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100 Best History Topics To Write On In 2022

July 29, 2020

History Topics

Many students struggle to find good history topics. And, this makes writing great history papers difficult. When chosen properly, history essay topics can inspire the authors. This enables them to write papers that the target audience finds interesting to read.

But, what makes good topics for history research paper? Well, several factors can be considered to determine whether a paper is good for a writer. For instance, ideal history paper topics should be easy to find the correct information and verified sources for. They should also enable the authors to accomplish the goals of their research and writing projects.

Defining Good History Topics

When looking for interesting history research paper topics, learners should select topics they will be happy and comfortable to research and write about. They should be topics they can come up with a strong argument or thesis statement for.

Remember that you will work on the topic that you choose for several days or even months. That’s why students are advised to choose the most interesting topics in history. But, how do I choose history topic? Here are the attributes of great history research topics.

  • Relevant and easy to come up with a clear statement for
  • Specific
  • Easy to find relevant sources for
  • Easy to find key ideas for

If struggling to find great history research paper topics, here are categories and lists that you should consider.

US History Topics

Perhaps, you would be interested in US history research paper topics. In that case, you should consider the following United States history research paper topics.

  1. What caused the U.S civil war?
  2. How was the United States of America founded?
  3. Why did the U.S use two atomic bombs in 1945 instead of one?
  4. What were the intriguing events during the U.S colonization?
  5. Who were the first people to inhabit the USA?
  6. Explain the fight for independence in the U.S
  7. What were the cherished history and culture of the Native Americans before the Europeans’ arrival?
  8. What led to slavery abolishment?
  9. What experiences did the slaves go through in the U.S?
  10. Explain the process of writing the U.S constitution
  11. Explain the Cold War in the U.S
  12. What are the traditions of Independence Day?
  13. How did 9/11 affect the U.S?
  14. Explain the causes and effects of the Mexican War
  15. Explain how the cotton gin affected slaves labor and the economy
  16. Explain the suffrage movement of women in the U.S
  17. Discuss the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794
  18. Discuss Truman’s Containment policy
  19. Explain the discrimination of African-American soldiers in the Union Army
  20. Discuss the Indian Removal Act

Regardless of your interests, you can choose from a wide range of American history research paper topics. Nevertheless, students should select the most interesting topics in U.S history that will amaze their educators. Taking into account that the United States is the country of immigrants from all over the world, we advise you to consider writing about immigrants.

Interesting History Topics

Perhaps, you want to write papers on interesting US history topics. Maybe you want your papers to spark the interest of your research and encourage them to read more of your work. But, what are interesting history topics? Well, interesting history project topics are debatable. They capture the attention of the readers and get them thinking. Here are some of the best topics in this category.

  1. Discuss the lynching history in the American South
  2. How did colonization sow discord seeds that led to the growth of the Rwandan genocide?
  3. The Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs shouldn’t have dropped- Discuss
  4. How Columbus’ exploits led to the new world chaos
  5. Nationalism has not become the primary identity source in the Arab States- Explain why
  6. What treatment did women go through in the zones occupied by the Soviets during World War II?
  7. Why has communism been considered bad historically?
  8. Was assimilation resisted by the Native Americans?
  9. What led to immigration from Syria?
  10. Can the Six Days War be described as aggression or a preemptive strike?
  11. Was the British pres free during the 19th century
  12. Did the Spanish Inquisition have a moral justification?
  13. What was the scientific achievement of the Holocaust experiments?
  14. What followed the fall of the Nazis and Hitler in Germany?
  15. Why does the world consider Niccole Machiavelli the political science founder?
  16. What is the story behind John F. Kennedy’s assassination?
  17. Did the state institutions form contribute to Great Divergence?
  18. Did the use of atomic bombs by the U.S on Japan aim to end the war or prevent the influence of the Soviet Union in Asia?
  19. Why is Constantinople fall in 1453 considered the saddest moment in mankind’s history?
  20. How did Salem become synonymous with intolerance?

Taking a stand in history topics is important for learners that opt to pick ideas in this category. What’s more, extensive research and analysis of facts are required before writing.

