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Netflix For Students – How To Get It?

September 12, 2019

Life is difficult for students. They have lots of classes to attend while living on a budget. Sometimes, a simple activity like watching movies could help students destress. That is where Netflix comes in. The streaming service has become quite popular among students. But is there a student discount for Netflix?netflix-student-discount

So far, Netflix is not the only option when it comes to movie streaming. However, it is one of the most popular because of its massive library of movies and TV shows. Sadly, there is no Netflix student discount. If you want to get Netflix for students, the only option is to use a free trial.

Since there is no student Netflix, you can benefit from the free trial period offered by the streaming service. It is a short trial, but there are ways to get more free trials in place of Netflix student plan. If you eventually run out of trials, then you can move to the other alternatives to the service that offer discounts.

How Netflix College Discount Alternative Or Free Trials Work

Since the streaming service doesn’t see the need for Netflix student account, you can still use it for completely free. So sign up for a free trial for a start. Note that Netflix doesn’t permit users to get multiple free trials. You can bypass this by using different billing methods and emails. Canceling your subscription and waiting could earn you a free trial.

Here’s how to make it happen. Sign up for a free trial and pick a plan. Next, enter all payments details as required and set up the account with your email and selected password.

For the plans on Netflix, here is a breakdown of each and it’s cost:

Premium: offers up to four devices with 4k and HD when available. It costs $13.99 to $15.99 monthly.

Standard plan: this plan costs $10.99 per month and offers two screens at once.

Basic plan: this plan costs $8.99 for only one screen.

Note that you can only sign up for this 30-day free trial from an email address that has not been linked to any Netflix account.

That means that if you have previously signed up for a free trial, or had an account before, you cannot sign up again for the free trial offer. That is why you may need to use a different email address and payment details. It is also necessary to use a different device as well.

Using this system, you need to be cautious, or your account will be charged after the 30 days trial. You can prevent this by canceling the trial before the 30 days elapses. Don’t worry; your Netflix account subscription will not shut down instantly. It will only stop working at the end of the free trial.

If free trials are no longer an option for you, then you can ask a friend or family member to give you a profile on their account. Anyone with a premium plan can share to up to four people. If you are lucky, you could get a slot and save some money. Some other students, pool together sometimes to pay for premium and share to their devices.

However, if this is not an option for you, the best thing to do would be to find alternatives to Netflix. They are cheap, and most college students may find them relaxing after getting writing help with their assignments.

Netflix Alternatives That Offer Student Discounts

Netflix is popular for its original content, so it may be difficult to find a direct replacement for it. Most of the TV series are unique to Netflix and cannot be found anywhere else. Presently, some epic Tv shows and movies have joined the streaming list and cannot be found elsewhere. As long as the company renews the license to stream the shows, they won’t be shown anywhere else.

Since you can’t get Netflix discounts, you can opt for alternatives that offer a discount for students. You have the option of subscribing to Amazon Prime Student, Hulu and more. Here is a more comprehensive list here:

Amazon Prime Student

This service offers a six months free trial for students. It is a special membership program for all college students. The membership offers a free trial for all students for six months. Note that this plan can be canceled at any time. It gives users access to unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies. Music is not left out, as well. As long as it is on the platform, you can access it.

Also, students get other benefits aside from streaming movies and videos. They enjoy two-day free shipping benefits on so many items. Also, students can use unlimited photo storage ability as well as discounts on all preorders of new games and others.

There’s more; students also get to rent or buy a textbook at a cheaper rate. Coupons and exclusive deals come as a part of the package. It may be an excellent alternative to Netflix.


In recent times, Hulu and Spotify partnered to offer a new streaming package for students. This streaming bundle is called “Spotify for students with Hulu.” It allows users to pay a paltry sum of $4.99 per month for the premium service.

For example, if a student already has the Spotify premium streaming service, the user can access the premium service of Hulu. That could save a lot of money, especially if the students hope to enjoy both services.

The cost for a monthly subscription to both services cost four times the present discount price. So, students will get to enjoy both worlds at an affordable rate.


For students, HBO Now is available at a significant discount. Usually, the rate is $14.99 per month. Students only pay half of this price. There is no termination fee or fixed contract on the $9.99 payment per month. That means that students will get a $5 discount every month. One good feature of this service is its pay-on-the-go offering. You can also cancel at any time. However, students can only be eligible for this offering if they are enrolled in one or more college classes at Title IV degree offering institute. You have to confirm your status as a student to enjoy this offer.

Before spending a penny on this service, you can also test it out for a 30 day period. This offer is open to all new users. After testing, you can opt to discontinue the service if you are not satisfied. If you want to cancel, do it within 29 days to avoid being billed for the service. If you intend to continue, then respond to the renewal prompt alert.

You can also get more free trials, but it would also require using a new email and billing details. You may also need to change the device. After the free trial ends, you can choose to pay $9.99 per month and watch all the TV shows and movies it offers. It works on all modern devices, including Roku Sticks, AppleTV, Xbox, iPhone, smart TVs, and tablets.

Get Some Rest From Assignments With Streaming Services

Student life is tough already with lots of assignments and exams to worry about. Since most students are on a budget, it may be difficult to afford a Netflix subscription since the streaming service doesn’t have Netflix student rates. The only option here is to either take advantage of the free trial or use Netflix alternatives out there.

The free trial lasts for only 30 days and may be prolonged, but this process can be tiring to follow. The most viable option is getting other streaming services with student discounts and rates. From the list, you can choose Amazon Prime for students, Hulu or HBO NOW. Find one streaming service that meets your immediate needs while also helping you to remain on a budget.

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