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133 Biochemistry Research Topics To Help You Out

September 29, 2021

Biochemistry is a branch of science that explores the chemical substances found within and related to living organisms. These organisms include plants and animals. The concentration of this branch of science is on the processes that happen on a molecular level in these living organisms.

biochemistry research topics

As the name already suggests, it is a fusion of the function of biology and chemistry in living organisms. The importance of biochemistry cannot be overstated, as it has provided explanations for the causes of diseases in humans and animals. It has helped and continues to help determine how specific molecules like vitamins, proteins, for example, function in the body.

In writing a perfect and precise essay in biochemistry, it is required that one possesses admirable knowledge on the chosen biochemistry research topics. Courtesy of the number of materials found online about biochemistry; it is easy for students to be tempted to select any and claim it as theirs. It is, however, pertinent that students are intentional about writing their essay and making it theirs without plagiarizing.

Biochemistry Research Paper Outline

One sure way to make your work yours is by having a good idea of what a biochemistry research paper outline should look like. Below is a guideline that can be followed by a student intending on writing a research paper in biochemistry:

  • Settle on a topic. Deciding upon a subject for your biochemistry research paper covers more than simply knowing what you want your research to center on. It is also essential that the topic selected covers and conveys to the reader the essence of what the project aims to discuss.
  • A Compelling Introduction. You may choose to start with an Abstract followed by an introduction, or you may have an opening. Whichever you decide to employ in your work, place the piece in context for the reader. It should communicate to the reader why the manuscript is appropriate for biochemistry. Ideally, your abstract should be no more than 250 words.
  • Literature Review. This is the section where materials consulted that relate to the topic will be examined. The review must be comprehensive because it is from here the writer examines previously published work on an issue, and uses it to give a reason for the importance of the current work, and show that it is not simply a regurgitation of what has already been published.
  • Methodology. There are several methods to writing a research paper, and it explains the procedure that would be adopted to process and analyze information about the topic chosen. This is of profound importance because it allows the reader to evaluate the study’s validity. There are observational, experimental, case study, documentary methods of writing research.
  • Discussion of Findings and Analysis. The current research covers all that the researcher hopes to communicate in his research work. This is where the form of methodology settled on is expounded and detailed. Where figures or tables are used, they must be prepared in a precise and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Conclusion and References. The decision for a research paper must be as comprehensive as the introduction. It should include a brief version of the observations and the recommendations that have been proffered in the form. Referencing shows the materials consulted must not be skipped, as it shows the authenticity of a work. Where data has been realized from a previously published article or book, they must be referenced.

Current Topics in Biochemical Research

In deciding to research biochemistry, it is essential to know that research projects are crucial in a student’s life. A student can choose to explore interesting biochemistry paper topics that appeal personally to them or to those that would make good science fair projects. Regardless of whichever is settled upon, because the student would carry out the research, it is helpful when there are topics to choose from. Below are current issues in biochemical analysis.

  1. An Analysis of the Biological Effects in Periodontal Ligament Cells.
  2. Understanding the Function of Protein and Peptide in Membranes.
  3. Critical Analysis on the Evolution of Microbial Disease.
  4. The Function of B cells Receptors in Diseases and Vaccines.
  5. The Pathology and Biology of Cancer.
  6. Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms.
  7. The Significance of Protein Kinase in Drug Resistance and Cancer.
  8. Study on the Structure and Functions of Amino Acids.
  9. Central Dogma and its Exceptions.
  10. The Importance of Information in Predicting Protein Dihedral Angles.
  11. A Review of Human Genome Mapping and How it Helps with Disease Prevention.
  12. Exploring the Role of Polyphosphate on the Virulence of Erwinia Caratovora.
  13. An Analysis of the Chemical Quantity of Aspirin.
  14. Metalloproteins and Metalloenzymes: The Contrast.
  15. Preliminary Study on the Screening of Citrus Sinensis Coat and Seed.
  16. The Effects of the Chemical Compositions of Potassium Permanganate.
  17. The Effects of Alkaloidal Isolates of a Plant.
  18. Evaluate the Impact of Maternal Serum on Pregnant Women and their Children.
  19. Vitro Effects of Phenolic Acids.
  20. The Factors Associated with Initiating a new drug to a Patient.
  21. Tools that Regulate Cell Population.