Conflict and Compromise History Topics

These are some of the most common world history topics. They address some of the conflicting issues and compromises that have been made in history. Here are some of the best conflict and compromise in history topics to consider.

  1. Top issues that have maintained the Arab-Israeli conflict
  2. Explain the causes of World War I and II
  3. Discuss the 100-year war between France and England
  4. Explain how the 7-year French-Indian War escalated into a worldwide war
  5. Discuss the American Revolution
  6. Discuss the Declaration of Independence
  7. Explain why the American Civil War between the South and North was the bloodiest
  8. Discuss Iran and American conflict in 2020
  9. Discuss the Mexican-American War
  10. Discuss the Vietnam War
  11. What is the cause of the conflict between Palestine and Israel?
  12. What caused the Soviet-Afghan War
  13. What caused the U.S-Afghan War?
  14. What led to the Cold War?
  15. What were the effects of the Cold War?
  16. Discuss the role of women in the military
  17. Discuss troops segregation and conflicting loyalty
  18. Social conflict during the war- The Japanese Interment
  19. Discuss civil protest and Vietnam military policy
  20. Discuss General Sherman’s War

This category has some of the best U.S history topics. Nevertheless, most of them are largely world history research paper topics.

Art History Research Paper Topics

Maybe you don’t want to write about US history essay topics. In that case, you could be interested in breaking barriers in history topics. Here are some of the art history topics to consider.

  1. Discuss the history of the Korean pottery
  2. Explain the Great Wall in China construction
  3. Explain the effects of the Mughal paintings of India
  4. What were the religious motifs of Cambodian art?
  5. Explain how Hinduism influenced the early Indian art
  6. Discuss the Tibet art
  7. Discuss the Chinese and Japanese traditional costumes
  8. Explain the Islamic ascendancy in the Indian art
  9. Explain the Buddhist art
  10. Explain the Scythian gold adornment
  11. Explain the development of the Greek theater
  12. Discuss the Mesopotamian art
  13. Explain the Greek and Egyptian canons of proportions
  14. How did the Ancient sculptures in Greece influence modern art?
  15. Analyze the effects of famous artists on the world
  16. What are the major differences in the Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance art forms?
  17. How do different art forms portray sexism?
  18. How did the slaves’ music shape modern music in America?
  19. How has the media changed how it portrays the minorities?
  20. Discuss the evolution of rap music in history

This category also has some of the best American history argumentative essay topics. You can also find some triumph and tragedy in history topics in this category.

US History Regents Thematic Essay Topics

Maybe you’re interested in the US history regents essay topics. In that case, consider the following ideas.

  1. Using two historical circumstances, explain how the government limits or expands human rights
  2. Explain the negative and positive impacts of the U.S government actions on its people using two examples
  3. Describe how the US acquired two of its territories, as well as, the negative and positive effects of the actions.
  4. Using two cases, describe the historical impacts and circumstances of the decisions of the Supreme Court.
  5. Discuss the foreign crises that resulted from the Mexican-American War
  6. Discuss the historical circumstances, effects, and presidential actions of the U.S regarding foreign crises.
  7. How does the media affect intellectual and cultural life in the U.S
  8. Describe how the media has historically affected U.S society
  9. Discuss the presidential battles and proposals with Congress
  10. Describe two major changes that took place in the U.S after World War II
  11. How did World War II affect the U.S?
  12. Discuss the major impact and ideas of the Gettysburg address
  13. Discuss the historical circumstances and presidential actions that led to the dropping of atomic bombs
  14. How did women, Chinese immigrants, and Native Americans affect west development?
  15. Analyze historical circumstances of two major foreign policy of the U.S in the Western Hemisphere
  16. Were the U.S foreign policies in the Western Hemisphere a success or a failure?
  17. Describe the reform movements that were rampant between 1820 and 1933
  18. Discuss the causes and effects of the Korean War
  19. Discuss the causes and impacts of the Spanish-American War
  20. Choose two major laws and discuss their effect on American society

In addition to these topics, learners also have topics to write about for black history month. These are topics that discuss the plight of black people in the world. Don’t hesitate to ask our research paper writers for more topics and writing help.

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