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60 Best Statistics Project Ideas For A+ Graders

January 19, 2021

A statistics project is an integral part of your research. It helps you answer a specific research question using data and information. The trick to a good statistics project is to find the right ideas for statistics project that give you enough data that can be organized, analyzed and interpreted to provide you with a solid paper.
Statistics Project Ideas

A good statistics project requires a hypothesis that is clearly defined. For this, you need a topic that sparks your interest. If your statistics research project ideas are very vague and do not have a proper direction, it is impossible to write a good hypothesis.

Of course, that is also the most challenging part of your statistics paper, whether you are in high school, an undergrad program or a post-grad program. Here are a list of easy statistics project ideas that are also very effective.

Statistics Project Ideas About College

There are several topics related to the lives of college students that provide you with a good scope for statistic project idea hypothesis testing:

  1. The amount of time spent by college students on social media
  2. The most popular type of music among college students
  3. The differences between male and female college students with respect to web browsing habits.
  4. Percentage of college seniors who are likely to get married within four years of completing graduation.
  5. The effect of taking the back seat in a class or the front seat in the class on success rates of students
  6. Comparative study on the pricing of different clothing store prices in your town.
  7. Does caffeine consumption affect the performance of students in college?
  8. Does the experience of a freshman in college with their roommate affect their overall experience at the institution?
  9. Is there any relationship between birth order and success in academics?
  10. Does the race of actors affect the popularity of TV shows among college students?
  11. What makes a student more likely to choose a subject: liking of the subject or the industry’s stability?

Statistics Project Ideas About Business

Subjects related to business provide the best scope for statistics survey project ideas. Here are a few examples:

  1. The accessibility to banks in various parts of the world
  2. Do female employees experience more sexual harassment in the workplace?
  3. Are Dutch people more blunt and direct when it comes to business? Build your statistics project topic ideas around famous Dutch businessmen
  4. Does social media presence or influence affect the performance of an employee?
  5. Is alcohol consumption higher among employees who are at the lower end of the pay scale?
  6. Impact of cost control on the ability of businesses to reach their objective and goals
  7. Trends of debt management in well-known business entities.
  8. Study of the occupational schedules provided to secretaries.
  9. Analysis of all the factors that contribute to low productivity in employees.
  10. Analysis of the effect of assessment on the performance of workers in an organization.
  11. The relationship between production system design and management in the soft drink industry.
  12. Is cost-volume-profit analysis a useful tool to improve decision making within an organization
  13. Effect of modern communication equipment on the performance of employees in an organization.

Socio-Economical Statistics Project Ideas

You can get great ideas for statistics projects by observing the world around you:

  1. Statistical analysis of income versus expenditure in more impoverished neighbourhoods
  2. Analysis of food habits in low-income groups.
  3. Effect of agricultural loans on farming activities in the country.
  4. Effect of poverty on crime rates.
  5. Statistical analysis of the relationship between malpractices in examinations and income groups of students
  6. Statistical analysis of the criminal offences recorded in your town or country.
  7. Statistical analysis of road accidents in a given suburb or area in your town.
  8. Statistical analysis of peak traffic times in your city
  9. Statistical analysis of psychosocial dysfunction and effect on performance at the workplace
  10. Statistical analysis of the impact of smoking on medical costs
  11. Is there a relationship between exercise and reduction in overall medical costs?
  12. A complete analysis of the impact of per capita income on health care expenses
  13. Statistical analysis of the impact of birth and death rates on the economy of a country
  14. Analysis of the impact of petroleum prices on food prices
  15. Statistical analysis of the effect of training and development activities within an organization on an employee’s performance.
  16. Analysis of the sources of revenue and the pattern of expenditure of the local government.
  17. Are computerized budget analysis systems effective?
  18. The primary contributors to financial distress in the banking sector
  19. Analysis of the use of financial reports in assessing the performance of banks.
  20. Analysis of cash deposit patterns in banks.
  21. Are members of certain subpopulations more likely to get a death penalty?
  22. Do debt reduction policies of the government also reduce the quality of life?
  23. Is there any relationship between AIDS prevalence and female empowerment?
  24. Do federal elections affect the stock prices?

Other Statistical Analysis Topics

Subjects like sports and human behavior also provide great quantitative statistics project ideas

  1. Accuracy of basketball players based on their height. Do taller players have a tendency to be more accurate?
  2. Do students get lower grades if they are involved in college sports?
  1. Cases of aggression in different sports. Does the type of sport affect the behavior of players?
  2. Statistical analysis of the types of brands endorsed by celebrity sportsmen.
  3. Does the type of shoes worn affect the vertical jump of basketball players?
  4. Is the payroll of the team affected by the winning percentage in the case of professional sports?
  5. Is it possible to predict the NFL draft based on the characteristics of players?
  6. Do people enjoy movies more when they eat popcorn?
  7. Do certain sections of the population get more health checkups done in comparison to others?
  8. Does the cast of a film affect the interest of people to watch it?
  9. What role does the race of an actor play in the success of a film?
  10. Are people similar to the descriptions provided for their star signs?

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