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200+ Nursing Capstone Project Ideas: Helpful List

September 22, 2021

Many students struggle to generate nursing capstone project ideas because they don’t know what the educators want them to discuss in their papers. Perhaps, the first question likely to strike your mind is, “what is a capstone project in nursing studies.” A nursing capstone project refers to an academic paper comprising experiments, facts, and practical work experience for improving the nursing student’s professional skills. Your college professor or educator expects you to make a compelling argument relevant to your preferred topic.

nursing capstone project ideas

The capstone topic that a student selects should be interesting to them and the person that will evaluate it. Therefore, students should choose capstone project ideas that are relevant to their experience and career. Students handle this project during their final education stage. This project aims to enable learners to demonstrate their career trajectory for post-graduation and theoretical competence. Some of the best nursing capstone project examples are the papers students write when pursuing Master of Science in Nursing programs and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). If struggling to choose a topic for your project, here are incredible ideas to consider.

Good Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Students

When selecting a topic for a capstone paper, a student should base their selection on previously completed work’s generalization competence-oriented tasks’ application before the exam qualification. Here are good ideas to consider for your nursing capstone project.

  1. Emergency planning systems
  2. How to prevent dysfunctional behavior in dementia patients
  3. Strategic planning for patient-oriented medical facilities
  4. How to use probiotics to prevent diarrhea after using antibiotics
  5. How to reduce sexually transmitted diseases contraction with behavioral health interventions
  6. Visitation models review
  7. Heart monitoring for sleep apnea patients
  8. How to cope with ADHD patients
  9. Professional training and development for nursing staff
  10. Nursing roles review
  11. How to enhance infant health with breastfeeding support
  12. Re-admission prevention for stroke patients
  13. HPV awareness and vaccination
  14. Cardiac skills clinical utility checklist for teenagers
  15. Student to R.N. transition- Using simulation to bridge the gap.
  16. Bedside shift report implementation
  17. Congestive heart failure patients- How to improve their life quality
  18. Dimensional analysis- An effective dosage calculation method
  19. Asthma and diabetes education among African-American populations within nursing homes
  20. How to improve pain management in post-anesthesia care facilities
  21. Diabetes prevention and management
  22. How to prevent the Lyme disease
  23. Advocating for public health to enhance healthcare access among pregnant mothers in rural areas
  24. How to manage dementia patients with non-pharmacological methods
  25. How to prevent and treat obesity among children
  26. Effective point-of-care testing
  27. Dependence on ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic
  28. How to enhance nurse safety within psychiatric care units
  29. Using unconventional art therapy to manage depression among the youths
  30. Compassion fatigue in operating rooms for nurses
  31. Addressing care and stigma among mental health patients without autonomous decision-making abilities
  32. Best treatment strategies for diabetic patients
  33. Nurses shortage in public health institutions
  34. Best practices for providing critical care to terminally ill individuals
  35. How to combat non-communicable diseases using behavioral change practices
  36. How to educate learners about sexual health to prevent teen pregnancies and STDs
  37. Why health history matters
  38. Common diseases among the aged persons
  39. Underutilization of the patient’s portal and how low income and ethics influence it
  40. Healthcare systems integration
  41. Health insurance for the employees
  42. Strategies for ensuring healthy aging
  43. How to reduce ventilator-associated infections among hospitalized patients
  44. Evidence levels in nursing
  45. Advanced practice and patient advocacy
  46. How pre-hospital rapid MDMA overdose cooling enhances the clinical outcome
  47. Using chlorhexidine to minimize hospital-acquired infections
  48. How to improve the preventative care process in HMO organizations
  49. How to examine veterans’ mental health
  50. How organizational culture affect Evidence-Based Practices implementation
  51. Macro trends that affect the healthcare system in the U.S.
  52. Racial discrimination in the USA healthcare delivery
  53. Affordable care for Americans- Reviewing the legislations
  54. IOM nursing future implementation
  55. How associated degree nurses perceive barriers and motivations to going back to school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing science

All these are brilliant nursing capstone projects ideas. Nevertheless, learners should select topics they will find interesting to work with from the beginning to the end.

BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

When pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, your educator will ask you to write a capstone paper. A BSN nursing capstone is primarily scientific work for increasing the professional skills of future nurses. Here are exciting nursing capstone project ideas BSN students can consider.

