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Top 50 Food Research Paper Topics For An Excellent Grade

January 16, 2020

Research Paper Topics

Careful choice of food can direct the way your health goes. Good food choices can prolong your life and lower your risk of developing coronary heart disease and cancer. Food – it isn’t just for eating, but for enjoying too. But how much? What about popular diet fads? Are all diets offered to the public scientifically tested and approved?

As a student, you can already fathom that food research paper topics are limitless – it’s a massive topic with a host of really interesting food topics to select from. Picking good food debates topics for your research paper can get your gastric juices flowing with ideas. Don’t worry if you still haven’t pick a topic and don’t let college stress upset you. Read on and feel free to pick any idea from the list below.

How to Choose Food Research Paper Topics?

There are just so many food essay topics to choose from. Food safety topics can be intriguing because many restaurants and takeaway joints in the 21st century are operating without a license, they fail food hygiene inspections, there are outbreaks of food poisoning and many are shut down.

Imagine ordering food for an office meeting where everyone gets sick? Food safety topics for meetings can be interesting because, without food safety in the workplace, businesses can grind to a standstill.

Food arguments topics will see you taking a stance on the topic you choose to write on. For example, if you have chosen to write about fast foods from your selection of food-related topics, you will need to argue your point and persuade the reader that your point of view needs to be seriously considered.

Fast food research paper topics promise to provide an interesting read for your professor. Food and nutrition topics always include heated debates over fast foods. Fast food research topics are bound to stir debate as people come forward with the pros and cons they find with this very popular kind of food. Fast food essay topics could include:

  • Why are fast foods so darn attractive to adults and kids?
  • What are the negative effects of eating fast food?
  • Discuss some of the very successful fast food industries

Fast food topics could certainly include how being pressed for time makes us reliant on these highly processed convenient foods with their low nutrient content. Research topics about food can talk about how, on a fast-food diet, it is quite likely for you to be undernourished and overweight.

Picking Controversial Food Topics

Food controversies topics are many. Just look at the humble cup of coffee for instance – food experts and nutritionists can’t make up their minds whether this popular beverage is good or bad for us. It’s been blamed for raising blood pressure but more recently we’ve been told it can improve our heart health.

Writing on some controversial food topics as mentioned above can guarantee plenty of information. With so many health and safety issues around the culinary world, food opens the doors to all kinds of debates and discussions.

Food science topics too can provide a lot of information. This is the process of raw products from the farm being converted into food products acceptable for human consumption. Food science research topics could include ‘How to develop and package foods that will make life better for us’ when we discover them on our supermarket shelves.

50 Best Food Research Topics

Many students don’t have time to concentrate on essay writing – to find riveting food debate topics, collect information, outline the essay and to edit it.

A top-grade essay has to be formatted in accordance with certain requirements and have the correct citation styles. There are exceptional professional writers who will provide food topics for research paper for you. These writers have Ph.D. degrees and are skilled in writing food nutrition papers and can save the day for you by getting it written when your deadline is upon you. They will provide you with 25, 50, 75 or 100 food topics to choose from.

Food research topics could, for instance, be any one of these listed right here:

  1. Is it normal to obsess about the number of kilojoules your child is eating?
  2. What causes raised acid levels in the body?
  3. The importance of maintaining balanced pH levels in the body.
  4. If you’re unable to eat a balanced diet, should you consider supplements?
  5. Talk about the debate between vegetarian diets and omnivorous diets
  6. Discuss the moral and ethical stands for or against meat consumption.
  7. Is it necessary to take vitamin- and mineral supplements is you’re a vegetarian?
  8. Is it a case of eating less and eating right to avoid diabetes?
  9. Why are obesity rates among children doubling in the 21st century?
  10. Health problems are more likely if children are overweight
  11. GM or genetic modification foods pose serious health risks
  12. The role of tartrazine in foods such as butter and margarine
  13. Is there a link between tartrazine and hyperactivity in children?
  14. Monosodium glutamate or MSG and MSG symptom complex
  15. Is MSG a type of salt that causes headaches and heart palpitations?
  16. Do trans fats, found in many kinds of margarine, lead to cancer?
  17. Is working in a fast food outlet a good idea for the person battling with weight issues?
  18. Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?
  19. Does garlic help regulate insulin metabolism?
  20. Does green tea help burn kilojoules?
  21. Switching sugar for artificial sweeteners? Is it a healthier bet?
  22. The problem of heavy metal pollution in fish.
  23. Why the humble lentil is considered a superfood.
  24. Certain food groups should not be mixed – true or false?
  25. Do vegan diets result in deficiencies of calcium and iron?
  26. Why do people have eating disorders?
  27. Can wine and chocolate be enjoyed without loads of guilt?
  28. How to encourage people to grow some of their food.
  29. What are the chronic diseases of lifestyle?
  30. Why correct nutrition is an integral part of optimal exercise performance
  31. Is there one optimal diet to suit everyone’s sporting needs?
  32. The role of sodium on sports drinks
  33. A discussion of commercially grown foods.
  34. What are immune-boosting foods?
  35. The role of superfoods in our health
  36. The role of water in clearing out toxins – do you really need 8 glasses a day?
  37. Does poor detoxification lead to inflammation?
  38. Degenerative diseases of the brain can be prevented by choosing the right foods.
  39. Coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease
  40. Raw juice fasting – effective for detoxifying?
  41. The role of honey in its organic state.
  42. The role of honey in healing wounds.
  43. Medicinal benefits of honey due to its antibacterial properties.
  44. Freshly extracted juices are the ultimate source of live enzymes.
  45. Flavonoids – powerful antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals.
  46. The role of plant sterols in treating high cholesterol.
  47. Protective fats are found in seeds and nuts.
  48. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene – a powerful phytonutrient with anti-cancer properties.
  49. Overeating suppresses the immune system
  50. How the consumption of sugared soda drinks cause cell aging

Food justice topics are food controversy topics that people become heated about. It is thought that healthy food is a human right and yet many people feel today that over-population is the root cause of people not having access to enough food. If you can’t feed one child, don’t have 3, 4 or 5. This alone is a hugely controversial topic.

A student could also choose other controversial food topics such as:

  • Is the meat we eat from animals pumped with growth hormones?
  • What food additives make food look more appealing, but are actually cancer-causing?
  • Shouldn’t meat-eaters be insisting on wild meat? Wild animals don’t receive supplements or medications.

Finding good food topics to write about is important because writing about something you’re interested in can get you the best grade possible. It will be easy to write food related research topics when you can argue a point.

You can find an attention grabber food topic for an essay, and when you find a good student essay writing company, you’ll also find out how to write your introduction and conclusion, finishing off with a persuasive phrase that will encourage the reader to want to probe your thoughts further.

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