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126 Awesome Drama Topics To Inspire You

November 10, 2021

As students of literature, you’re already aware drama portrays fictional and nonfictional events. It does this through the performance of written conversations or scripts of prose or poetry.

drama topics

Drama can either be staged or performed as a film; it can even be broadcast on radios. These are all categorized as plays, and those who write them are called playwrights or dramatists, while those who perform on stage are referred to as thespians.

There are a series of drama topics since the drama was first performed in the days of Aristotle. Being long-standing, you may need creative and comprehensive dramatic topics for your research.

Good Drama Essay Guideline

Writing a top grade drama essay or writing assignment can become difficult. You should try your best and not leave it to the last minute, and dedicate enough time for editing. Here’s a brief guideline on the process of writing a good drama writing assignment:

  • Choose topic. Always try your best to choose a topic in which you have at least some interest in. If you choose a topic that is boring you will not have the energy and motivation to put in the work required to write a good essay. Also make sure your topic is not too general, but also not to narrow.
  • Research. After you have the topic, it is time to research and get some information and context on your topic. Begin by using the internet to find general information. Then begin to look into specific, credible sources which you can cite in your paper. Try your best to have varied types of sources (videos, articles, studies, books etc.).
  • Outline: Once you feel like you did enough research and are comfortable to begin, start with an outline. An outline is a very quick layout of your essay structure. This is where you put everything on your mind on paper, and then begin to organize and forming your paper. A good paper will always be well structure.
  • Writing: This is the main part. Once you have an outline you now must take some time and actually write everything out in draft. If you have a substantial outline and good research this part shouldn’t take very long.
  • Editing and proofreading: Finally, once you have written a first draft it is time to reread and edit. For the first draft, you shouldn’t strive to make it perfect, so there should be quite a lot of editing to do. It is important to leave a good amount of time for editing, because it is as important as actually writing. A high quality essay should go through a number of drafts before it is acceptable.

Drama is a very interesting topic. Drama is most times built on people’s tensions as it is used to keep them wondering what will happen next. For your theatre topics for research, you can consider these different informative, fun-filled and original research topics.

Theatre Research Paper Topics

As a university student, you may need to develop an awesome drama paper for your certificate. These are papers that talk about the basic features of theatre and its significance in society.

You may need to trace the history of theatre itself, as well as the trend of theatrical performances. You may also need to consider an in depth assessment of how theatre topics shaped the present. You can use these custom topics for your research:

  1. Examine the role of women in medieval theater.
  2. Examine the complexities in the history of European theatre.
  3. Give a historical overview of the evolution of theatre from ancient Greece to the Mid 19th century.
  4. Examine the influence of Aristotle on the drama of his time and after his time.
  5. Account for the evolution of American drama.
  6. Examine any three recorded theatrical performances of the 19th century of your choice and state the unifying factors.
  7. Give a detailed overview of what ancient Greek theatre is all about.
  8. Give a detailed review of how ancient Greek theater seems to be replicated today.
  9. Examine the influence of Greek tragedy on the works of Shakespeare and his contemporary.
  10. Redefine drama and theatre.
  11. What distinguishes modern drama and pre-medieval drama?
  12. Examine the significance of Antigone in Sophocles drama.
  13. Examine the role of Canadian drama in the world.
  14. Analyze the role of Bertold Brecht in drama.
  15. Examine how the stylistics of Shakespeare negates that of Brecht.
  16. Examine the differences between drama from the United Kingdom to that of Germany during the period of 14 to 18 centuries.
  17. How has the medieval period Influenced Elizabethan drama?
  18. What is the significance of Henrik Ibsen in Contemporary drama?
  19. Examine the Differences between the stylistics of Bertold Brecht, Shakespeare, and Henrik Ibsen.
  20. Examine what Greek comedy entails in comparison to the comedy of today.

Theatre History Research Topics

You may also require theatre essay topics for long research. These are historical topics that call for in depth research. As students, you can study the past to read more meanings to the present. In this section, you’ll find relevant topics to juxtapose the past and the present and how all these have influenced drama today. Consider:

  1. Give a detailed analysis of the contemporary influences of The Wizard of Oz.
  2. Examine the evolution and trends in horror movies.
  3. Examine the evolution and trends of witchcraft movies.
  4. How are emotions evoked in the drama of William Shakespeare?
  5. Examine the subject of homosexual characters in a drama.
  6. Examine the Influence of Greek drama in creating a symbol and perception of Jesus Christ.
  7. Examine the stigma which Elizabethan actors were faced with
  8. Account for the activities of William Blake.
  9. What are the influences of George Orwell in the American drama Industry?
  10. Compare and Contrast American drama and British drama.
  11. Examine the role of symbols in Greek drama.
  12. Analyze the significance of learning about the history and trend of drama.
  13. Rationalize the role of Aristotle’s treatise on today’s drama.
  14. Compare and contrast the Bollywood and Hollywood Industries.
  15. Document the role of drama in the spread of racism before the end of slavery in America.
  16. Examine the role of slaves in circus performances.
  17. Examine any circus performance company of your choice and carefully detail their exploits.
  18. Examine the evolution of tragic-comedy in drama.
  19. Examine how the church has stopped drama before the 10th century.
  20. Give an in depth overview of the complications in stage drama in a world dominated by films.

