, learners can also choose topics in business technology, science and technology topics, as well as, technology security topics. The most important thing is to select a topic you can comfortably research and write about.

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