  1. Patient adoption during hospitalization- The nurse role in patient adoption during facility admission
  2. The essence of health school for musculoskeletal system’s patients
  3. Analyzing the possibility of nursing process introduction in neurosurgery
  4. Conflict situation analysis in a medical team
  5. Typical mistakes analysis in nursing practice when performing functional research
  6. Why patient’s preparation quality matters for instrumental and laboratory research methods
  7. Insulin therapy features in diabetic patients
  8. Care and treatment regime and their essence for patients
  9. Nursing peculiarities for patients across the age groups
  10. Nurse appearance- Is it a nursing culture element?
  11. Communication as an effective method for assisting patients in adapting to life changes
  12. Patient education- Is it an effective intervention for independent nursing?
  13. Is the patient’s personality a nurse’s work subject?
  14. Nursing and medicine?- What’s the correlation?
  15. Modern neurology problems- The nervous system diseases’ prevalence prevention and structure

All these are exciting capstone nursing project ideas for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Nevertheless, pick your topic carefully to research and generate relevant information for your degree and future career.

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Computer science is now past computer games. The nursing topics in this category deal with technical information. In most cases, completing a nursing informatics capstone project requires a team to research a topic and prepare its presentation. If interested in doing this, consider these nursing capstone topics for your project.

  1. How to use electronic health recording to improve nursing practice
  2. Best technologies for training nursing professionals
  3. Informatics and modern clinical problems
  4. Nursing processes modeling
  5. Nursing practice and data security
  6. How to improve a nurse’s informatics skills
  7. Small practices and technologies
  8. Nursing informatics’ current trends
  9. Biometric analysis in nursing practice
  10. The fundamentals of nursing informatics
  11. E-learning adoption in healthcare management
  12. How to develop and improve the security and safety of patients using comprehensive data research
  13. How to review nursing informatics impact on the nursing services quality
  14. The current nursing informatics situation in developing countries
  15. The pros and cons of modern health record systems
  16. Utilizing modern systems to convey nursing information
  17. Investigating different methods for keeping nursing informatics data
  18. The top priority for future investments in informatics
  19. Ethics and big data- Can they co-exist in the nursing field?
  20. Potential dangers for biometrics in the nursing sector
  21. Informatics application in the rural areas
  22. Impact of the government on automizing of the nursing processes
  23. How the nursing faculty perceives computer-based virtual simulation use in Associate Degree Nursing programs
  24. Using electronic medical records to provide acute care
  25. Using big data for clinical research
  26. Simulation use among nursing students
  27. Using smartphones for inpatient education and management
  28. Health informatics integration into nursing education
  29. Competency development barriers in nursing informatics
  30. Digital literacy’s development for students in nursing schools
  31. How nursing informatics can help with quality improvement
  32. Electronic records used in the provision of patient-oriented care
  33. Using robots in surgery
  34. Big data use in healthcare settings
  35. Information systems in healthcare management

Informatics topics revolve around information technologies use to resolve problems or improve nursing practice. Nevertheless, students should find inspiration by visiting relevant authorities or nurses to understand issues they can solve using information technologies.

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas

Practicum is mostly the final project for MSN students. A practicum is mainly the live application of nursing skills and knowledge to real-life events and situations. Once you complete the graduate courses, you should use your abilities in conducting activities that support your professional portfolio’s production. Here are ideas to consider for your practicum project.

  1. Intentional bullying and sabotage for nurses at the healthcare facilities
  2. How education and experience affect registered nurses mistakes
  3. The application of the bedside shift report for nurses
  4. Best ways to manage stress among night shift nurses
  5. Ethics surrounding data collection in primary healthcare
  6. How to deal with foreign patients
  7. Analyzing the nursing attitudes towards HIV and Aids patients
  8. How to fit within a new work station in a hospital after a transfer
  9. How to motivate emergency service nurses
  10. Why health risk awareness matters
  11. Practical ways to deal with and prevent stomach ulcers
  12. A statistical review of the U.S. mental health status
  13. How to avoid relapse for psychiatric patients
  14. How nurses can approach the abortion dilemma
  15. How to predict the risk of sore ulcers
  16. Health risk awareness about body piercing and tattooing among young people
  17. Health education’s role in improving child and mother healthcare services in state and private hospitals

All these are exciting topics for practicum projects. Nevertheless, learners should prepare to spend sufficient time researching and analyzing information to develop brilliant papers.

Creative Nursing Project Ideas

Maybe you’re looking for creative ideas for your nursing project. In that case, consider the following topics for your paper.