Theatre Essay Topics

As a college or university student, you may also need to create theatre essay topics for your classroom work. You may even need it for an assignment. Creating a good topic is essential to writing one of the best essays. You can consider any of these drama ideas for your essay:

  1. Examine the life and times of Caryl Churchill.
  2. What are the experiences of theatre houses with strict censorship?
  3. Discuss the effects of the closing and reopening of American theatre houses throughout the centuries.
  4. Account for the role of tragedy in Shakespeare’s books.
  5. Account for the essence of “Squid Game” in the polarized world.
  6. Account for the essence of “Squid Game” in demeaning humanity.
  7. What are your reflections on the subject of realism?
  8. Examine two plays of your choice and analyze them.
  9. What do you think took Shakespeare’s plays to the global stage?
  10. What is the influence of Spanish theatre on Latin American drama?
  11. Examine the effects of globalization on theatre.
  12. Examine the emergence of black actors on white-dominated stages.
  13. What are the symbols in French theatre?
  14. What are the reputable symbols of Italian theatre?
  15. How has the Elizabethan theatre shaped drama today?
  16. Criticize any performance of your choice.
  17. Praise any performance of your choice.
  18. Compare two or more performances of Macbeth by different themes: focus on their diction and costume.
  19. Examine what a drama portfolio means.
  20. Examine the distinguishing factors of modern theatres and Greek theatre.

Interesting Theatre History Topics

Interesting theatre history topics are topics that consider the fun and lighter part of the past in drama. These are topics that could border on present issues and how they relate to the last and past issues. For your comprehensive theatre historical research topics, you can consider the following:

  1. How have social issues been challenged or discussed through drama?
  2. Examine the significance of Dionysus on the history of drama.
  3. Examine the myths in stage performances.
  4. Examine the personages in Greek drama.
  5. How does television drama share family virtues as expected in the UK?
  6. What are the essential performance skills for a circus act?
  7. What do you know about the adaptation of s cinematic performance to the screen?
  8. Compare and contrast the relationship between acting and expression.
  9. Examine the symbols in Chinese tragedy.
  10. Critically examine the role of the depiction of disobedience in three Theban plays.
  11. What is the usual pop culture which is frequent on television?
  12. Examine the negro movement and its role in the drama.
  13. How has theatre survived the restoration period?
  14. Examine the role of drama in musical performances.
  15. Evaluate the function of identity crisis in drama and acting.
  16. Evaluate the metaphors and what they mean Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  17. Examine how Shakespeare’s plays exhibited chivalry.
  18. Examine how Shakespeare’s plays exhibited the priority in royalty.
  19. What are the philosophies of theatre that have shaped it today?
  20. Examine the evolution of drama and its changing significance in society.

Musical Theatre Research Topics

As students of theater, you may also need drama ideas relating to musical theatre research topics. These are topics that talk about the musical performance of plays. There were many of these centuries ago. One of the most important is opera. You can examine the following traditions and genres for your theatre class homework or essay:

  1. Examine the purpose and significance of comic opera.
  2. Compare and contrast farsa and fasta teatrale operatic performances.
  3. Comment on the use of lights in opera performances.
  4. Comment on the use of curtains in opera performances.
  5. Examine the technical skills required for. effective opera performances
  6. Identify the role of pop culture in opera.
  7. Comment on the life and times of any two sopranos of choir choice.
  8. Examine what operetta means.
  9. How does ballet fit into musical performances, and what is its essence?
  10. Evaluate the significance of musical performances in enjoying the drama.

Drama Topics for School Students

You may also need drama topics for teenagers for your drama class. If you have enrolled in a drama class as a student, you can try out some of these scenes. These could be graphic and romantic scenes. Depending on the event in your school, you can secure your spot in the national drama team by acting any of the following:

  1. Tennessee Williams and Lucy Bailey’s Baby Doll.
  2. Act any scene of romance in Shakespeare’s plays.
  3. Act any three scenes of compassion in Henrik Ibsen’s play.
  4. Act any three scenes of valor in Shakespeare’s plays.
  5. Build on a comedy scene in Shakespeare’s play and make it funnier in the contemporary understanding of fun.
  6. Play the role of divorce couples arguing over the children and exhibit the mental stress on the children.
  7. Act the roles of violence in settling Political scores.
  8. Read any historical horror story and act three scenes on stage.
  9. Make entertainment with Halloween masks.
  10. Play a role where you manipulate people into your perverted desires.
  11. Play a role of a president refusing to leave power.
  12. Take any three scenes in “Lights Over Tesco Park” by Jack Bradfield and Poltergeist Theatre and perform them to the best of your ability.
  13. Perform any German drama of your choice.
  14. Engage in a musical performance.
  15. Perform without saying words, only gestures.
  16. Perform No Quarter by Polly Stenham.
  17. Perform scenes about the consequences of drugs.
  18. Perform scenes about the cruelty of sexual violence.
  19. Perform scenes about the need for religion for social order.
  20. Perform scenes about the Russian revolution.

Drama Thesis Topics

As students of drama, you may likewise need drama thesis topics for your project or paperwork. You can even need them for your essays. You can consider these awesome topics to create one of the most relevant pieces in the theory of drama. You can choose any of these custom and available topics:

  1. Interrogate the growth of Latin American dramatic culture in the UK.
  2. Discuss the growth of Hollywood in the world.
  3. Discuss the growth and evolution of Bollywood in the world.
  4. Examine the role of pornography in the industry.
  5. Discuss the role of Canadian musical performances in the international space.
  6. Examine how the standards in the industry have changed if any.
  7. Elucidate how drama is used to advance feminist ideas.
  8. Comment on science fiction and its falsity to reality.
  9. Briefly examine any Hollywood thriller of your choice.
  10. Examine the issues of sexual exploitation in Hollywood.
  11. How was drama used as propaganda in the Soviet Union?
  12. Examine how China used drama during the cultural revolution.
  13. Examine the role of subtitles in helping non-language speakers relate to drama from any culture.
  14. Examine how modern drama brings back terror and trauma through collective pain.
  15. How has black lives matter influenced drama?
  16. Comment on any two theatre or circus groups of your choice and why they haven’t stopped.

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