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100 Best Linguistic Research Topics

November 26, 2020

Linguistic Research Topics

Some learners struggle to choose linguistic research topics to research and write about. That’s because linguistics is interesting to learn about yet challenging to write papers and essays about. Some students stay up at night learning about phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Unfortunately, they still struggle to write quality papers and essays on linguistic topics in these areas. If looking for ideas to form the basis of your paper or essay, here is a list of research topics in linguistics to consider.

Linguistic Research Topics in Discourse Studies

Discourse studies provide fascinating details about individuals, culture, technology, movements, and changes that take place over time. If looking for linguistics topics that relate to discourse studies, here are some of the best ideas to consider. You can also check out our communication research topics.

  1. Childhood is the time when speech is made or broken
  2. Cultivation of politicians’ buzzword through linguistic analysis
  3. How linguistic patterns are sued to locate migration paths
  4. How computers affect modern language negatively
  5. How text messaging has created a new linguistic subculture
  6. How the brain works when it comes to learning a new language
  7. How words change over time
  8. How effective is non-verbal communication when it comes to displaying emotions?
  9. How effective is verbal communication when it comes to displaying feelings?
  10. How society alters words and their meanings
  11. How the negative power of a word be reduced by neuro-linguistic programming for trauma victims
  12. Is verbal communication more effective than non-verbal communication?
  13. How individuals communicate without a shared language
  14. How beneficial is learning more than one language during childhood?
  15. Why should Elementary School teach students a second language?
  16. Explain the acquisition of a language at different growth stages
  17. How global leaders use language ethics to change the emotional views of the masses
  18. Explain the power of a language in capitalizing on emotions
  19. How technology alters the communication
  20. How proper use of a language makes a person better in society

A learner should pick a linguistics topic in this category if it piques their interest. That’s because writing a great paper or essay requires a student to explore an idea that they are interested in. Essentially, a learner should research and write about something that they find enjoyable.

Interesting Linguistic Topics for Research

Some topics in linguistics are very interesting to research. These are ideas that most people in society will find enjoyable to read about. Here is a list of the most interesting linguistics topics that students can choose for their papers and essays.

  1. Explain how sociolinguistics help people understand multi-lingual language choices
  2. A study of differences and similarities of Post-Tudor English
  3. How language encourages gender differences
  4. Understanding socio-linguistics via color and race background in America
  5. Vowel pronunciation in the UK- A systematic review
  6. The role of music in language evolution
  7. Explain the development and evolution of slangs
  8. A study of the connection between perception and language
  9. How language creates bonds among cross-cultural communities
  10. Language review in informal and formal settings
  11. How age affects English pronunciation
  12. A phonological treatment based review for English-French load words
  13. How sociolinguistics influence gender empowerment
  14. How words can be used to master legal settings
  15. How the media use sociolinguistics to gain a competitive edge and create bias
  16. Exploratory analysis of the impact and importance of body language
  17. Importance of sociolinguistics education in discipline development
  18. How genders perceive politeness via language use
  19. A study of social change through history via sociolinguistics
  20. An evaluation of English evolution via a focus on different sociolinguistics

The vast majority of topics in this category touches on language and society. That’s why papers and essays about these linguistic research topics will most likely impress many readers.

Applied Linguistics Research Paper Topics

Applied linguistics focus on finding meaningful language solutions to real-world issues. Some of the best linguistic paper topics to consider in this category include the following.

