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50+ Best Computer Science Topics For You!

April 3, 2020

computer science topics

Computer science is a very vast field, and this makes getting computer science topics quite tricky. Computer scientists study computers and computational systems. Unlike professionals such as electrical and computer engineers, a computer scientist focuses chiefly on software and software systems studying the theory, design, development, and application of these software and software systems.

The significant areas of study in computer science include human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, security, database systems, and lots more. Here are some topics in computer science from which you can choose!

  1. Computer vision and pattern recognition.
  2. The architecture and management of database.
  3. The evolution of torrents.
  4. Privacy and security in social networks.

Computer Science Essay Topics

If you want to write an engaging computer science essay, it is very crucial to choose interesting computer science topics that are fun to write about, and which your readers will find captivating. That said, below is a list of interesting topics in computer science to assist you in writing an excellent essay! If you need qualified writing assistance we advise you to check our essay writers.

  1. The borderline between hardware and software in cloud computing.
  2. What will happen if we make storage strictly on the cloud?
  3. The importance and impact of machine learning.
  4. How virtualization will change entertainment.
  5. How virtualization will change education.

Computer Science Research Topics

Research paper topics in computer science are in constant need because computer science research is a continually advancing field of scientific research. With so many novel concepts in computer science, research continues to thrive in many aspects. As you already know, choosing research topics in computer science is not a walk in the park. We have carefully selected some computer science research papers topics and computer science research topics for undergraduates for you to consider for your research.

  1. Exploring the benefits of machine learning and neuron networks
  2. The limits of computation and communication
  3. Why we must understand blockchain technology.
  4. Exploring the benefits and disadvantages of cloud storage.
  5. The peculiarities of software development for portable gadgets.

AP Computer Science Topics

The AP Computer Science A exam aims to test students how much a student knows about Java. It is the equivalent of a first-semester course in computer science, and students who would like to challenge themselves and engage in a technical major in college will find the exams interesting. Here is the general overview of the AP computer science topics you would have to study to pass the exams.

  1. Program Design (Object-Oriented)
    • Program Design
    • Class Design
  2. Program Implementation
    • Techniques of Implementation
    • Programming constructs
    • Classes of Java library
  3. Program Analysis
    • Testing programs
    • Debugging programs
    • Modifying existing codes
    • Extending existing code by the use of inheritance
    • Understanding error handling e.g., runtime exceptions
    • Program reasoning
    • Algorithms analysis
    • Limits and Numerical representations
  4. Standard Data Structures
    • Simple data types
    • Classes
    • 1-Dimensional array
    • 2-dimensional array
  5. Standard Algorithms
    • Operations on the above-listed data structures
    • Searching
    • Sorting
  6. Computing in Context
    • Primary hardware components
    • System software
    • Categories of systems
    • Using computer systems responsibly

Controversial Topics In Computer Science

Most times, controversies surround newfound applications of specific findings. This theory still holds even in computer science. We bring you five current computer science controversial topics that will guide you in your exploration for more.

  1. Can online medicine apps substitute the treatment of real doctors?
  2. What is the future of 5g wireless systems?
  3. Ethical hacking: the white hat hackers.
  4. Infringement of privacy of citizens by the government.
  5. What will be the fate of humans when artificial intelligence takes over jobs?

Computer Science Project Topics

When project ideas fully develop, they could lead to great discoveries. This is why we have carefully crafted the best project topics for computer science students. Check out the project ideas and work on the one you find most promising!

  1. Designing and Implementing Mobile Banking.
  2. Implementing Multi Router Traffic Monitoring.
  3. Watermarking images Using Pythagoras and Trigonometry.
  4. Android Task Monitoring.
  5. Design of an online Pizza ordering system.

Computer Science Thesis Topics

Are you a masters student looking for a worthwhile computer science research paper topic? Look no further! Here is a list of research topics in computer science for your thesis.

  1. Critical roles played by human-computer interaction.
  2. The principles of writing antivirus software.
  3. Assurance of computer and information securities.
  4. Using artificial intelligence for automation of data analyses.
  5. How do child programmers manage to cope with dyslexia?

PhD Topics In Computer Science

For a PhD, you need to streamline your search to address pertinent issues. This is why we have crafted five PhD research topics in computer science for you to consider.

  1. Quantum computers: the future?
  2. The working principles of computer viruses and the hazards they cause.
  3. An evaluation of the success of computer-assisted education.
  4. The importance of usability in human-computer interactions.
  5. The connection of virtual reality to human perception.

Computer Science Presentation Topics

Without the most engaging of topics, an audience listening to you during a presentation will most likely get distracted or tune off completely. If you want to keep your audience alive, here are some excellent computer science presentation topics you should consider.

  1. The importance of artificial intelligence
  2. Computation and language
  3. The correlation between computer science and game theory.
  4. The impact of computers on society.
  5. The semantic web

Hot Topics In Computer Science

Everyone loves to stay up to date with current trends. This is why we bring you some current topics in computer science that are worth your while!

  1. Internet of things (IoT)
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Machine learning
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Quantum computing.

So here we are! You now have the luxury of 50 computer science topics to choose from, be it to write an essay, conduct research, carry out a project, and so on! Go and be the best that you can be! Also, you can check out our capstone project ideas.

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