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151 Interesting Cultural Analysis Topics For Students

October 6, 2021

Cultural analysis is one of the leading areas of interest when it comes to essay writing. This is because, by its nature, it’s a vast concept that takes on any aspect of social or cultural life to formulate a topic of interest.cultural analysis topics

As a broad concept, cultural analysis is an area of study that looks at the social and cultural aspects of everyday living and life in general. It focuses on the analysis of all the ways we develop interactions and relations with human society.

When writing a cultural analysis paper, students should remember that it affords them an excellent opportunity to explore various experiences through their chosen cultural themes.

Students are often assigned cultural analysis paper writing in school because it serves to conduct extensive research. Through selected topics and research, students are enabled with the ability to analyze global topics, investigate topics on various issues, as well as to understand the significance of different cultural backgrounds.

When assigned to write a cultural analysis essay, the first approach is to research topics filled with rich experiences and ideas, as this gives you room for so many things to write on. While writing your cultural essay, your abstract, introduction, main body, and conclusions are relevant. For more context, your article has to be detailed, flowing seamlessly for easy reading and understanding.

Interesting Analytical Essay Topics for Students

When writing an analytical essay paper, emphasis is paid majorly on the topic you are selecting because your topic affords you the level of depth necessary to carry out the needed analysis. Analytical topics writing demands interesting analytical topics to come out well. Here are some analytical essay topics to consider for your essay writing assignment:

  1. Analyze the impact of religion on our thinking and perception of life
  2. Analyze the core distinction between Islam and Christianity
  3. Write extensively on the health importance of Marijuana
  4. How is technology influencing human inertia
  5. What is the cultural symbolism of Halloween
  6. Analyze the effect of the Spooky season over time
  7. Explore the origin story of Halloween
  8. Explore the social impacts of religious doctrines and how it impedes growth
  9. Analyze the limitations of spiritual principles and how they negatively impact social life
  10. Analyze the importance of self-care practice to developing one’s mental health
  11. Analyze the effect on cultural differences and how it affects people’s perception of various subjects
  12. Analyze fast fashion as an unsustainable social lifestyle
  13. Effects of fast fashion on an economy
  14. Explore ways through which the social impact of fast fashion can be curbed
  15. Analyze the importance of therapy and why it’s essential for better mental health
  16. What factors promote peace and unity in multicultural states
  17. Why does Christianity frown on intermarriage between Christians and Muslims
  18. Exploring the limiting social and cultural beliefs of Christianity
  19. Exploring the cultural limitation of religion
  20. Analyze in well-constructed details the modern-day effects of slavery
  21. Analyze how technology is taking over the educational sector
  22. Explore the benefits of marketing beyond digital marketing

Critical Analysis Essay Topics for College Essays

There is a significant distinction between analysis paper topics and critical analysis topics. It is in its complexity. Your analysis topic changes shape the moment it requires you to carry out criticism. In this situation, your work on the topic moves beyond analyzing the work but also mirroring your work from a critical lens. In your critical analysis essay, you are not just exploring but picking up salient points and facts to help you form a solid judgment.

  1. Exploring in detail the inherent racism of the Olympics
  2. Exploring misogyny, misogynoir and racism in the entertainment industry
  3. A critical outlook structural racism
  4. Ways through which the implementation of gender roles confines genders in boxes
  5. A look into how excessive video game impacts health
  6. Exploring how video games influence children’s mental health
  7. A look into addiction, how it affects a system, and possible ways through which it can be curbed
  8. An exploration on how technology impacts educational growth
  9. Critically evaluate the pros and cons of the gradual decline of traditional learning and the burgeoning development of online learning
  10. Assess the benefits of single-parent families
  11. Critically evaluating the effects of global warming
  12. A look into how social media promotes freedom of speech
  13. Exploring in detail the importance of virtual communities
  14. Atheism: a form of religion on its own?
  15. Veganism and its social effect on healthy living
  16. Anti-drug campaign and the study of drug abuse and addiction
  17. Critical research on the concept of body positivity
  18. Interracial marriages and the origin of its social perception
  19. Inter-religious marriage and the challenges associated with it
  20. Study into the inherent nature of homophobia in the human society
  21. A study into how homophobia and religion connect
  22. The distinction between the positive and negative impacts of social media in young adults.