  1. The beauty idea and its expression verbally
  2. A detailed evaluation of hate language
  3. What are the key determinants of hate language propagation?
  4. A literature-based review that explores eye-tracking technology and its implication for applied linguistics advancement
  5. A detailed evaluation of research methods for applied linguistics
  6. How relevant is the development of applied linguistics?
  7. Discuss the impacts of the language used in social media on the current generation
  8. An essay on the impact of using proper linguistic communication in social media
  9. Are applied linguistics relevant in the current digitalized world?
  10. How political oppression affect the linguistic used in the media
  11. How important is applied linguistics vocationally?
  12. The major differences between spoken and written language via linguistics evaluation
  13. Is multilingualism a possibility that follows bilingualism?
  14. What is the contribution of a language to national identity within a multicultural society?
  15. How effective is healthcare delivery when there are language barriers?
  16. Is the language barrier relevant in social media?
  17. How bilingualism enriches the personality of an individual
  18. Discuss language cognition and perceptions during the learning process
  19. Discuss the learning mechanisms when it comes to a foreign language
  20. Explain how a non-native teacher can teach local students the English language

These can also be great dissertation topics in linguistics. That’s because they require extensive research and analysis of facts to write brilliant papers. So, if struggling to find an idea for your dissertation, consider one of these thesis topics in applied linguistics.

Great Linguistics Essay Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for a list of English linguistics research topics from which you can get ideal for your essay. In that case, consider these amazing research proposal topics in linguistics.

  1. Discuss the new generative grammar concept
  2. Analysis of pragmatics and semantics in two texts
  3. Identity analysis in racist language
  4. Do humans have a predisposition to learn a language?
  5. English assessment as a second language
  6. Endangered languages and language death causes
  7. Attitudes towards a language and childhood language acquisition
  8. Mixing modern language and code-switching
  9. Linguistic turn and cognitive turn
  10. What is computational linguistics?
  11. Linguistic and cultural diversity as an educational issue
  12. Differences between adults and childhood language learning
  13. Factors that affect the ability to learn a language
  14. A forensic assessment of linguistics
  15. Lexical and grammatical changes
  16. How important is a language?
  17. What are the effects of language on human behavior?
  18. English or indigenous languages?
  19. Is language an essential element of human life?
  20. Is language the primary communication medium?

These can be great topics for short essays. However, they can also be PhD thesis topics in linguistics where learners will have to conduct extensive and detailed research. The most important thing is to gather relevant and new information that will interest the readers.

Research Topics in Cognitive Linguistics

Students that want to explore questions in cognitive linguistics should consider topics in this category. Here are some of the most interesting topics in linguistics for research papers that also touch on cognition. If these ideas seem a bit complicated, use our writing services.

  1. How grammatical phrasing affects compliance with prescriptions, prohibitions, or suggestions
  2. Latest research findings into cognitive literacy in Indian English poetry
  3. Conceptual metaphor: Does the activation of a single-source domain activates the multiple target concepts?
  4. Multilingualism: Does L2 modulate L1/L2 organization in the brain?
  5. Can task-based language teaching perception be measured?
  6. Are there prominent cognitive-linguistic books for students?
  7. What role does cognitive linguistics play in the acquisition of a second language?
  8. Is word meaning a concept that is advocated for by some scholars?
  9. Which linguistic experiments can be used to understand how the right and left hemispheres work?
  10. Discuss the relationship between metaphors and similes

Computational Linguistics Research Topics

Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that deals with rule-based or statistical modeling of the natural language from the computational perspectives. Here are some of the best topics for research in this field.

  1. Using supervised learning to analyze Medieval German poetry
  2. Which computer-assisted program is best for phonetic comparison of different dialects and why?
  3. How and where can Danish verbs be extracted?
  4. Can computational linguistic suggest an intra-lingual contrastive corpus analysis?
  5. Where can the Schizophrenia text dataset be found?
  6. Discuss the techniques used for meaning or semantic representation in the natural language processing
  7. Describe performance measures for speech recognition
  8. How to extract the introduction, development, and conclusion of a text
  9. Discuss the addition of matrices in a dictionary in python
  10. Explain the definition and characterization of linguistic dimensions in a multidimensional analysis

Students that are struggling to choose what to write about can pick any topic in this list that they find interesting, research, and write about it. Taking the time to research extensively and write quality papers or essays is what will earn learners their desired grades.

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