  1. Medical emergencies- Reviewing the best practices for critical care provision
  2. Different nursing types and why the world needs them
  3. Challenges facing emergency nurses every day
  4. Many people want to become nurses- Character qualities that can help them achieve this goal
  5. How to avoid violence between patients and nurses
  6. Protective measures that healthcare providers can adopt
  7. How communication technology affects the nursing profession
  8. The public lookout over men’s role in the nursing field
  9. Social media role in improving efficiency in nursing
  10. Wellness activities for ensuring service satisfaction and a healthy workforce
  11. Nurses roles towards the patients’ beliefs
  12. How to handle medical urgencies using an efficient critical care system
  13. The effectiveness of nurses in managing acute and chronic diseases
  14. Practical instruments for enhancing psychological health among adolescents
  15. Medical accommodation audit tools development in healthcare
  16. Merits and demerits of HPV vaccination
  17. Investigating the influence of communication technologies on nursing as a profession
  18. How to improve infant health via breastfeeding support
  19. Obesity treatment- Shortcomings and benefits of different methods
  20. How to treat diabetes in young children via testing the latest methods
  21. How to evaluate nursing training effectiveness
  22. Analyzing different ways of boosting high-quality care access by pregnant women
  23. Online learning versus classroom learning in nursing
  24. How registered nurses can improve pain management instruments
  25. Differences and similarities between modern and old healthcare methods
  26. Developing nursing assessment tools
  27. Analyzing concept-based techniques for promoting nursing leadership skills
  28. Asthma treatment in nursing
  29. A case study for environmental and occupational medicine
  30. Ways to improve resource management skills for nurses
  31. Nursing curriculum gaps in 2022
  32. How to use technology to benefit patients
  33. Investigating the coronavirus vaccines
  34. Reviewing obesity causes among females
  35. How night shifts affect the efficiency of nurses
  36. How long should nurses rest before their next duty?
  37. Nursing strategies for treating emotional problems
  38. Why nursing preparation matters in emergencies

These are creative ideas for your nursing capstone project. Nevertheless, pick a title you will be comfortable working with throughout the project.

Senior Project Topics on Nursing

Perhaps, you want to explore nursing topics revolving around seniors. In that case, pick your project topic from this list.

  1. How to improve nursing homes patients’ safety using technology
  2. Technological interventions for socially impaired behavior management among seniors with dementia
  3. Investigating joint disorders among the elderly patients
  4. Productive programs for weight and obesity management among adult patients
  5. Mental health problems and psychiatric care for seniors
  6. Alzheimer’s disease among the elderly
  7. How to reduce cardiovascular risk among seniors
  8. Precautions for preventing Parkinson’s disease
  9. How restless legs syndrome affects the seniors
  10. Cerebrovascular disease and stroke
  11. Geriatrics ethics- What are their impacts?
  12. What are the requirements for providing critical care to seniors?
  13. How effective is bladder cancer therapy?
  14. Atrial fibrillation research
  15. Studying joint disorders among the elderly population

These are exciting topics to explore if you love researching older people. Nevertheless, prepare to spend time and resources finding relevant data for your paper.

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas

Many researchers are venturing into the nursing leadership field. However, this doesn’t imply that they have exhausted all the relevant information. You can explore these ideas and develop a winning paper.

  1. Why nursing organizations matter in shaping the nursing future
  2. Contrasting and comparing the roles of nurse leadership in public and private hospitals
  3. Do pharmaceutical companies have the right to overprice medication?
  4. How leadership accountability differs between developing and developing countries
  5. Defining nursing leadership
  6. What leadership traits represent excellence?
  7. Training programs for nurse leaders
  8. How nurses should approach transactional leadership
  9. Ways to maintain team leadership to enhance healthcare teams’ collaboration
  10. Nursing education and leadership
  11. Nurse leadership behavior and qualities
  12. Leadership and student nurses
  13. Nursing leadership and management styles
  14. Nursing leadership traits that depict excellence
  15. Weaknesses and strengths of charge nurses
  16. Why nurse leadership matters
  17. Nurse leadership theories
  18. How nurse leaders should approach stress management
  19. Why nurse leaders should adhere to ethical practices
  20. The best ways for nurse leaders to start and manage change
  21. Short-term and long-term goals for nurse leaders
  22. Why nurse leaders should practice charismatic leadership
  23. How nurses perceive leadership
  24. How nurse leaders can help improve quality in projects
  25. Challenges facing modern nurse leaders

You can explore any of these ideas and develop a paper that will impress the educator to award you the top grade. Nevertheless, research your topic extensively to create a winning essay.

Health Promotion Capstone Nursing Ideas

Maybe you want to write about health promotion. In that case, consider these ideas for your nursing capstone project.

  1. How to create new strategies and implement them in brain health programs
  2. How effective is school health promotion?
  3. How to communicate essential health information to the community
  4. Why does health promotion matter during disease outbreaks?
  5. How to manage a global pandemic
  6. Understanding the principles of brain exercise
  7. New ways to prevent HIV and promote health
  8. How to raise awareness about cyberbullying and prevent it
  9. How school-based interventions can prevent mental health issues among children
  10. Ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the old age
  11. Community-based programs for helping seniors exercise safely

This list has many ideas to consider for your nursing capstone project. Nevertheless, take your time to understand what each of these topics requires you to do. Also, study and analyze your essay prompt carefully before embarking on the research and writing process. That way, you can answer the question more precisely and correctly. If unsure about what the educator wants you to do, check a few examples of capstone projects for nursing. The internet has many sites with sample papers that can guide you when writing this paper.

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