Popular Biochemistry Research Paper Topics

These are topics with themes that are currently leading the research in biochemistry. They are popular with college and university students as well as professionals alike. Below is a list of popular topics in the fields of Biochemistry:

  1. The Determinants for the Effectiveness of Drugs.
  2. Tumor Growth and the Biological Factors that Precedes it.
  3. Risks associated with Herbal Reparations on Treating Skin Diseases.
  4. Impact of COVID-19 on the Study of Biochemistry.
  5. Cardiovascular Diseases and Biochemical Experiments.
  6. An Evaluation of the Molecular Methods in Investigating Variations in Gene.
  7. An Analysis of Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) amongst Children.
  8. Discuss the Biochemical Properties of the Coronavirus.
  9. The Importance of Electron Microscopy in Isolating Viruses and Bacteria.
  10. The Use of Biomedical Means by Athletes in Gaining Unfairness? Advantage on other Competitors.
  11. Recent Advancements in Biochemistry Research for Medications Catering to New Strains of Coronavirus.
  12. An Analysis of Tissue Clearing Techniques for Optical Microscopy.
  13. Breast Cancer: Its Detection and Screening.
  14. The Dynamics of Outer Membranes in Bacteria.

Interesting Biochemistry Topics

In choosing a Biochemistry research topic, the student must make sure to pick one that holds the reader’s attention all through the study of the research, and this can only be done where the focus of the study is in one’s interest. Below are exciting biochemistry topics you can choose from:

  1. The Study of Chemical Reactions in the Human Body through the use of Hormones.
  2. Alzheimer’s, and the translation of Therapeutic Advances in the disease.
  3. Stem Cell Biology and its Regulation mechanisms.
  4. The Biology of Cancerous Cells.
  5. Linkage Analysis and Genetic Mapping.
  6. The Structure of Nucleic Acid.
  7. Epidemiology and Coronavirus.
  8. Recognition of the Functions of Cellular Membranes and The Significance in Life forms.
  9. The Analysis of the Different Capabilities of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells.
  10. A Study of the Significance of Apoptosis in the Growth of Faulty Cells.
  11. The Function of Cellular Biology in Identifying and Recognizing Genetics.
  12. The Function of Gestation Periods in Mammals.
  13. Cellular Technology and its Development.
  14. Cell Structure in Living Organisms.
  15. The Long Term Effects of Addictive Substances on our Genes.
  16. An Analysis of the Factors Contributing to Genetic Mutation.
  17. Oxytocin, and its effects in the treatment of Psychopathic disorders.
  18. A Review on the Management of Plant Diseases Facilitated by Modern Technology.
  19. The Functions of Photosynthesis.
  20. A Comprehensive Research on the Evolutionary Biology of Infectious Diseases.

Easy Biochemistry Research Topics Lists

In selecting a topic for your biochemistry research, you may want to opt for those that may prove easy. Those that do not require the unending study of materials and time. It is, however, essential to make sure your research work is still comprehensive enough to impress the grader.

  1. An Analysis on the Relationship Between Living Organisms and their Environments.
  2. The Relationship Between Cytokines and Cell Biology.
  3. The Evolution of Biology.
  4. Investigation of the Communication Method Between Cells.
  5. Ways of Advancing Molecular Research
  6. The Mechanics in Protein Biosynthesis.
  7. Microtubules and their role in the Nervous System.
  8. Molecular Biochemistry: The Current Trends.
  9. Cancer, and how it Affects Cell Growth.
  10. Cellular Metabolism in Man.
  11. Understanding the Composition of Cell, and how it works.
  12. The Physiological Properties and Structure of Organisms.
  13. Molecular Cell Biology of Neurogenesis.
  14. The Legacy of George Emil Palade on Modern Cell Biology.
  15. The Basic Types of Biological Cells and Their Features.
  16. A Study of the Role of Genetic Materials in Differentiating Cells.
  17. The Importance of Studying the Impact of Defective Cells.
  18. An Analysis on the Protection Mechanisms and Cell Membranes in Living Cells.
  19. Sunlight and its Role as Major Energy Source for Cells.
  20. A Study on Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells, and how they Create Energy.

