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How To Make A Paper Longer – Step-By-Step Guide

September 18, 2019

An essay can range from 300 to 3000 words and even more, depending on the subject and the requirements from your college instructor. When you are learning how to make a paper longer, remember that the length of your essay is going to contribute to your overall score and lengthy content is often the result of critical research. Some many tips and tricks can help you when you’re interested in learning how to lengthen an essay without using filler words. Keep reading to find out more.


Making An Essay Longer – Advice From Professionals

  • Consider carrying out primary research for your paper. When applicable, you can interview a group of people or share questionnaires to those who want to participate. Make sure that the people who participate are enough to represent the population accurately. Collect the data from your findings and add them to your content. The more data you find, the more content you will have. Also, do some secondary research and provide content, agreeing with your primary research.

  • Use descriptive sentences to increase the word count. Using more descriptive words in your essay is a good way to increase the word count. That doesn’t mean you should use random words even when they are not ideal for the context. A typical example of a descriptive sentence is “I am a fast runner.” This sentence contains more words than “I run fast,” but both mean the same thing. Being descriptive also makes your essay more personal than mechanical.


Rather than saying “I spent the night with my friends,” you can say “My friends and I went to the club yesterday, and we had a lot of fun.”

  • Make sure you use two to three expert quotes. People who know how to make your paper longer will tell you that using expert quotes is a good way to increase the word count without actually adding more words of your own. Apart from increasing the word count, using quotes from experts in the industry will prove that you are fluid, agree with the ideas of others, and know what is trending in the field. So, if you do not know how to add more words, simply look for quotes from experts in your industry and add them to your content.


Speaking about the importance of democracy, we cannot fail to mention a powerful quote of Winstone Chirchill who once noted that “It has been said that Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

  • Try to break your outline into several parts. Break your outline into many categories and subcategories and start fishing for information. Gather as much information as you can per point. When necessary, define key terms that may be difficult for others to understand. You can define these terms or procedures in brackets when you’re writing. Those who know how to make essays longer will always advise you to work with a clear outline if you want to hit as many points as possible.


Instead of writing the essay “Causes Of World War II”, you can break the topic into a number of subtopics:

1. Internal Causes

1.1. Militarization

1.2. Hitler Political Takeover

1.3. Nazis Propaganga

2. External Causes

2.1. The Treaty Of Versailles Issues

2.2. Weak Position Of The League Of Nations

2.3. Spanish Civil War

  • Add transitional words and phrases to your essay. Transition words are words that are used to move from one point to another. They allow the essay to flow naturally, and they also increase the word count. Some transition words include: therefore, however, indeed, likewise, etc. Some transition phrases are: in conclusion, with this in mind, in light of, etc.


Instead of using simple summary words like thus, to conclude, all in all, you can say:

“Taking into account the aforementioned considerations and having carefully analyzed the research findings, we have come to a conclusion that…”

  • Give examples to support each point. Many college students don’t know this but writing examples is a good way to develop your content and increase word count. After explaining a given point, mention a vivid example of the point to help the reader understand and increase the word count. Make sure that your examples are related to the points you’re making. Also, they should not be too difficult to understand. There is no need to use complex illustrations as you will risk confusing the reader.


Instead of making a bullet-point list of the benefits of yoga, you can use short examples:

1) Weight Loss. Provided that yoga improves your metabolism, you’ll no longer need to be on a diet all the time.

2) Better Athletic Performance. Regular yoga classes will help your body improve flexibility and stretch the muscles.

3) Improved Mental Health. Start doing yoga every day and get rid of the sleeping problems, stress, and other mental issues.

  • Consider reverse outlining after writing. When you’ve completed your paper, consider using reverse outlining if you’ve not crossed the required word count. That simply means creating an outline based on what you’ve written already. When you do, reorganize the paper and look out for places that need more content. Develop these areas accordingly. Before you know it, you would have passed the recommended word count.

How To Make A Research Paper Longer By Seeking Professional Help

While the points above will teach you how to increase page count, the fastest way to do this is to ask for professional help. Many online writers will be happy to add content to your paper for a fee. You can entirely ask them to add to your already written content or start a new one entirely. These experts know how to research and write compelling essays for students and workers alike. They can extend an essay in such a way that it will be high quality. They are ghostwriters, so you don’t need to worry about credit. The credit for writing the essay will be all yours. All you have to do is visit their website, search for the type of content you want, and place the order. While filling the details, you will be asked to fill the required word count as well. Pay the required price and wait for the essay to be delivered to your email address. When the content is delivered, you’ll have the option of going through it and requesting for a revision when necessary. Before you pay for these services, make sure that you verify the company’s legitimacy. Otherwise, you might be scammed of your money or personal information.

Make My Essay Longer Or Contact A Professional?

Now you know that you have the option of making your essay longer by tweaking it or giving it to a professional writer, which one will you choose? The choice is yours. If you can come up lengthy, high-quality content by yourself, go ahead. If you don’t have the time to write, have difficulty researching, or just need a break from essay writing, feel free to contact a professional writer to make your essay longer.

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