Good Cultural Criticism Essay Topics to Explore

As an integral part of human living, culture is multifaceted. What this entails in any essay writing or criticism through a cultural lens is that there are many subjects to touch on. To conduct and write a good essay on this topic, attention should be drawn towards exploring the complexity of culture and the various dimensions of living. Here are some cultural criticism topics to look into:

  1. The history of racism and how it has continued to affect healthy coexistence in Western societies
  2. Understanding the limitations of religion
  3. A look into the distinction between spirituality and religion
  4. A study of the history of the Olympics and its impacts on sports over the years
  5. A survey of literature and how it impacts various aspects of human lives
  6. Critical analysis on the subject of black hair
  7. How safe abortion ban translates to dictatorship
  8. Dictatorial tendencies prevalent with Western philosophies and ideas
  9. The cultural impact of Brexit on Europe
  10. The cultural impact of Brexit on the United Kingdom
  11. Critically evaluating structural racism in the workplace
  12. A study of overt and implicit racism
  13. Analyzing the influence of colonial rule on Africa
  14. How imperialism morphs into new slavery
  15. Exploring the concept of ethnicity
  16. The cultural impact of literature
  17. Analyzing the role of literature in shaping human consciousness
  18. A study of misogyny and how it affects human relationships
  19. Analysis of the cultural aspects within the literature
  20. A study of the importance of situating a literary work within a cultural context
  21. Importance of cultural context in writing
  22. Exploring literature from a cultural lens

Controversial Cultural Analysis Essay Topics

Your cultural analysis essay topics will differ slightly from your critical analysis topic. Unlike your critical analysis paper, the cultural analysis only requires that you situate your topic within a cultural context and does not require the bringing up and exploration of facts. It just simply requires you to analyze your topic within a cultural context.

  1. Discuss the impacts of Interracial marriages
  2. Discuss the strength and weaknesses of inter-religious marriages
  3. A study on the popularity of Tiktok today
  4. A study on how Tiktok culture has influenced music promotion
  5. How Tiktok and Instagram Reels is rewriting the terms of social engagement
  6. Does social media have an impact on culture?
  7. The cultural effect of fast fashion culture
  8. A study of the social preference of Ape products
  9. A study on the weakness and strengths of Apple products
  10. What Apple products have to say about capitalism
  11. The effects of television on society
  12. How Television sitcoms have effects on culture
  13. A discussion on how TV builds and promotes the culture
  14. The importance of representation in popular culture
  15. The influence of classical literature on life to date
  16. The cultural impacts of social media trends
  17. Effects of classical movies today
  18. Social media blackout: How social media blackout has been ingrained into society
  19. A cultural analysis of social media in creating bandwagons
  20. Exploring the impact of psychology on culture
  21. The cultural implications of following trends
  22. Elaborate on social media herd culture

Exceptional Literary Analysis Essay Topics for your Quality Essays

Just like in culture analysis essay topics, in literary analysis essay topics, the goal is to situate your essay topic within an academic context. It means that what you’re writing and what you’re going to write on must be drawn from a literary work. Here are some topics that fit within the category:

