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100 Popular Culture Essay Topics

December 3, 2020

Popular Culture Essay Topics

The need to develop a good pop culture topic for any level course is difficult for most students. They often face a large number of responsibilities and distractions from all over, and many wait until the last minute to start brainstorming viable popular culture essay topics that meet their assignments’ requirements.

We’ve gathered 100 interesting and original pop culture topics to fit just about every occasion. We’ve got culture and other social issue essay topics for different grade levels and assignments covering a wide range of areas related to the beliefs, objects, and practices that dominate and are prevalent in a society at any given point in time. Here are our ideas for your consideration:

Controversial Pop Culture Topics

  • How has social media affected the way we view romantic relationships?
  • Has the increased use of social media increased the number of teenage pregnancies?
  • Is social media making people more depressed?
  • Do sporting events help unify international relations?
  • Is it reasonable to think that teenage pregnancy is on the rise because of social media?

American Popular Culture Topics

  • Why has online education become a popular alternative to in-class learning?
  • Why did the Harry Potter series of books resonate so much with Americans?
  • How do sporting events bring people together for a common cause?
  • Does the sexuality of celebrities negatively impact the way teenagers view body images?
  • Does American culture impact the way we view

Pop Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What technological advancements have had the greatest impact on pop culture?
  • What role do the Andy Warhol art pieces have on modern artists?
  • In what ways has social media affected the way we communicate?
  • What impact has celebrities that share photos of themselves wearing masks had on society?
  • Are celebrities that give public service announcements more influential?

Pop Culture Research Topics for High School

  • What is the most effective form of punishment for online bullying?
  • How does social media impact the spread of pop culture news?
  • Can popular culture affect a society’s level of intelligence?
  • What kind of influence has Madonna had on today’s female musicians?
  • What impact did Marilyn Monroe have on Hollywood fashion?

American Culture Topics for High School

  • Do technological devices, like the smartphone, lead to greater distractions?
  • What role have the musicians of the 1960s played in musical progress?
  • Is online learning the new preferred normal for students?
  • Should social media sites be censored?
  • What impact do celebrities have on influencing sexual behavior in teenagers?

American Pop Culture Topics for College

  • Who are the least trustworthy news anchors in the U.S.?
  • How do musicians stand out in today’s world?
  • How has streaming services changed the way we watch T.V.?
  • Does the Jurassic Park film accurately convey the threat of science?
  • How have our thoughts on evolution changed in the last 100 years?

Interesting Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

  • Is popular culture making today’s youth less intelligent?
  • How does our sense of morality change because of pop culture?
  • In what ways has popular culture changed our views about homosexuality?
  • How does popular culture influence our attitudes about ethnicity?
  • In what ways are empathy and apathy affected by popular culture?

Weird Popular Culture Research Topics

  • How do cartoons influence America’s youth?
  • In what ways do television personalities influence politics?
  • How have generational dances impacted our sense of pop culture?
  • Can boy bands ever fall out of the public’s favor?
  • Why do people root for villains in super-hero films?

Pop Culture Topics for Research Papers

  • How have violent video games changed our views of feminism?
  • What role does marketing play in popular culture?
  • Why are reality television shows so popular in our society?
  • How did we become addicted to watching the lives of others on television?
  • Why are young people so attached to the lives of the Kardashians?

Five Popular Culture Topics for Essays

  • In what ways has reality television changed our viewing habits?
  • Are television ads effective in changing our perception of products?
  • Why are men less likely to go on healthy diets?
  • Is there such a thing as marketing overload in today’s world?
  • How did botox injections become so popular?

Good Pop Culture Topics for a Short Paper

  • What are the main differences between middle school and high school?
  • How do celebrities influence our spending habits?
  • Why are soap operas so popular among stay-at-home adults?
  • What psychological effects do violent video games have on young adults?
  • Do young adults pay too much attention to popular culture?

List of Popular Culture Topics on Music

  • How does modern music affect how young adults view society?
  • Why are Hip Hop and Rap music so popular across cultures?
  • In what ways did the grunge movement of the 1990s influence modern culture?
  • Why is the music from the 1960s still popular among young adults?
  • In what ways can music impact the way people view modern society?

Culture Speech Topics for a Presentation

  • How has the stereotypical superhero/superheroine changed over the decades?
  • What kind of effects do violent films have on young adults?
  • How does text-messaging impact in-person communication in adults?
  • How has the internet affected the way parents raise their children?
  • Is popular culture today a form of mythology?

Pop Culture Paper Topics on Television

  • How do television shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy present female characters?
  • How have political candidates changed the way we perceive them because of television?
  • Do characters in television sitcoms positively or negatively influence today’s youth?
  • What impact do professional athletes have when they speak out on television?
  • How has streaming impacted the way we watch traditional television?

Five Great Pop Culture Debate Topics

  • Do comic books and graphic novels portray female bodies in positive or negative ways?
  • Should we consider censoring social media applications for offensive content?
  • Should the internet be censored or should people have the right to read what they want?
  • Do Disney characters have a positive or negative impact on children?
  • Are technological devices causing more distractions among adults?

Interesting Topics About Culture Today

  • Why does the public obsess over celebrity diets and health routines?
  • Does the paparazzi influence the rise of celebrity culture?
  • Has the internet impacted how parents raise children?
  • Are teenagers inclined to follow new age religions?
  • How do video games change our views on gender?

European Culture Essay Topics

  • How is European culture different from American culture?
  • How has the Brexit movement changed the culture in Europe?
  • What impact does the European Union have on the continent?
  • What influence does French cuisine have on other European countries?
  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected cultural views in Europe?

Culture Research Topics about the U.S.

  • Are romantic films negatively impacting our view of relationships?
  • Why are countercultures so popular amongst American youth?
  • Is music piracy an important part of American culture?
  • Why is there so much racism and sexism in Trump’s America?
  • How does the term “high-quality” fit into today’s culture?

Popular Culture Research Paper Topics

  • Are news channels like Fox News and CNN considered to be a part of popular culture?
  • How does pop culture promote social change in the U.S.?
  • Why hasn’t the global sport of soccer been embraced in the U.S.?
  • How did the sport of basketball become so popular around the world?
  • What impact do American celebrities have around the world?

Funny Popular Culture Essay Topics

  • Why are people obsessed with getting plastic surgery?
  • What are today’s expectations of beauty?
  • How have superhero films become the preferred film category for youth?
  • How is celebrity worship different today compared to 20 years ago?
  • Do ultra-thin models present a negative view of feminism?

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