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Career Research Paper: Writing Manual

December 10, 2020

Career Research Paper

A career research paper provides a more accurate and better evaluation of a career path that appeals to the reader. The research that precedes the writing process provides more information about the chosen career. This information can make the reader reconsider their choice. What’s more, the assignment is very important when handled properly.

When completing a career research paper assignment, the goal is to prove that the chosen career is the most appropriate for you. However, you should show the negative and positive aspects of the career. Also, tell readers how you fit the role. To meet this objective, incorporate all vital elements into your research paper on career.

The Basics of a Career Research Paper

This writing assignment should follow the basics of academic writing. Essentially, your career paper should have a title, an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Choose a title or topic that you’re comfortable with. That’s because your chosen topic will guide your research and writing processes. Once you’ve picked a title, proceed to write the following sections of your paper.

  • Introduction: A career research paper introduction should tell readers about you. Tell readers about your interests.
  • Body: Examine the education requirements, responsibilities, employment outlook, and the potential salary of your chosen career.
  • Conclusion: Conclude your paper by summarizing what you learned when researching about the career.

Essentially, a career research project should discuss career goals, describe the interests and talents of the author, and focus on a specific career. It should also discuss facts about a specific career. The advantages and disadvantages of a specific career should also be discussed. Our post about the worst college majors may help you here. All the used sources should be cited correctly to help readers that may be interested in further research about the career.

Research Paper on Career Choice: Pre-Writing Stage

Like with most academic papers, you should start this academic writing with pre-writing. This entails planning how you go about the research and writing processes. Here are some of the things that you should do at the pre-writing stage.

  1. Brainstorm: You want to write a career exploration paper. Therefore, think about the careers of most people that you have met in life. Which careers did find interesting and appealing? Which career do you think would be the most ideal for you? You can also skim classified ads and websites that focus on careers.
  2. Examine your career goals: Your educator wants you to write a career goals paper. Therefore, examine your career goals by examining the hours, money, location, and available advancement opportunities. Change your goals if they can’t be fulfilled by your current option.
  3. Examine your interests and skills: What are you good at? Think about your skills, interests, and what you wish to excel in later in life.
  4. Research: Take the time to research your chosen career. You can interview some people in your chosen career and visit the library to research it. Pay keen attention to the pros and cons of your chosen career. Find out whether the career you have chosen matches your skills, interests, and goals.
  5. Draft a career paper outline: Once you’ve researched your topic, draft an outline. Your outline should indicate how you will present ideas in the paper. Make sure that all major career project ideas are included in the outline and organized properly.

Once you’re done with the pre-writing stage, you can proceed to the writing stage. This is where you delve deeper into the topic. Tell readers everything you want them to know about your chosen career.

How to Write a Career Research Paper?

When completing a career research project, high school students may not know what they are required to do. But, this project is largely about evaluating the aspects of the career that a learner desires to pursue in life. Some students change their perception of different careers after researching and writing this paper. Here are the steps to follow when writing a career reflection paper:

  • The Introduction

    You must know how to start a career research paper to earn the top grade from this assignment. The introduction of your paper should tell readers about the topic. It should also include a definition of your chosen career. What’s more, include a thesis statement. A career research paper thesis statement should explain the focus of your assignment. What do you intend to accomplish by writing the paper?

  • The Body

    The body of your paper can consist of several paragraphs. Each paragraph should be about a specific idea. For instance, highlight and discuss the most crucial features of your chosen career. Discuss the available jobs and responsibilities, as well as, the required qualifications and challenges. You can also tell readers how difficult or easy finding placement in the industry is.

    Explain the hours that you will have to dedicate, growth opportunities, and remuneration. Also, explain why you find your chosen career appealing and how your skills and talents make you a perfect fit for it. Discuss career responsibilities and shortcomings that you might face and how you intend to tackle them.

  • The Conclusion

    The conclusion of a career plan paper should summarize the relevant points discussed in the body. It should also have a reinstatement of your thesis. Essentially, use the conclusion to wind up your discussion.

The organization and presentation of ideas should be guided by your career research paper outline. That’s because the outline should show how ideas will flow in the paper, as well as, the points that should be included. And the ideas or points that you include in your paper should depend on your chosen topic.

Research Questions for a Career Analysis Paper

When completing this academic task, students should focus on answering certain research questions. These questions should guide your research before you start writing the paper. Perhaps, you can read a good career research paper example to find out how the writer answered these questions. Here are some of the questions that students should answer in their papers.

  • Does your chosen career correspond with your interests, expectations, and goals?
  • If your chosen career does not correspond with your interests, expectations, and goals, why is it so?
  • Have your opinion of a perfect career changed after your research?
  • Is your chosen career path ideal for your skills?
  • What skills are you lacking to pursue your chosen career and how can you acquire them?
  • Do you consider your chosen career a perfect fit for you after research?

A good career research paper sample will show you how the writer answers these questions. Your answers to these questions should tell readers whether you still consider your initial option a perfect career for you.

Useful Tips and Hints

Whether you opt to write a research paper on nursing career or an international paper career, include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Also, make sure that your readers get the following after reading your paper:

  • Important features of your chosen career
  • Key responsibilities and duties of the professionals in that career
  • The required qualifications
  • Placement opportunities in that sector
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Your talents, skills, and gifts
  • Your shortcomings

Everybody that reads your paper should understand why you prefer a specific career and what makes you a perfect fit for it.

Educators ask learners to write about their preferred careers so that they can learn more about their future occupations. Since these academic tasks are assigned as homework, learners have the time to research them extensively before writing their papers. A student can also read a career paper example from our writing service to know what they are expected to do. The research that precedes the writing process enables a student to know things they didn’t think about when choosing their career path. And, this can change the perception of a student about a career and guide them when it comes to deciding on priorities.

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