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10 Worst College Majors You Have To Avoid

October 31, 2019

The college major is the area you specialize in. But you already knew that. Nowadays, there are so many colleges and so many majors that students don’t even know which to pick and which to avoid. You see lists of the best college majors all over the Internet. However, you rarely see a list of worst college majors. And the truth is that you are better off reading a list of the worst college majors so that you know exactly what to avoid. Once you know which majors to stay away from, it is much easier to find a major that you like. Chances are you will get a good job with a good wage afterwards.

Worst College Majors

We carefully analyzed worst college majors 2017 and 2018 lists and concluded that some things have changed. This is why we created this new worst college majors for 2022 list. In this article, you will find out what majors you should avoid and why. So, if you are in college or university and if your major is important to you, read on!

The Importance of College Majors

Every student knows that education is very important when it comes to high paying jobs. After all, few people get to work in the IT industry. IT schools are difficult and it’s not easy to major. But the wages and the benefits are excellent, of course. So yes, college majors are extremely important. They basically shape your future.

Nowadays, most employers first look at the diploma. They are not interested in how smart you think you are. They are even less interested in your exceptional traits and skills. They look at the diploma and, if they like what they see, they hire you. This applies to every field and every science. The truth of the matter is that you need to pick the major even before you choose a college or university. This way, you know exactly what your target is and you can take steps to achieve it.

Why Avoid the Worst College Majors

There are many majors that are somewhat useless. Our list contains the worst college majors for jobs, but we need to explain why we consider them to be the worst. Here are some of the problems these majors will cause:

  • The worst college majors are majors in areas that are not sought by employers. In other words, there is a big chance you will not be able to work in your field after you graduate.
  • The worst college majors for your career are the majors that don’t allow you to grow. Your will be stuck with the same job, at the same level, for years. Psychologically, this is a disaster. And the wage won’t grow either…
  • The worst college majors Reddit users are always talking about are the easiest and most popular majors. This means that tens of thousands of students get these majors every year. The economy is not creating enough jobs every year, so many of these students remain unemployed.
  • Even a good college major can be the wrong one for you. You may pick a major that is really great for your future career but that doesn’t make you happy. You won’t like it, and you probably won’t be able to graduate.

OK, but what are the worst college majors? Don’t worry; the list of the top ten worst college majors is below. We just want to make sure you understand one thing: there are people who can do great things even if they major in one of these fields. But they are rare. If you are willing to bet you will get straight As and that you will be an expert in your field, you can safely pick even the worst of the worst majors and still build a great career. But it’s a risk you need to be willing to take.

The Top 10 Worst College Majors

Some of the majors you will see here are not on the worst college majors 2016, 2017, or 2018 list. They’ve been added recently due to changes in the economy. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 worst college majors today:

  1. Hospitality and tourism. The average salary is pretty low and the industry is quite fickle. Hotel and motel desk clerks earn around $25,000 a year, which is terrible.
  2. Humanities. We really couldn’t find any job descriptions that required this specific degree. Maybe try asking at some museums, but don’t expect much success.
  3. Journalism. This was a very lucrative career, but that was 20 years ago when newspapers were still on every family’s doorstep early in the morning. Now, the newspaper industry is crumbling.
  4. Christian Education. It’s very difficult to do anything meaningful with this degree. Perhaps you can try your luck at the local church? It’s one of the worst majors in college.
  5. English. Having an English major will not help you much in the US. It’s only value is if you move abroad and get an English as a Second Language (ESL) job.
  6. Theater Arts. Well, there are relatively few theaters. And the problem is that most of them are fully staffed with experienced actors. Do you need to study for years just to be a prop?
  7. Art. We’ve all heard of starving artists. It’s a thing these days it seems…
  8. Liberal Studies. The problem is that you will study a lot of fields, but you won’t study any of them in depth.
  9. Paralegal Studies. No, it will not help you become a lawyer. The median pay is around $50,000 a year, which is relatively low by most standards. It may be one of the worst college majors, frankly.
  10. Culinary Arts. The pay is low and the market is extremely competitive. Chances are high that you will remain unemployed for a long time.

There you have it; these are the 10 worst college majors. However, there are plenty more that don’t promise a bright future for most students. The best way to avoid majors that don’t lead anywhere is to think about your application. Or about a scholarship. Scholarship essay help is easy to get, but what to do next? What are employers looking for? What scholarships are the best?

Every best and worst college majors list is somewhat subjective, so you need to thin for yourself. There are people who earn very good money with one of the worst paying college majors. There are people who are unemployed even though they have an IT degree. It all boils down to one thing: what would you like to do in life?

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