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Romeo And Juliet Essay: Topics And Writing Tips

December 5, 2019

Romeo And Juliet Essay

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” Nearly every student at high school has read Romeo and Juliet and knows this famous line. Between high school and college, if you’re studying English, you’re going to need to write an essay about Romeo and Juliet.

There are one or two good reasons that students are still required to read and study Shakespeare’s books. If they can understand Shakespeare, they will be able to tackle most other challenging literature. Also, Shakespeare showed a deep understanding of human nature with his selection of characters.

The story of Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy that is typical of modern 21st-century families – bickering families upset with their children’s choice of boyfriend or girlfriend.

The deaths of Romeo and Juliet healed the animosity between the two families, but sometimes after such events, the rift can become wider.

Knowing all this, what Romeo and Juliet essay topics can a student choose?

Romeo and Juliet Essay Prompts to Get You Started

If you’ve got no idea where to begin with choosing a topic for your essay on Romeo and Juliet, a good idea is to request some Romeo and Juliet essay prompts for this most famous literary love story. A Romeo and Juliet essay prompt will provide you with a topic that covers all the main parts of the play.

Your Romeo and Juliet essay introduction will depend on your topic and what you intend focusing on. You may want to focus on love, wrong decisions or suicide. A hook for Romeo and Juliet essay will be a dynamic sentence in the Romeo and Juliet essay intro that catches the attention of the reader.

A Romeo and Juliet essay is a formal piece of writing that will contain arguments, descriptions, observations, explanations and opinions of events.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Titles

With this ‘action-all-the-way’ love story, there will be many Romeo and Juliet essay questions that will need answers, and we look at some of them listed here:

  1. Explain how the ongoing feud between two families drives the activities of the play. This could be your Romeo and Juliet essay intro.
  2. With your Romeo and Juliet love essay, talk about the concept of love and fate in Romeo and Juliet.
  3. Explain the effects of unrequited love. Rosaline wasn’t interested in Romeo.
  4. Explain why Romeo and Benvolio gatecrash the Capulet’s party.
  5. Explain Friar Laurence’s role as advisor to Romeo and Juliet.
  6. Is Romeo and Juliet’s love story relevant today?
  7. Discuss how fickle love is and Romeo’s infatuation with Rosaline. A Romeo and Juliet theme essay will have you writing about the different kinds of love in the love story. The love of the young people for their parents, the thought of entering a marriage with no love such as with Juliet and Paris, and then the unrequited love in the case of Romeo and Rosaline.
  8. Rosaline chose to become a nun over Romeo. Why do young women choose to give up love and careers to enter a religious convent? Are there still nuns today?
  9. As a monk, can Friar Laurence understand the couple’s love?
  10. How do the actions of Friar Laurence drive the drama?
  11. Can anyone, such as the friar, be blamed for a suicide? Understand the objective of an analytical essay. With a Romeo and Juliet analysis essay, you will need some type of argument about what you are analyzing and provide evidence that supports your argument.
  12. Is suicide regarded as a selfish act? Romeo and Juliet gave no thought to how their parents would cope with their deaths.
  13. Suicide lies squarely at the feet of those wanting to go ahead with it – no-one else, or does it? This is a good Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay as you will investigate the topic and collect evidence and then establish a position on the topic. Detailed research allows the student to discover other points of view regarding the topic in order to choose a position and support it with evidence found. Argumentative essays will also consider different points of view.
  14. Write an essay on Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin, as a peacemaker during the fight and the role of peacemakers generally.
  15. Was the friar’s motive for marrying the young couple right?
  16. Discuss all the wrong decisions made by the friar.
  17. Does the suicide of Romeo influence young lovers today?
  18. What causes some people such as the servants of the Capulets to stir trouble?
  19. What kind of personalities like to cause a fracas?
  20. Based on Romeo’s feelings when he first laid eyes on Juliet, is there such as a thing as ‘love at first sight’? With a Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay, if you do believe in love at first sight for instance, you will try to persuade the audience that your point of view is the most valid perspective on the topic.
  21. Romeo and Juliet fall in love and marry in the space of days. Do you think this is true love or infatuation?
  22. Compare the aggressive characters of Tybalt and Mercutio.
  23. Explain the importance of the Prince’s conversation with Benvolio after the gang-brawl.
  24. What makes some people choose one over the other. In the case of Romeo and Juliet, it is Romeo over Paris.
  25. Why a parent’s choice of partner for a child is wrong.
  26. Why do Juliet’s parents want her to marry Paris and not Romeo?
  27. Explain how love provokes all kinds of emotions and actions. Juliet was mortified when Romeo killed her cousin, Tybalt.
  28. The banishment of Romeo from Verona by the Prince.
  29. Explain the steps some young people resort to when they’re forced into relationships that their parents want. Juliet drank some poison to escape having to go through with her arranged marriage to Paris.
  30. Are Romeo and Juliet suitably matched and with similar personalities? How important is it to be like-minded with the one you love?

If you were to write a Romeo and Juliet fate essay as an example you’d no doubt write about whether the young couple was doomed from the start because of their feuding families or whether certain events and other people’s input steered their doomed futures? Are some people just doomed to have bad luck?

If as a student you haven’t read Romeo and Juliet and you don’t understand all the intricacies of the book, there are Romeo and Juliet essay examples available. There are also essays to buy or have written from scratch. Fate and love are key aspects of this story, and you can get Romeo and Juliet essay examples on these topics from our writing service.

The biggest challenge in writing an essay for high school, college or university is choosing a topic, but if you’re out of ideas, these topics for your Romeo and Juliet essay are guaranteed to get you so interested and intrigued, the words will just come.

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