  1. A study of the symbolic nature of the “green light” in the Great Gatsby
  2. Understanding ethnicity within literary work of Langston Hughes
  3. The cultural impact of James Baldwin’s literary works
  4. The Harlem Renaissance literature and how it shaped the future of literature in America
  5. The symbolic depiction of the title “The Invisible Man” from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
  6. Discuss Queerness through the study of Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
  7. An intensive review of the negro movement through the works of W.E.B Dubois.
  8. A comprehensive literary analysis of Double Consciousness by W.E.B Du Bois
  9. From a cultural perspective, a literary analysis of Audre Lorde’s collection of essays I am your Sister
  10. The continued relevance of Jane Austen’s literary works to date
  11. A realistic study of D.H Lawerence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  12. Explore the concept of realism and romanticism in the novel Jane Eyre
  13. The social relevance of James Baldwin’s Just Above my Head
  14. Social implications of Toni Morrison’s Sula
  15. An overview of the racist connotation in Joyce Cary’s Mister Johnson and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
  16. Detail how The Great Gatsby pictures came to be in the 1920s America.
  17. A cultural analysis of Bell Hooks All About Love
  18. The cultural impact of black literature
  19. A literary study of Samuel Selvon’s Ways of Sunlight
  20. A cultural analysis of Edwidge Danticat’s Breathe, Eyes, Memory
  21. The Societal relevance of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women

Textual Analysis Essay Topics on Engrossing Subjects

A textual analysis essay looks into the analysis of the writing technique of an author. The student pays attention to the language of the literary work and, in turn, draws out ideas from it to elaborate on the inherent message of the work or how the author’s language influences ideas. All of this is done using the student’s thoughts. Here are some topics within this category.

  1. Analyze the plays written by William Shakespeare
  2. Analyze the recurring theme within the various works of James Baldwin
  3. Discuss the theme of “the American Dream” that is prevalent within The Great Gatsby
  4. The theme of race and hardship in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun
  5. The theme of a quest for belonging in Langston Hughes’s poem I Too
  6. A textual analysis of James Baldwin’s Another Country
  7. The exploration of the effects of racism in James Baldwin’s Go Tell it on the Mountain
  8. A study on the subject of marriage in the 19 century through Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
  9. Write a textual essay on any literary work of choice
  10. Write a textual analysis of any artwork of choice
  11. Analyze the characters in Baldwin’s Another Country
  12. A textual analysis of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple
  13. A textual analysis essay on the New Testament
  14. Analyze the characterization in any selected literary text of choice
  15. Write an analysis of any of Obama’s past speeches
  16. A textual reading of the work of Alice walker
  17. A study of the writing style and identity representation in Toni Morrison’s works.
  18. The use of language to draw attention in Toni Morrison’s novels
  19. The use of language to compel action in the literature of the Harlem Renaissance
  20. Write an essay on the importance of Zora Neale Hurston’s works
  21. A textual study of James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time

Critical Response Essay Topics for Study

A critical response essay is a more in-depth version of a textual analysis essay. Although you’re summarizing and analyzing the author’s works, at the same time, you’re making critical remarks and arguments through the various points you earn by highlighting outstanding things from the work. Here are some of them:

  1. Jane Austen literature is as relevant today as in the 19th century
  2. A study of salient points highlighted from Baldwin’s essay The Fire Next Time
  3. Write a critical personal response to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  4. Write a critical personal analysis on selected Obama’s speeches.
  5. Using contemporary measures in the study of The Merchant of Venice
  6. Critical analysis of Alice Walker’s inclusion of lesbianism in The Colour Purple
  7. The portrayal of society in Oliver Twist
  8. The exploration of human desires in Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  9. A response to the depiction of black lives in Mister Johnson
  10. How care is portrayed in Audre Lorde’s The Cancer Journals
  11. A critical analysis of Audre Lorde’s poem “A Litany for Survival.”
  12. A critical overview of the role of art in human lives
  13. A study of how literature influences the perception of reality
  14. An analysis of the cultural context of literary works
  15. A critical response to the need for representation in literature
  16. The impact of art on revolution
  17. A critical study of revolutionary art
  18. An analysis of identity politics in literature
  19. Study of race relation in The Fence
  20. A critical overview of Toni Morrison’s Beloved
  21. The study of the cultural impact of revolutionary literature.

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