Biochemistry Science Fair Projects

Choosing a topic for your biochemistry science fair project can sometimes be cumbersome, primarily as the task may entail more than writing a research paper. Before selecting a science fair project, you must ensure the possibility of getting the tools required to bring the project to fruition. It is only after the successful carrying out of the project that one can be sure of good grades. Below are good biochemistry science fair project ideas:

  1. A Structural Approach to the Study of Enzymes
  2. Designing Anti-Tumor Agents.
  3. The X-Ray Structures of Iron Binding in Protein.
  4. Necessary Enzymes in Biochemistry.
  5. Using BlackLight to Detect Invisible Spills
  6. The Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Bacteria Growth.
  7. Crossbreeding of plants.
  8. Smoke pollution and how it affects the transpiration rates for plants.
  9. The Role of DNA-Protein Complexes that are Necessary for Replication.
  10. The Concentration and Effect of Minerals and Ph in Soil and Water Samples.
  11. The Effects of Sunspots on Weather Patterns.
  12. Testing the Chemical Properties of Trans, Saturated, and Unsaturated fats.
  13. Factors that Leads to Blood Clotting in Humans.
  14. Orange juice titration: A Demonstration.
  15. The Role of Enzymes in Facilitating the Cheese Making Process.
  16. The Impact of Preservatives in Food.
  17. The Concept of Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry.
  18. Analysis of Gasoline Properties.
  19. An Evaluation of the Fungal Pathogens Associated with Tomato Spoilage.
  20. The Impact and Importance of Salt in melting points.
  21. The Role and Effects of Ethanol in Causing Erosions.
  22. Temperature and How it Affects the Density of Different Liquids.
  23. An Exploration of the Methods of Putting Out Fires Outside Water.
  24. The Effects of Hard and Soft Water.
  25. The Separation of Compound Mixtures and its Effects.
  26. The Uses of Bacteria, and How to Grow It.
  27. Electrolysis Experiment.

Hot Topics in Biochemistry

Whether or not you have decided to stick to a topic that covers the current happenings in Biochemistry or the ones that interest you, you may also want to consider some issues that are currently hot in the biochemistry field. The more options you have, the better you feel confident in the one you finally settle upon. Below are hot biochemistry research paper topics to choose from:

  1. Discuss the Role of Scanning and Electron Microscopy in Biochemistry.
  2. Soft Tissues Sarcoma: How to Detect Cell Defects.
  3. The Effects of Epigenetic and Genetic Regulation of Oncogenes.
  4. The Processes Involved in Determining the Structure of New Clotting Factors.
  5. The Processes Involved in Determining if Selenium Contains Enzymes.
  6. The Chemical Compositions of Ethanol, and its Effects on Human Lungs and Liver.
  7. The Chemical Properties in the Rusting of Metals.
  8. An Analysis of the Differences in Anti-Inflammatory Medicinal Plants Found in Tropical Regions and Non-Tropical Regions.
  9. The Role of Alpha-Crystalline in a Concentration.
  10. Why There Should Be a Regulation of Iron Homeostasis.
  11. The Role of Sewage Sources in the Survival of Pathogens.
  12. A Case Study of Osteoporosis.
  13. Determining the Atomic Matrix of an RNA.
  14. The RNA transcription Process and all that it Entails.
  15. The Clinical Features of Acute Copper Sulphate Poisoning: A Case Report.
  16. The Biology of Coagulation Disease.
  17. The Use of Microarray Technology in Regulating Gene in Cancer.
  18. The Role of Intestinal Microbes in Disease and Human Health.
  19. The Structure, Stability, and Interactions in a Protein Structure.
  20. The Functions of Enzymatic and Non-Enzymatic Protein.

Cool Biochemistry Topics

Selecting biochemistry research projects may take quite some time because of the number of subheadings centered on biochemistry. Still, choosing the perfect topic, which is one of the essential processes in the project, must be experienced. This, so that whichever is finally settled upon is the preferred option, as this would help to keep your interest all through the process of the research writing, which may admittedly take a while if it is to be done well. Below are good biochemistry project topics that can be selected:

  1. An Analysis of the Latest Medications in High Blood Pressure Treatment.
  2. An Analysis of Molecular Genetics and Muscular Dystrophy.
  3. Amyloid Diseases: A Review.
  4. A Comprehensive Study of the Prevalence of Hepatitis B.
  5. An Assessment of the Chemical Quality in the Production of Aspirin.
  6. The Complexities in DNA Synthesis Definition.
  7. The Dynamics of Membranes in Bacteria.
  8. The Structure of Phosphates as the Synthesis Required from Alcohol.
  9. How Chemical Energy Flows Through Metabolism.
  10. Destabilizing Lysozyme Activity: The Process and Effects.
  11. The Role of Immunoglobulin G Receptors in the Study of Clinical Malaria.

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